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andy williams

  • Question:-andy williams?
    Are the brothers of Andy Williams alive and well?

    Answer:-Good question. I could only find that they were older and their names - Bob, Dick, and Don. But couldn't find if they were alive or not. Being that Andy was born in 1927. I would say there is a good chance that they are not.
  • Question:-Andy Williams?
    I have heard rumors that Andy Williams actually provided the singing voice for Lauren Bacall in the movie To Have and Have Not-has any one else heard this?

    Answer:-That is so silly
    I know her and she did it
  • Question:-What song did Andy Williams sing at the end of every Andy Williams Show episode?
    My grandmother would really like to know what song he ended each one of his shows with... it'd be a great Christmas gift to figure it out!

    Answer:-hi there,

    Mike Dennis.
  • Question:-How many wives has andy williams had?
    One was Claudette or something like that but I know that marriage ended in divorce.

    Answer:-In 1961 Andy married a stunning, whispery-voiced French chanteuse named Claudine Longet (born in Paris in 1942), who was 15 years younger. The couple had three children. She made a mild hit of the song "Love Is Blue" and enjoyed slight celebrity status. Like the Crosby family, Andy's clan became an integral part of his annual classic Christmas TV specials. Despite the fact that the couple separated in 1969, Claudine continued to appear in these specials in the early 1970s.

    In tandem with his famous TV show, Andy opened Caesar's Palace in 1966 and went on to headline there for 20 years. Following the demise of his TV success, Andy continued to tour both here and abroad. He laid low for a time to protect his children through a tragic crisis when his ex-wife Claudine (since 1975) became enmeshed in a tabloid-styled shooting in March of 1976. The 1970s also deemed the cardigan-wearing Andy as too square and clean-cut to prod younger audiences. Nevertheless he hosted the Grammy Awards a few times and returned to a syndicated series format in 1976, which was short-lived. Andy remarried happily in 1991 to non-professional Debbie Haas.

    Inspired by singer/friend Ray Stevens, Andy had built a $12 million state-of-the-art theater, which opened in 1992 and was christened the Andy Williams Moon River Theater. Andy became the first non-country star to perform there and other theme shows have since been inspired to populate the small town--now considered the live music capital of the world. At age 70+, he continues to perform in Branson, where he and his wife reside, and in Europe.
  • Question:-What advert / film was the song you're too good to be true on by andy williams or orignally by frankie valli?
    I know this has been on an advert or in a film and it's annoying me as I cant remember what it was on... pretty sure it was an advert although someone at work says its a film!!

    Answer:-Rogue Trader?

    Good luck!
  • Question:-Does anyone know if this is Andy Williams song?
    What is the name of this song and does Andy Williams sing this song?

    And yes- I know how loney life can be – the shadows follow me – and the night won’t set me free –but I don’t let the evening get me down – wow that you’re around me.

    Thank you

    Answer:-"And I Love You So" by Perry Como (others have sung it too, but I remember him singing it).
  • Question:-When will the 2010 Andy Williams Christmas Show air?
    On public television, in the Chicagoland area if that changes anything? I like to see it every year so I don't want to miss it. Thanks (:

    Answer:-Unfortunately, there is no 20l0 Andy Williams Christmas Show TV special. It is possible that PBS may be running an old one. However, if you want to see Andy perform his holiday show, he'll be at his Moon River Theatre in Branson, Mo through Dec. 11, then he'll be in Costa Mesa, CA 12/16-18, Rancho Mirage, CA, 12/21-22 and at The Hilton in Las Vegas 12/23-24.
  • Question:-Where's Giancarlo Varanini, Drew Williams, and Andy Meyers of Nintendo Power?
    Giancarlo seemed to come and go, and Andy seemed missing when Future US took over the magazine. Drew Williams also went missing the same way.

    Anyone know what happened?

    Answer:-Future US brought in its own staff, presumably those guys were sacked or didn’t want to work under the new management. The internet says that Giancarlo has worked for Official US PlayStation Magazine, maybe he’s still there. Is it Meyers or Myers? I didn’t turn up much on “Andy Meyers”, but there IS an “Andy Myers” who worked at Nintendo( including Nintendo Power) until August. He now works for Microsoft. “Drew Williams” is too common a name, making research difficult, sorry.
  • Question:-How old is Andy Williams?

    Answer:-his Date of Birth: 3 December 1927 that makes him about 78
  • Question:-Did any of you realize that Andy Williams was still alive ?
    I was thinking that NBC holographically digitized his corpse !

    Answer:-No, I did not realize it. In fact, i didn't even believe you so I had to look it up. He IS alive. And hes 77 years old. He will be 78 in December. Wow. Makes me feel kinda young.

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