Saturday, November 5, 2011


  • Question:-why were there never any kissing scenes,in the Gunsmoke and Cimarron strip westerns?
    I never saw a scene, where Matt and Kitty in Gunsmoke,or Crown and Dulcey in Cimarron Strip ever kissed.Do these episodes exist?

    Answer:-Matt Dillon suffered amnesia and wound up with Michael Lerned and did kiss her on the show.
  • Question:-How to play gunsmoke theme song on the flute?
    What notes do i play to play the theme song of the old western Show Gunsmoke.?

    Answer:-Please abandon those dreadful letter notes, get the sheet music and learn to play it from there. Should not be rocket science to so that anyway.
  • Question:-How many people did Matt Dillion shoot on the series Gunsmoke?
    Matt Dillion from the series Gunsmoke the total amount of men through the 25 years the series ran.

    Answer:-According to this, 61
  • Question:-Trigun: On the planet Gunsmoke where do they get water?
    Gunsmoke has no bodies of water on the surface as it is a desert planet. Is water beneath the surface or do they use the Plants to create water?

    Answer:-the tap?
  • Question:-Is this successful claim of self defense on an episode of Gunsmoke legally accurate for the times?
    On the episode two brothers catch someone stealing hay from their barn. The thief dares them to try and stop him. The thief then slaps one of the brothers who then goes for his gun, but is out drawn and killed by the thief. The surviving brother goes to Marshall Dillon to report that the thief murdered his brother, but the Marshall tells him that since his brother drew first it was self defense.

    Answer:-It is true.
  • Question:-when did Gunsmoke go from being 30minutes to a 60 minute show?
    My dad is watching the DVD seasons and we are done with season 3, and the show is still 30 minutes. I know it was on for years and was just wondering when it became a longer program?
    Also does anyone know when season 4 is coming to DVD?

    Answer:-It became an hour long in the 7th season. I can't find a release date yet for season 4.
  • Question:-What are some memorable moments of the 1950's tv show Gunsmoke?
    I want to make a spoof of the show for my class, but I don't really know where to start.

    Answer:-A good place to start would be with a joke that went around when the show was on.
    Chester came hopping into town one afternoon on his gamé leg, and comes up to Marshall Dillon who is chewing on a bit of straw whilst leaning against a shopfront.
    Hey, Chester. where you been?Haven't seen you for hours. Last anyone saw of you was you heading out of town with miss Kitty in the buckboard.
    Yes, marshall. Well Miss kitty and me, we went for a picnic by the river.
    Where is she then? replied the marshall. Did you lose her? Did you have trouble?
    No marshal Dillon. We went for the picnic by the river, had a lovely lunch miss Kitty bought with her, and then we lay down by the river for a nice rest. Then miss Kitty started hug and kiss me. Then she started to undress herself. She was lying there all naked as a jaybird. I didn't know where to put my eyes, I can tell you marshall. Then miss Kitty says to me, in a very low husky voice.
    Well Chester, you can go to town now.
    So marshall, here I am.
  • Question:-Where Can I Find Marx Playsets such as GunSmoke?
    My father in law collects old toys and is looking for some Marx Playsets. Do you know of anywhere other than Ebay that I can find these?

    Answer:-You might try flea markets and posting on craigslist.
  • Question:-why does gunsmoke never show Dennis Weaver any more?
    When Nick at Nite shows Gunsmoke they only show Ken Curtis as Festus the deputy. Why do they never show episodes with Dennis Weaver as Chester?

    Answer:-You'll have to get Encore Westerns to see the 1960-66 black and white run of Gunsmoke (which features Dennis Weaver as Chester and introduced Festus, who doesn't become the deputy until the 1964-65 season, in the 1962 episode "Us Haggens"), where it airs weeknights at 7:05pm Eastern and repeats the following morning at 10am Eastern. mean TV Land, don't you?
  • Question:-How many time was Matt Dillon shot during the Gunsmoke series?

    Answer:-I am guessing about 50 to 60 times in the 20 years that the show was on.

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