Thursday, November 10, 2011

joe paterno fired

  • Question:-Would of any other college fired Joe Paterno already?
    2 national championships in 40+ years that's not that great. if he coached at a university in florida or Cali or some other big college's I think he would of been fired year's ago. is Penn State scared to fire him? what if he goes 0-12?

    Answer:-This isn't the SEC, College Football in the North isn't the same as Florida. Sure Alumni will threaten to withhold money, and may even throw a few less bucks that way, but in the South they would stop giving money to the school.
  • Question:-Is there anyway Joe Paterno could be fired?
    Or are they going to have to pry his clipboard from his cold dead hands.

    Answer:-Joe Pa is the one coach in college football who will decide his own fate... even Bobby Bowden couldn't do that!
  • Question:-Why was joe Paterno fired?
    My husband is all upset about this, but I'm curious about the details. so, a few years back, the other coach guy did what to a kid how young in the shower? I read that Paterno DID report it to the athletic director- why should he have done more? how old was the kid? was he raped? and WTF does that have to do w these other kids getting molested? Paterno didn't do that. I feel bad for the kids and wish that more had been done the first time, but it sounds like paterno DID report it. Thanks
    Yeah, I've been looking into it. The story my husband told me was that sandusky and a COLLEGE student were in the locker and the boy said he was raped. (which regardless of age is still horrible, but at that age an18-22 year old is old enough to actually decide to press charges and protect himself from the rapist) So now that I found out it was a ten year old from some charity event, it makes me sick. that should have def been reported to authorities right away by everyone with an inkling of it. I'm glad he got fired- ewww, even found out that Sandusky has a book out called "Touched". ewww. I told me husband the details, but he was still like, "But it's JOE". arrghhhh...

  • Question:-Joe Paterno really fired or retiring?
    What is really going on?

  • Question:-Do you think Joe Paterno deserved to be fired?
    I know this is more of a sports section question but it's also political as well to an extent.

    Do you feel sorry for the 84 year old respected coach or not?

  • Question:-Will Chairman Obama be just as pissed off as Joe Paterno is for a SEX Scandal Firing when he is Fired?
    With the worst Economic Criminal Record of any President, Chairman Obama will be going DOWN, just like Joe Paterno did has and won't.

  • Question:-Joe Paterno was fired. Are liberals happy that they have destroyed yet another great man?

  • Question:-Why is Joe Paterno being punished for fulfilling his legal obligations and expected protocol at Penn State?
    He did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do when he heard about Sandusky. To the T.
    Penn State's guidelines said to report it to the athletic director. Paterno did that.

    It's the athletic director who then failed to perform HIS duties.

    Why is the legendary coach Joe Paterno being fired?

    Answer:-It's all about protecting the Penn State brand. McQueary witnessed the assault and reported it to Paterno but McQueary didn't call the police and still has his job. Paterno didn't witness the assault so he forwarded the report. It was the college administration that decided to hush it protect the Penn State brand.

    If they had fired McQueary people would have said, "Who?" So they fired Paterno as a useless declaration that they were "tough on child abuse." It's Paterno's superiors who dropped the ball, not Paterno, and they're now facing charges. Paterno was sacrificed to protect the system from public opinion. No child is safer as a result of Paterno's firing but it gave the ignorant mob a body to lynch. It's all about the brand. Just try selling shirts with any college's name on without a contract and you'll see how serious they all are about protecting their brand.

    If you think it's so easy to go outside the chain of command in an education hierarchy, here's an example. An elementary teacher noticed suspicious bruises on one of her students and reported it to the administration on more than one occasion. One day the boy came in and had bruises on his back and legs (from being hit with a broom handle) so she called the police herself. The administration came down on her like a ton of bricks and threatened her job. She was told, "Don't you have any compassion for a sick adult?!" Laws (passed several years later) requiring teachers to report suspected abuse aren't there to force teachers to act as much as to protect them from the administration if they do.

    You're right; Paterno did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do. If he had witnessed the assault himself he would have been justified in calling the police. McQueary DID witness it and didn't call the police.
  • Question:-Did y'all know that Penn State just fired Joe Paterno?
    It's true.

  • Question:-Why hasn't Joe Paterno been fired and arrested?
    His assistant coach and a janitor told him the gay pedophile ex-coach was buttraping a 10 year old in the PSU showers and he did the bare minimum which was tell the school official when he should have gone to the police!

    Because of his inaction and "passing the buck", 20 more kids were buttraped by his best friend!!!!!



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