Sunday, November 6, 2011

james harrison

  • Question:-James Harrison......?
    James Harrison, the Steelers Right Outside Linebacker, This guy is having a MONSTER season...

    In 10 games he has... 67 tackles, 12 sacks, 1 Interception, 4 forced fumbles and 1 Safety.

    This guy, No doubt in my mind, is the most dominant Defensive player in the League and will definetly be the Defensive Player of the Year.

    Who else agrees that Harrison's a beast?

    Answer:-james harrison is a beast!! i was worried at first once we released porter but this year and last year shows why.
  • Question:-How many players will James Harrison make a devastating tackle on against the Dolphins?
    All of his tackles will be devastating. Much respect for a man who knows how to play the game right like James Harrison. The NFL can take their suspension and shove it. Keep on hittin' James!!!

    Answer:-I thought he's retiring to become a physical therapist...
  • Question:-What repercussions should Steelers LB James Harrison get?
    I want to just say that I am not a Steelers or a Browns fan. With that said, what repercussions would you give to the Steelers LB James Harrison for the two intentional helmet to helmet hits that left two Browns teammates with concussions.
    No penalties were called during the game.

    Answer:-I take it in accordance with NFL rules no penalties were called on the plays in question?
  • Question:-What good does it do James Harrison to belittle his fellow teamates, and use insane words to describe Goodell?
    Does this ignorant, shiftless person understands, that it's only going to draw negative attention, and draw an even bigger bulls eye on his back? It's always ne9ros like James that remind us, that the African American, uneducated athlete, still has a long way to go. I believe in the merit system mr. Harrison, and you ain't puttin' up no points boy

    Answer:-I hope he realizes that when the lockout ends, Goodell is his boss. This does nothing for him at all. I guess he doesn't also realize that his team also has Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward both working for spots as starting pass rushers. He's 33 years old and is at the point where he can be replaced. I won't go as far as to generalize about his race, but it was an absurdly stupid thing to do for Harrison.
  • Question:-Who elsew thinks James Harrison is the biggest Scumbag on the Planet?
    Who saw those fagit cheap shot punches the entire pittsburg faggits were doing after play the whole team should get fined and James Harrison should Get suspended and fined for a year. What do you think should happen to The team or the players who started fights.

    Answer:-It was an absolutely cheap shot. The ref was looking at him. Most of it occurred after the flag was thrown. The refs have no excuse whatsoever for not ejecting him. Even John Madden, who defended a rather dirty batch of Raiders over the years, thought it should have been a certain ejection.
  • Question:-Should James Harrison been fined so much money for his hits on other players?
    Hines Ward laid down some pretty good hits and he didn't get fined nearly as much as James Harrison. I don't think he should of been fined that much.

    Answer:-I'm willing to bet the majority of the Harrison Haters on here haven't even seen more than 1 of those hits. Every team in the league has a plyer or two who tackle in a similar fashion. You people who say he gets what he deserves would "LOVE" to have him on your team. If the NFL hates this type of play so much then why is it glorified in highlight films? Why do they show these types of hits during the pre-game hype?
    Let's put freaking flags on them I guess.
  • Question:-What did Aaron Francisco really do to James Harrison in Super Bowl 43?
    James Harrison's foul on Aaron Francisco was a dirty hit last night. But a lot of people are saying that Francisco actually did something to Harrison first and Harrison only retaliated. Is that true?

    What did Francisco do to Harrison to deserve such treatment? Please don't say nothing. Obviously whatever he did does not excuse James Harrison's conduct, but what was it that actually happened?

    Please cite a source, like video footage or a news story.

    Answer:-Francisco had been trying to take out Harrison's knees all game on punt coverage. On the play in question, Harrison blocked the cut block and held Francisco down and hit him with an open palm on the back, then Francisco put his helmet into Harrison's crotch. Harrison let him up and nailed him with an OPEN PALM. It was not a punch, what Harrison did was completely legal. He never punched, he blocked his man out of the play until the whistle blew.

    It looked aggressive on replay, but look in the background, the play is still going on and the whistle not blown. Harrison is doing his job and beating down his opponent, legally.

    Admittedly the last block may have been after the whistle, but it was borderline at worst. And it's tough to stop yourself as the whistle is being blown. But the flag was already on thrown before the play was over, even though Harrison did nothing wrong during the play. He just physically dominated a inferior opponent who was trying to play dirty. A flag for a late hit might have been appropriate, but unnecessary roughness it was not.
  • Question:-Why does James Harrison keep getting fined for playing football the way it was intended to be played?
    James Harrison is the best LB in the NFL.

    Answer:-The way people were taught to tackle since even peewee days is not the way he has been tackling. if you tackle someone, light them up, hit them as hard as you want, but let them live to see another down. the NFL has made rules and Harrison breaks them. no matter how you feel about the rules, they are rules, and they have to be followed. it's all about players' safety. I'd hate to see someone lose their career because some bonehead won't follow the rules.
  • Question:-How would you rank Clay Matthews, DeMarcus Ware, and James Harrison?
    1. James Harrison
    2. DeMarcus Ware
    3. Clay Matthews

    To me Harrison is the better OLB because he is a more complete player.

    Answer:-Hard to argue with that. Harrison is more well rounded than Ware, but if you gave me a choice between the two I'd take Ware because he's more athletic and a better pass rusher. When given a chance he's also been very good in coverage and run support, but he just doesn't get asked to do that as much as Harrison does.

    CMIII is a decent pick for #3. Terrell Suggs has a good case though.
  • Question:-So GOPs have you found a new hero with James Harrison's ideology?
    Pittsburgh Steelers should be invited to the White House no matter if they win or lose.

    I see so many GOPs swearing their newfound respect to James Harrison's ideals. Or is this a sign you are desperate for any issue that will make your party significant?

    Answer:-They're not that bright because he skipped the White House visit when Bush was in office too!

    Harrison is just a plain ole psycho! He's not a die-hard Republican, sorry to break the news to you guys!

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