Thursday, November 3, 2011


  • Question:-Gwar.....!?
    who likes GWAR?
    what's your favorite song?
    that's the beauty of GWAR! have you ever seen the band? Believe it or not, they do put on one hell of a show...gotta love those costumes.Yes pantera etc. is good, but everybodys got room for GWAR in their heart. Dont take it so seriously, but they still are a great band that deserve credit.

    Answer:-I don't*
  • Question:-What are some other Hard Rock metal death bands like Lordi and Gwar?
    ever heard of the bands Gwar and Lordi? what are other bands who dress and rock like them?

    Within Temptation
    Savage Circus
    Blind Gaurdian
    Dream Theater

    ---->mostly from europe!

    go to:
    for more bands
  • Question:-GWAR vs My Chemical Romance, who would win in a fight to the death in space?
    C'mon, GWAR are from space, they'd have to win, and it would be a bloody battle with lines from conan being qouted.

    Answer:-gwar would tottally rape mcr.
  • Question:-Does anyone know how to get GWAR blood out of bleached blonde hair?
    Went to the GWAR concert last night and hung out in the front the whole time. Was absolutely drenched with "blood" when the show was over and although I went home and shampooed twice, my bleached platinum blonde hair still has a pinkish tint to it.

    I imagine it is only food coloring and water, so if anyone has a cure-all for getting food coloring out ouf bleached hair, that would be fine!

    Thanks in advance!

    Answer:-Try a purifying shampoo. I recommend ABBA Molasses Purifier - it's as good (if not better) than more expensive brands like PureOlogy, and an 8oz bottle is only about $10, and lasts you a long time. Make sure to condition REALLY GOOD after using that product.
  • Question:-GWAR is comic to the Majestic Ventura Theatre, am I going to see you there?
    I will be the guy covered in mock bodily fluids, stop by say "hello"... We'll smoke out!


    *No comment yet*
  • Question:-I'll be going to a GWAR concert in a week. How do I wash the shirt afterwards without washing out the dye?
    Whatever they spray the audience with washes out almost perfectly. Any ideas on how I can keep the dye on the shirt even after throwing it in the machine? I heard baking/ironing the tee afterwards can help. Has anyone tried this?

    Answer:-The stuff they spray is mostly food coloring and water if you wanted to save the stains, you could soak/spray it in vinegar, until damp/wet and wrap it in plastic wrap and in a big kettle + steamer (like for veg) you could theoretically heat set, and it would stay.
  • Question:-where can i find a Gwar hoodie?
    My boyfriend wants a Gwar hoodie for his b-day, but I'm having a really hard time finding one to fit him. He's thin but he's 6'6", so he has to have a XXXL in order for the sleaves to fit and the torso to be long enough. I've looked around online but havent had much luck.
    thanks for the ideas, but no luck so far.

  • Question:-Do I want to go to a Gwar show on acid?
    Basically, there is a gwar show tonight and i've always heard they're really crazy mad fun and i am wondering, is this something i want to do or absolutely not.

    Answer:-WOOOOO! No way! Gwar is great and all but don't go on acid. Bad idea. I know someone who went on acid and he said it scared the crap out of him. He doesn't even do acid anymore because of that one time.
  • Question:-Besides blaring GWAR and Celine Dion, how can I get these construction workers to leave my freaking apartment?
    I simply can't do my best Answers work when I'm forced to wear clothes.

    Answer:-obviously you need more horrible Canadian music.

    Cue the Bryan Adams!!
  • Question:-Do you think Gwar sounds like Iron Maiden?
    I love Gwar, my boyfriend loves Iron Maiden. He says they sound similar, but I don't see it. At all. Opinions plz.

    Answer:-I don't think so. At all.

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