Friday, November 4, 2011

usc football

  • Question:-USC football?
    does anyone know USC football player Jonathan Trigueros?
    i heard he will not play this year , cause he hurt legs .
    he is major psychology. 21 turn to 22
    does anyone know him? i just sure he is fine
    hey dun dun
    can u added me
    let me show ya his pic

    Answer:-I can honestly say I have never heard of him. And I usually have a handle on college football players... are you sure you have the right guy ???
  • Question:-usc football,?
    is it true that u.s.c fan's have to wear a bullet proof vest at football game's?

  • Question:-What radio stations carry usc football games?
    I live in Japan and want to hear streaming broadcasts of USC football on line.
    Any suggestions?

    Answer:-Here ya go...
  • Question:-What happened to the USC football program?
    i heard recently that the USC football team has gotten into trouble or something? like they can't go to the rose bowl for like 5 years? whats the story behind this?

    Answer:-Two Words.........Reggie Bush.

    He took money among other things while he was at USC and they stripped them of their 2004 National Championships and gave them a 2 year Bowl ban. Here is more about it below.

    A 2006 report suggested that Reggie Bush and his family may have received gifts in violation of NCAA amateurism policies.[21] USC and Bush denied any improper benefits. In 2009, the NCAA combined its investigations of Bush with an investigation into alleged improper benefits given to former USC basketball player O.J. Mayo into a single probe of the Trojans' athletic program.[22] In advance of possible sanctions by the NCAA, USC self-imposed sanctions on its basketball team, including a postseason ban in 2010 and a reduction in scholarships, among other penalties.[23] In June 2010, after a four-year investigation, the NCAA imposed sanctions against the Trojan football program for a "lack of institutional control," including a public reprimand and censure, a 2-year postseason ban, a loss of 30 scholarships over three years, and a vacation of all wins in which Reggie Bush participated as an ineligible player, including the 2005 Orange Bowl, where the Trojans won the BCS National Championship.[24] According to BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock, a committee will decide whether to vacate USC's 2004 BCS Championship, but only after the NCAA has heard USC's appeals, however, USC will still retain their AP national championship.[25] It is possible that Bush's 2005 Heisman Trophy will also be vacated, if determined necessary by vote of the Downtown Athletic Club. Bush stated that he was "disappointed" by the NCAA's ruling,[26] and the university has filed an appeal of the sanctions.[7] On July 20, 2010, incoming USC president Max Nikias stated that the school would remove jerseys and murals displayed in Bush's honor from its facilities, and would return the school's copy of Bush's Heisman Trophy.[27]
  • Question:-What is the song that the USC football team comes out of the tunnel to?
    I recently went to the USC vs. Ohio game and when i was there the SC football team came running out of the tunnel to an awesome rap song... i know ive heard it before i just cant remember who its by? Can anyone help me?

    Answer:-To the guy above me ^^^, I wouldn't be admitting your a Bruins fan after that beatdown you got the other day. Anyway, their right.
  • Question:-How do you work at a USC football game?
    When I have gone to USC Trojan Football games, some of the concession stands have been run by sports teams other groups. It seems like a great fund raising idea. How would I go about getting my team to work at one of these stands?

    Answer:-give them money to hire you cuz they nedd some of it back they gaave to reggie bush and oj mayo. then theyll hire you.
  • Question:-What are my best options to get from LAX to the Colisuem for a USC football game?
    I'm flying into LAX on Sept. 10 to watch the UTES vs. USC football game. Do they have shuttles to the games from the airport, would a taxi cost me a small fortune? Any recommendations? What is the best way to get to the game? I will be going directly back to the airport after the game to catch a flight, what time frame can I expect. Thanks!

    Answer:-I would check into shuttle services to and from the airport. Getting a taxi will probably cost you a good deal of money..
  • Question:-Anybody have any information about the 3 year Federal investigation into USC football and basketball program?
    I am shocked about this. USC has such high standards. Any info about why the Feds would want to investigate such a awesome storied progam in both FOOTBALL AN BASKETBALL. They must of missed the Halo of the campus.


    How are you shocked about USC being investigated?? For one look at their track record. This has come up numerous times with these sports in the last few years. The school is expected to win, so wouldn't surprise me if you have boosters demanding that the school better perform or else.....type mentality. So alot of pressure is on these coaches to perform. There have been multiple whistle blowers with this school paying athletes to join the program (have all been speculation) but it's enough for an open investigation.

    I'm going to laugh my butt off if this school has multiple infractions put on them for paying athletes to play for the school. Ah that'll be great.

    *** Also reported on the news this morning that the guy they went to who got Mayo to play for USC was paid $1,000.00.
  • Question:-Where is the best place to park for a USC football game?
    When going to a USC football game where is the best place to park that is close to the stadium? Price does not really matter. Thanks!

    Answer:-Anywhere. USC provides buses for those who park further away from the stadium. Or you can pay mexicans $20 to park at their house. There is also parking at the staple center.

    Fight ON!!

    Root for USC

    Fight On for ol' SC
    Our men Fight On to victory.
    Our Alma Mater dear,
    looks up to you
    Fight On and win
    For ol' SC
    Fight On to victory
    Fight On
  • Question:-Where can I find the 1977 USC Football Team Roster?
    Someone at work is stating that he was a starter for the 1977 USC Trojans Football Team and we don't believe him.

    Answer:-If he was a starter, then he got a letter. If he got a letter you can go to this website......

    One part has the 2007 media guide, click that icon. In that media guide is a section that has the names of all players that have earned a letter in football.

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