Thursday, November 10, 2011


  • Question:-What did Mike McQueary do when he saw the child abuse?
    I am a little confused regarding the Penn State story. Mike McQueary allegedly walked in on a child rape. Did he stop it or did he just walk and left the child alone with out Sandusky? And why didn't he call the police or took the child to it's parents. It is very disturbing to me to think that the child thought it was safe when he walked in but didn't get help. Thank you for clarifying.
    Most important question. Did he stop the abuse or did he just walk out?

  • Question:-Should Mike McQueary go to jail for not notifying police of the Penn State child rape?
    McQueary saw it all firsthand. A 10 year old boy was getting butt-drilled in the shower by Sandusky.
    McQeary told a football coach (Paterno) and his father about the incident but said nothing at all to the police. Shouldn't there be a law against that type of silence? What the f__k was he thinking?
    First Responder: Where'd you look it up? Can I get the link?

  • Question:-Penn State is going to fire Mike McQueary but not until after National LOI Signing Day, agree?
    McQueary is their chief recruiter. They're trying to hold onto their recruits/commits.

  • Question:-Why has Penn State not fired Mike McQueary?
    He will be coaching this Saturday and that is the biggest crock of bullchit! He was an adult when he witnessed a crime being committed against a child. Instead of immediately calling the police he called his father?? He waited a day to even call Paterno! He could have ended this whole situation THAT NIGHT by calling 911 and NOT leaving a child in the clutches if a monster!

    This fool is MORE TO BLAME than Paterno! Why is he still employed by Penn state?

  • Question:-True or False, the only honorable thing Mike McQueary could do now would be to kill himself?

  • Question:-why was paterno fired but Mike McQueary wasnt?

  • Question:-Will Mike McQueary show up at Saturday's game?

  • Question:-Why hasn't Mike Mcqueary been fired?
    I understand why Joe Pa was let go but this guy walked in on a child being raped and did nothing.

  • Question:-Bart McQueary asks "What is your favorite vampire movie?"?
    Could it be Nosferatu? Dracula? The Lost Boys? Near Dark? The Hamiltons?

    Share with me your favorite vampire movie.

    Answer:-Interview with the Vampire
  • Question:-If you are a physically fit adult and witnessed a child being molested would you simply walk away?
    As McQueary did?
    Or, would you be a man and meat out the justice right then and there?
    McQueary is not a small dude. He could have done something.


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