Tuesday, November 22, 2011

krill oil

  • Question:-What is the difference between Krill Oil and Fish Oil? What's the best?
    Now I'm seeing Krill Oil pills claiming they are better than Fish Oil supplements. Currently I am taking "Triple Strength Fish Oil with Krill" pills but they are too expensive (It would be $30 a month to continue)

    What is the best fish / krill oil supplement available? Is that MegaRed any good? There are just so many out there and it is overwhelming.

    Answer:-Krill oil doesn't have anything that fish oil doesn't have - only the proportions are a bit different. So, i personally can't see paying much more for them. Your best source of Omega-3 and other important fatty acids, is whole fish - mackerel, salmon, sardines and herring are the best!!
  • Question:-How long till dreams from krill oil go away?
    I started Krill oil about four days ago. Since them, I've been having really intense dreams (which is understandable). Does anyone know when the dreams should stop?

    Answer:-what is krill oil? and stop doing drugs
  • Question:-Why does my wife get really bad menstrual cramps when taking krill oil?
    She asked me to ask this question here on YA because she doesn't have an account. But isn't Krill oil supposed to offer relief for menstrual cramps?

    Answer:-She may be having pain from her gallbladder that she is interpreting as menstrual cramps or that could be contributing to the cramps she is already experiencing. Krill oil is a fat and if she is also burping the taste, that is a strong indication the gallbladder is the issue.

    The primary thing that causes menstrual cramps is a deficiency of magnesium starting 2 weeks before the period and increasing up to the time of getting the period. Calcium & magnesium compete for absorption in the jejunum (top of the small intestine). If she has low hydrochloric acid production in her stomach, this can cause the body to not absorb calcium, magnesium, or zinc and this can cause the deficiency. If she takes those very stupid antacid pills, that will cause the problem.

    good luck to you
  • Question:-How long 'til dreams from krill oil go away?
    I started Krill oil about four days ago. Since them, I've been having really intense dreams (which is understandable). Does anyone know when the dreams should stop?

    Answer:-I had never heard of anyone having odd dreams on Krill oil
  • Question:-Is it a sin to take a supplement that is derived from an unclean animal? Gelatin made from pigs or Krill Oil?
    I heard they use either hog bristles or pig's hooves to make gelatin and I also hear of a supplement called Krill Oil that some people take which comes from Krill, an unclean ocean animal.

    Answer:-If you are keeping Kosher (or Halal), or are a Hindu who does not eat meat, or whatever, eating these things would count as a sin.
  • Question:-Have any women used Neptune Krill Oil for PMS?
    I want to know if any women had used Neptune Krill Oil for their PMS (Premenstrual Symptoms)?

    If so, or if you know of someone who had tried Neptune Krill Oil,....How well did it work for you, or them?

    Answer:-I have never used Neptune Krill Oil for PMS. I do have the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at:

  • Question:-Are Krill Oil pills the same as Fish Oil pills?
    I used to take fish oil pills for the Omega-3 but they are huge and have a nasty fishy aftertaste. Does anyone take the Krill Oil pills? Do they have the same effects as the fish oil without the aftertaste?

    Answer:-Some Krill Oil pills do have a aftertaste, depends on the brand, You can also find Fish Oil pills that do not have an aftertaste. Try Flax Seeds, Organic Flax Seed are safer than Fish Oils and are less expensive. Just Grind a Table Spoon of Flax Seeds in a coffee grinder mix it with a smoothie, you will get your Omega-3 along with Fiber. You can read more about health at www.Health Keys 4u.com finds us on MSN
  • Question:-Will Krill Oil help get rid of Lipoma?
    I know there are alot of benefits of taking Krill Oil. I want to know if it will help with Lipoma. I have about 20 lipomas. Only about 5 of them are giving me discomfort that are in close proximity of each other. Don't really want to go under the knife and wondering if anyone knows if Krill oil will help.

  • Question:-Could I take krill oil instead of fish oil and still get the preventative benefits?
    without the fishy burps and pollutants ? What do you think?

    Answer:-Yes it has the omega oils, But if you buy enteric coated fish oil gel caps they keep you from getting those burps.
  • Question:-Im pregNant and i heard its good to take omega 3.i have here norwegian fish oil omega 3 with krill oil.?
    how much do i need to take?its written hir 2-3 softgels per day. The nutritional info per 1 softgel are ff:
    Fish oil 990mg
    Krill oil 10mg
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids 545mg
    Containing EPA 297mg
    DHA 198mg
    Please i nid serious answers onli,or from doctors.. Tnx.

    Answer:-Your baby needs omega 3 fats to grow healthy, specially to develop his brain and nervous system. The reason to supplement is that modern diets have 20 to 50 times less omega 3 than what we really need. We eat too many omega 6s and not enough omega 3s.

    There is not established omega 3 dosage, this is not rocket science. The amounts of omega 3 you should ingest depends on your diet, your age, your weight, your exercise and some other factors. I would recommend you should take at least 900 mg per day of TOTAL omega 3 fats (EPA plus DHA, from the label) but if you are overweight or with any degenerative disease, you should take more.

    Please, read http://www.omega-3-fish-oil-wonders.com/pregnancy-and-fish-oil.html

    Best wishes,
    Alfredo E.

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