Sunday, November 6, 2011

oklahoma earthquake

  • Question:-Oklahoma earthquake..?
    Is there any chance we could have another tonight? How long are they supposed to last?

  • Question:-Has anyone heard about the Oklahoma City earthquake?
    I am concerned about the Oklahoma City earthquake and if there will be another one.

  • Question:-How strong was the earthquake in Rocky, Oklahoma?
    This is my very first earthquake EVER, so can someone give me a real answer?

  • Question:-Who should pay for the damage done by the Oklahoma Fracking Earthquake of yesterday?.?

    Miss Jones, I have something for you.

  • Question:-Did anybody else feel that Oklahoma Earthquake?
    I thought it was quite rattling, but I wuld like to know your opions

  • Question:-What if oklahoma got hit by an earthquake that was magnitude 8?
    Like when the meers fault slips again? How much damage would it cause?how much money in damages would it cause?would it completely destroy OKC,Tulsa and dallas?
    the meers fault is near lawton,OK

  • Question:-Is it safer to stay inside or go outside during an Earthquake in Oklahoma? please answer?
    Okay so I'm in OKC and I just felt a 5.2+ Earthquake and I am scared sh*tless. What is best? to get underneath something sturdy or go out into my pasture? My house is 50 years old on a lifted foundation (On cinderblocks) and I'm sorry but I don't want to be killed by something like a Earthquake my deal is Tornadoes. just what

  • Question:-was there an earthquake in Oklahoma tonight?
    Anyone getting creditable reports on this? Links?

    Answer:-Yes. i live in oklahoma.. it was a 5.6
  • Question:-Has anyone heard about the earthquake tremors in Jones oklahoma all week ?If there small would they keep goin?
    To become a bigger earthquake?

    Answer:-Where did you hear this? Even very small earthquakes are registered on the U.S. Geological Survey site, and I see nothing in Oklahoma this week.

    And no, by the way, small quakes are not predictive of a larger one coming. Individual earthquakes are very difficult to predict.
  • Question:-An Oklahoma earthquake rocked the state?
    who felt it in other states
    An Oklahoma earthquake rocked the state for what felt like a minute, but may have been 40 or 45 seconds. Shortly after the end of the Oklahoma State University vs. Kansas St. NCAA football game ended, the world started shaking in Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and elsewhere throughout the state. The official time was 10:53:10 p.m.


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