Sunday, November 6, 2011

hines ward

  • Question:-hines ward?
    whos better? hines ward or muhsen muhammad?
    yeah, i meant fantasy-wise, im considering trading muhammad for ward, but im not sure about it because ward has been terrible so far. should i make the trade?

    Answer:-for his team, or fantasy wise?

    hines ward is definitely more valuable to the steelers, as he is the best blocking WR in the game. But fantasy wise, Muhammad, definitely. Ive always said that Roethlisberger can't put his team on his back and carry them to victory, and its really showing this year. Ward does not benefit from that. Rex Grossman has emerged as a great quarterback, finally free from his numerous injuries over the past 2 years. Muhammad was a stud in Carolina, and even with his age getting up there, he's still in a much better situation that Ward, making Muhsin Muhammad the better wideout.
  • Question:-Hines Ward???
    I think Hines Ward is the most underrated, under appreciated WR in the league. Even if he doesnt touch the ball, he is doing something somewhere that is vital to every play that he's on the feild. Any other candidates?
    Those who say "people dont think ward is underrated" OK fine, then why is it that when anyone ask for top 5 WR in the league, he's never on the list!? He'd sure be in my top 5!

    Answer:-He is on every top 5 list I have seen. Not all time, but current. Let's see how many put him up there.
  • Question:-Who is the face of the Steelers franchise Hines Ward or Ben Roethlisberger?
    I would have to say Hines Ward for several reasons
    1. He has been on the Steelers longer than Big Ben by 6 seasons. For a stretch of 7-8 years he has at least been a top 15 wideout.
    2. Just like Roethlisberger he has 2 Super Bowl Rings but none of them have any season or Super Bowl MVPs

    I think if Manning or Brady was in Roethsliberger place they would be the face of the franchise because they won MVPs in regular season and Super Bowl. Roethlisberger has not.

    Answer:-Polamalu he is the best player on this team. Roethlisberger has not established himself as a top 3 or 4 QB.
  • Question:-Should i start Hines Ward or Calven Johnson in Fantasy football?
    In my fantasy league im having a hard decison choosing to start Calven johnson or Hines ward. I can only have 2 recivers and im already starting TO. what do you think???

    Answer:-I don't think its a hard decision, you start Ward. Especially with Parker possibly being out, they are going to throw the ball.
  • Question:-Hines ward is an excellent player and hits very hard why are ravens players/fans craybabies?
    Terrell Suggs is complaining that hines ward is a cheap shot artist. Every hit that Hines ward has landed has been legal. The ravens fans always complain and demean hines ward so do the players. I am glad he broke the cincinatti players jaw that was a clean hit. In my opinion all ravens fans and players are a bunch of crybabies.

    Answer:-ya i agree bout the whole crybaby thing. especially for most NOT ALL of the wideouts and corners who are sissies. Boldin and Ward are 2 of the hardest hitting players out there along with guys like polamalu. these other guys just think its fun to say these guys are "cheap" just cuz they themselves get blown up when they are hit.
  • Question:-Should I start Brandon Jacobs or Hines Ward in a point-per-reception league?
    I am going to start one of them in my flex position. I would start Jacobs if this was a standard league, but it's PPR so I'm not sure.

    Brandon Jacobs plays the Redskins, Hines Ward plays the Texans.

    What do you think?
    I realize that Jacobs is a poor receiving running back, so Ward will outscore him on receptions. However, won't Jacobs make up for that with a better chance for touchdowns and yardage?

    Answer:-Hines. Why pick up RB when you need receptions?
  • Question:-Who should I start in flex position week 1, Anthony Fasano or Hines Ward?
    Ward has Dixon throwing to him and thinking Pittsburgh will mostly run but he IS Hines Ward. Fasano has good history against the Bills and thinking Henne will throw to him alot while he gets comfortable week 1 but is still just a TE. What should I do?

    Answer:-start hines ward.
  • Question:-should i pick up hines ward or marques colston?
    Hines Ward and Marques Colston are available in my league, which one would be the best to pick up?

    Answer:-honestly both of them are. Ward had 2 td catches last week and Colston looks to finally be knocking off that dust as he had a couple of his own.

    if your able i would grab them both way those WRs are available in any of my leagues.
  • Question:-Who should i start in Fantasy this week Davone bess or Hines Ward?
    I need to fill one of my WR positions and cant decide who will produce more fantasy points? Should i go with Davone Bess or Hines Ward? Both have been inconsistent the past weeks

    Answer:-Baltimore doesn't allow a whole lot of points against. I pretty much fear starting anyone vs them just because they have the capability to stop just about anyone. I think Bess will have the bigger game vs Cleveland with a poor secondary. Plus the browns do have a good run D which makes it easier to pass on them. And Henne has been playing well.
  • Question:-Should I start Brandon Lloyd WR vs Tennessee or Hines Ward WR vs Baltimore this weekened?
    Brandon Lloyd isnt going up to a top notch defense but hes not a primary reciever. Hines Ward is a primary reciever but is going up agianst a great defense Baltimore. i dont know which one to start!

    Answer:-I would start Hines Ward just because he is a primary reciever. Lloyd has a chance of going through the game without a reception. Ward will get more looks for sure, but it is a questionable matchup. I expect both matchups to be focused on the run anyways.

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