Sunday, November 6, 2011

hell on wheels

  • Question:-Where can i Watch Hell On Wheels Season 1 Online Free Streaming?
    Hell on Wheels is on AMC tonight and we dont have that where i live :( where can i watch hell on wheels online please? :) thanks

  • Question:-Where can I find the Pilot of Hell on Wheels online?
    No downloads, no "Complete this offer and we'll let you go" type stuff, but just click the link and watch.

  • Question:-What song did the irish guy sing in the season opener of Hell on Wheels?

  • Question:-Will Hell On Wheels be anywhere near as good as The Walking Dead?
    BQ: Glenn got laid instead of eaten ... good deal, huh?

    Answer:-Yeah he sure is a lucky bastard. Didn't see that coming. Sure your options are limited but glen? Really? Why not Shane? Or even dale for gods sake. Laughed when she said " its a 1 time thing". But hell on wheels had a great opening, that's for sure. Will it be as good? Well that's like apples and oranges. Humans vs zompie apocalypse in present day as opposed to humans vs humans a while ago. I always enjoyed colm Meany in TNG and he's doing a GREAT job so far. If nothing else, he will be able to drive the show( or at least half of it). Kudos on another promising show AMC, kudos.
  • Question:-Will you be watching AMC's Hell on Wheels tonight?
    The commercials look good. But the reviews from critics have been bad.

    I guess I'll give the pilot a shot. I enjoyed the recent True Grit movie, so I am kind of in the mood for some western action.

    Answer:-The series will be better than the pilot. It gets a lot more interesting as it goes along.
  • Question:-For those who have seen the "hell on wheels" series commercials...?
    What's the name of the song? It's like hard rock or metal, there's no singing. I tried to find a clip of it on youtube, but I can't find it. 10 pts!

  • Question:-NRHH: Will you be watching Hell on Wheels tonight?
    A new show, a Western, with Common in a supporting role (as a slave I believe). Same channel as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

    I'm not a big Western guy, but I'll be checking it out.

    BQ: Are you more looking forward to the new Wu-Tang Clan group album, the new Black Star album, or the new Binary Star album? All have been announced for 2012.

    Answer:-Definitely. The clips and previews I've seen look good.

    BQ: No
  • Question:-There is a heavy metal song that accompanies the Hell On wheels commercial on AMC. Anyone know what it is?
    There is a heavy metal song that accompanies the Hell On wheels commercial on AMC. Anyone know what it is? Previous searches have said that it is Disturbed - Meaning of Life but that is not the song. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Question:-How did the term "hell on wheels" originate?
    I mean... wheels? When you all someone Hell On Wheels they're not on wheels? Is that supposed to mean that they're fast?

    Well, if they're in a car they'd be fast AND on wheels.

    Does anyone have an answer?

    Answer:-The origin goes back to the days of the Wild West. When the transcontinental railroad was started, there was a lot of open land between towns. Opportunists after the money of those laboring on the railroad in those open spaces, rented flatcars and turned them into mobile brothels and gambling casinos. Religious zealots considered such activities the work of the devil and anyone who participated doomed for hell. So, these flatcars with prostitutes, gambling, drinking, etc, were called “hell on wheels.”

    Today it means: tough, aggressive, lawless, wild
  • Question:-Is michael j fox in the new series "hell on wheels"?
    I saw the trailer and i thought i saw the character he played in back to the future 3 (The one with the "dog ugly hat"), complete with the accent and everything.


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