Thursday, November 10, 2011

tom bradley

  • Question:-Best way to get from Terminal 3 to Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX?
    I am going to LAX airport soon and I was wondering what the best way to get from Terminal 3 to Tom Bradley International Terminal was. I read on different sites that you could walk from the Terminals but would that be the easiest way? Or should I take a shuttle bus? Please help!

    Answer:-walk because tom Bradley is next door to terminal 3 it will take you 3 to 5 minutes,
  • Question:-can i walk from LAX terminal 1 to the Tom Bradley Int'l Airport?
    How far is terminal 1 to Tom Bradley Airport?

    Answer:-If I have luggage, I prefer to get a cart and just walk over. I don't like having to lug heavy bags on and off the shuttle bus. The walk is an easy stroll as long as you have a cart. If I don't have luggage, then I start walking and jump on the shuttle if I see it coming.
  • Question:-What's the fastest way to reach Tom Bradley International terminal LAX from terminal 7 or 8?
    Will taking the taxi the only quickest way to reach TBIT.

    Answer:-There's a shuttle bus between the terminals that runs every 12 to 15 minutes. You want to take the A shuttle look for the sign: LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections. But it's easy walking distance if the shuttle has just departed.
  • Question:-is there food after the security check in the new tom bradley terminal?
    ..or do you have to get it before the security check like it used to be in the old one?

    so i went through the new tom bradley and the layout is still the same. all the food choices are before the security check. there is only 1 bar type thing after the security which has only premade deli sandwiches the microwave pizza. this was also confirmed by the lady who checked me in.

    Answer:-There is quite a bit of food available after the security check, but it's ALL more expensive (maybe because it's so SECURE?). You MAY go broke, but you won't go hungry. Enjoy your flight...
  • Question:-How to find emirates counter in tom bradley airport, is it easy to locate?
    pls let me know step by step details from entering airport to boarding flight, emirates

    Answer:-Tom Bradley is the name of the international terminal at LAX that Emirates flies out of. The terminal is well marked with information screens, just look on the screen or signs to see what counter number Emirates is located. All the counters are very easy to find.
  • Question:-In LAX, do all Mexico flights arrive at Tom Bradley Int terminal?
    My family is flying Volaris coming from Mexico, but I'm not sure what terminal to pick them up at. LAX is huge and I really don't wanna get lost. Anybody that can help thank you so much!

    Answer:-No, Volaris is at terminal 2.
  • Question:-How to locate emirates check in desk in tom bradley intnk airport, lax?
    step by step instructions needed flying for the first time
    I always get confused where to go after check in for security n immigration when travelling internationally, which side to go plssss help me iam so nervous

    Answer:-So, are you flying for the first time or not? You say it's your first time, but then you say that you always get confused.

    The good news is that you just go in the terminal, and it's right there. Just read the sign.
  • Question:-At LAX, is the Baggage Claim for Singapore Airlines (from Tokyo NRT) always at the Tom Bradley Terminal?
    I can't seem to find a definite answer, but the answer seems to be "yes." I need to pick someone up at a baggage claim and I know their flight from Tokyo arrives at Tom Bradley. The only reason why I doubt this answer would be because I could have sworn my baggage terminal was at Terminal 1 when I came back from Japan on Singapore Airlines this past March. I could just be losing my mind.

    Answer:-Singapore Airlines arrives and departs from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Terminal 1 is for Southwest and US Airways flights. Therefore go and pick-up your friend at the International Terminal.
  • Question:-I am flying out of Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. Can anyone tell me some information regarding..
    Can anyone tell me some information regarding that terminal? Specifically i am flying with ANA. Around where do they depart south concourse or north concourse?

    Detail please.

    Answer:-T.B. is at this end of the U-shape airport.
    Most of interntional carriers are there. Cannot miss it.
  • Question:-How long does it take to walk from Tom Bradley in'tl terminal to terminal 5 at LAX?
    Never been to LAX before so thought i'd just ask.. thank you :)

    Answer:-I would guess about 10 to 12 minutes. You know there is a shuttle bus just outside that runs the horseshoe loop continuously right ???? Do you have a lot of luggage ? That could slow you down !!!!

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