Saturday, November 12, 2011

manny pacquiao fight

  • Question:-Who do you want Manny Pacquiao to fight?
    Supposedly there will be another round of negotiations between Manny Pacquao and Floyd Mayweather but the fight still might not happen. So just in case the fight doesn't happen, who would you like to see Manny Pacquiao fight next and why?

    Answer:-If the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight breaks down AGAIN then i would like Pacquiao to fight Bradley or Martinez!! but let's just hope the fight does happen between Manny and Floyd b/c it's got to happen in 2012,if this drags on in to 2013 then surly fans will start losing some interest!!

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  • Question:-Is a Floyd Mayweather - Manny Pacquiao fight a possibility? I would love to see that?
    Who do you think would win.. I think Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is the definite underdog.. Also, Pacquiao - Hatton match was announced as a possible match after Pacquiao fights Marco Antonio Barrera. Who do you think will win Hatton - Pacquiao?

    Answer:-I think its very possible that they both meet, it would be a very interesting match of super offense vs super defense. I agree with Fudd that the most likely weight would be around 140 lbs although I do think 135 lbs is very possible.

    I know Jermain Taylor and other boxers cut like 15 - 20 lbs to reach there weights! so why cant floyd go down a bit? Its not like if he never fought at that weight!
  • Question:-where can I watch the Manny Pacquiao fight in the Denver Metro area tonight.?
    Where is the Manny Pacquiao fight being shown in the Denver metro area tonight?

    Answer:-Wanna watch in High Quality reliable streams?, register and check out below. Full coverage from 7pm GMT/3pm ET

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  • Question:-why is it floyd mayweather wants to retire yet manny pacquiao agreed to fight floyd mayweather?
    is there some questions or problems from mayweather because he don't want to fight manny pacquiao yet he aggreed to the blood test? you think mayweather is really afraid to face manny pacquiao or not?

    Answer:-he ran out of excuses to avoid pacquiao.
  • Question:-TWC HBO Channel For the Official Manny Pacquiao Fight?
    what's the channel for the manny pacquiao fight for tomorrow? time warner cable, and HBO. not HBO HD.

    Answer:-You have to order it through your service provider, TWC. The fight will be televised on HBO PPV. It's usually a channel that is among the other Pay Per View channels on your guide.
  • Question:-Is Floyd Mayweather going to fight Manny Pacquiao or is he going to chicken out?
    After Pacquiao knocked down Hatton... Hatton might end his carrer so will pacquiao fight mayweather?? (:

    Answer:-If the money is right, Floyd will fight...and for the person who said Floyd doesn't deserve 50% thats nuts. He is the undefeated fighter. Pacquiao couldn't achieve his pound for pound status til Floyd left the game. Floyd also showed him the blueprint to get there by beating De La Hoya then Hatton and using 24/7 to promote the fight first. (note: Hatton had never been beaten before Floyd). Floyd's theater sold a lot of tickets and I think many paid to see him lose...this is something Ali use to the he said in King Of The World...who cares if viewers pay to see you win or long as they pay.
  • Question:-It is not official, Mayweather will fight a bigger guy that fighting Manny Pacquiao?
    He got tired of accusing Manny Pacquiao without any evidence. Now Mayweather will fight a really big opponent by the name of BIGSHOW in the fake WWE.....LOL

    Answer:-nobody is really talking about floyd's alternative fights-- i don't think people are interested to see him fight anyone else than pacquiao.

    but people talk about pacquiao's alternative fights-- this means, regardless of floyd-- people have more interest on pacquiao's next fight.

    forget floyd-- he can test himself using USADA testing all he wants (randomly in his sleep as well). LMAO.
  • Question:-where can i watch or get tickets to the ricky hatton manny pacquiao fight?
    im going down to las vegas on may 2nd, i was wondering if there would be any way to maybe get a ticket down there from a scalper or something, just curious but how much would a cheap ticket be?and if i cant find a ticket anywhere where would be a good bar or somewhere that would be showing the fight? preferably a British place?


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  • Question:-If Manny Pacquiao wins this fight will he step up to the next class and start fighting real people?
    Want to see Manny fight his equal...

    Answer:-What do you mean his equal? He's already fighting bigger men! You want him to fight one of the Klitchko brothers or something?
  • Question:-Where can I watch the Ricky Hatton Manny Pacquiao fight in the Lake George area Saturday night?
    i'm going up to my parents summer place and they can't get PPV i need a bar in that area that will be showing the fight.

    Answer:-ricky hatton and manny pacquiao live

    Watch Hatton vs Pacquiao Live On Your PC

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