Saturday, November 12, 2011

penn state game

  • Question:-Is the Nebraska @ Penn State game at risk of forfeiture because of possible student protester violence?
    The news media often over hypes stories but the situation at Penn State is getting pretty ugly.

    It seems to me that the crowd at the Nebraska game will be impossible to control by security if things get out of hand. And, I've read some news reports that protests at the game are being organized.

    Whether you agree with the firing of Paterno or not, do you think the Nebraska @ Penn State game is at risk of forfeiture or postponement because of possible student protester violence?

    Answer:-There were news items today about the Nebraska AD and others expressing concern about the security at the game. And, there are news stories about the Penn State campus police getting assistance from the state police and private companies to beef up security at the game.

    But it appears the game will go on as scheduled.
  • Question:-How many times did troy smith get sacked in the penn state game in 2005?
    This is only for penn state fans not ohio state fans.

    Answer:-5 times loss of 34 yards

    But what was better was the score W 17-10
  • Question:-What channel is the Penn State game on today?
    What channel is the Penn State football game on today (Penn St. vs. Indiana) at noon? Channel for NY?

    Answer:-try ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNnews, ESPNclassic, or Big Ten Network.
  • Question:-What is the video that plays in the stadium before the Penn State game starts?
    Its the video that plays like right before the game starts and it shows like video clips from past games.

    Answer:-we are.. penn state
  • Question:-The Michigan Wolverines had an ineligible player play in the Penn State game?
    Yahoo Sports said that penalties could include a forfeit of the win in that game. Would that affect their seasons record, or would it just take a win off the teams win total from all of their years(Around 850)??

    Answer:-it would give the win to penn st. and take it away from mich and make them 1-4

    that won't happen though. 1 it was an unintentional clerical error and 2. it was some no name guy that just played on special teams so it didn't really affect the game.

    if they're not going to pull usc's records for having bush (nice house reggie :P) on their team, i doubt they will lay a finger on penn st.
  • Question:-What will the score of the Ohio State - Penn State game be?
    I say 34-17 PSU. I don't think it will be that close of a game because OSU's offense just isn't that good.

    Answer:-I really CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL TOMARROW!!!!
    I just got into columbus about an hour ago to root on my Nittany Lions in the student section tomarrow

    Being a student in Penn State i may be bias but,......i think this week has some very close games.....

    I think Kansas will beat Texas Tech
    I think Tennessee will give Alabama a game, if not beat them
    And us and Ohio State will be a close game.....i am rooting for PSU, but I would not be suprised if we lost this game....It will be a TD or FG in this game either way...hopefully our way

    off to the bars in Columbus in an hour.....cant wait....if anyone see this, can you let me know when they close in Ohio....i know its 2AM here in PA

    ill guess Penn State 20-17
  • Question:-Where can you park an RV overnight the night of a Penn State football game?
    I'm going to be tailgating for the Penn State-Michigan game, which is on a Saturday night. I plan to get there on Thursday night and park in the RV lot. Will I be allowed to leave the RV parked there into Sunday morning? Thanks.

    Answer:-Penn State Tailgating: RV lots around Beaver Stadium total 750 spaces. Limited overnight parking for RVs is permitted after 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays . There are special accommodations for those who wish to get an early start on their football weekend! You may park a recreational vehicle in Lots 19 and 20 beginning on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. Parking is first-come, first-served and is staffed continuously through 5 a.m. on Gameday. This parking area can accept vehicles whose total length does not exceed 40 feet. There may be separate charges for towing and towed vehicles if trailer must detach due to length restrictions.

    • To purchase in advance, you must place an order at least 10 days prior to the game, by calling the Penn State Athletics Customer Relations Center at 1-800-NITTANY (1-800-648-8269).

    • We can accept all major credit cards the parking pass will be mailed via standard US Mail.

    • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific location.

    • Once you park your RV, you may not drive through the lot, exit and re-enter, or change parking spaces.

    • Please Note: The parking area does not offer hook-ups of any kind and the use of an external generator is prohibited and internal generators must be turned off between midnight -7 am. Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to shut down any generator at any time.

    • Fees are $60 per night with Saturday night at no additional charge.
  • Question:-Meeshegan and OSU fans, is the Penn State game just another game to you?
    Considering your schools success v. Penn State it might be no more special than beating Minnesota or Indiana, so where does the PSU game rank?
    I know they are big games for Penn State. I'm wondering how the other schools see it though.
    that's what I was afraid of, and sort of suspected. Hard to believe that PSU won 3 of the first 4 times v. Meeshegan...ages ago.

    Answer:-From a Michigan fan perspective, it is a lower end rivalry, mainly because PSU can't beat Michigan. It would fall below Notre Dame, MSU, OSU(obviously) and probably Minnesota.
  • Question:-What was the name of the song they played in the michigan penn state game yesterday?
    it was like poised and ? if you know can you tell me the name and band

    Answer:-At the game or on tv?
  • Question:-So the Westboro Baptist Church is showing up at the Nebraska vs Penn State game to protest?

    Could this situation get any less disgusting?

    Answer:-Hey if any of the WBC people get hurt by a drunk frat boy who was tailgating at the game....then the police should look the other way.

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