Saturday, November 5, 2011

bank transfer day

  • Question:-Today is "Bank Transfer Day" where you punish the banks and move your account to a credit union -- will you?
    Google "bank transfer day" for link.
    @Kevin: Thank you. :) Are you serious about where you keep your money?

    Answer:-I already have my accounts at a credit union even though I work for a bank.
  • Question:-When is 'bank transfer day' and should I be buying a new mattress?

    - where are they planning on keeping all that dough?

    Answer:-What "dough" they can't transfer their college loans debt from one bank to another LOL
  • Question:-Are you going to participate/or know about Bank Transfer day November 5th?
    I just found this on Facebook as part of the movement people feel big banks are screwing us so they are taking their money out of the "big" six banks and putting it in local not-for-profit credit unions? What is this all about ? Is this a good idea? What do you think?

    Answer:-I've used a credit union for fifteen years, I haven't had a single fee for anything in all that time, I bank online, pay all my bills online, its all free. Even my debit and credit card.
    Of course, I'm responsible too, no overages, no bounced checks, no lines of credit.
    Oh, and I get a shareholders amount too once a year, they pay me.
    Federal Credit unions don't have FDIC, so you do have to make sure they have the deposits covered by their insurance group.

    Government hasn't made the banks charge customers for taking their own money out at ATM, I have no charge for that either as long as I use another credit unions ATM. Government hasn't created debit card fees, or check charges or other fees and charges that can suck up as much as six hundred a year for the average user. Its greedy corporate banks that do that.
    Pointing to government for someone else's charges is nonsense.
  • Question:-Why did they pick a Saturday to do the bank transfer day?
    Does anyone know why?

    Answer:-Who the hell knows, OWS is about as organized as a chinese fire drill. By the way, has any of you OWS idiots thought about what a run on the banks will do for the economy? Seems to me that's how Chuckie Schumer got the TARP issue going. Oh wait. Never mind. OWS people don't have any money. They don't work. Transferring empty accounts won't matter.
  • Question:-Expect problems on bank transfer day?
    Expect problems on bank transfer day

  • Question:-are you ready for 'Bank Transfer Day'?

  • Question:-Question: Bank Transfer Day?
    Is there any connection between Bank Transfer Day and Anonymous or is it solely a 99% impact event?

    Answer:-NOVEMBER 5
  • Question:-Bank Transfer Day--Good idea?
    A Good Move!!!

  • Question:-What do you think of "Bank Transfer Day"?
    Taken from Facebook: "
    Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will always remember the 5th of November. If we shift our funds from the for-profit banking institutions in favor of not-for-profit credit unions before this date, we will send a clear message that conscious consumers won't support companies with unethical business practices. It's time to invest in local community growth!

    • Research your local credit union options
    • Open an account with the one that best suits your needs
    • Cancel all automatic withdrawals & deposits
    • Transfer your funds to the new account
    • Follow your bank's procedures to close your account before 11/05"

    seems like a good idea I guess......

  • Question:-If I transfer money from my paypal tmrw and pay £5 for next day transfer will it go into my bank on a sat?
    I am willing to pay £5 for next day transfer will this money go into my bank account on the saturday?
    I know its not technically 'a working day' but I am with Natwest bank and this is open on a saturday.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

    Answer:-No it will not. It won't be credited to your bank until Monday. Just because the retail end of the bank is open doesn't mean the back office is. And the electronic wire system PayPal and the bank uses doesn't operate on the weekend.

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