Saturday, November 12, 2011

cain velasquez vs dos santos

  • Question:-UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez vs junior dos Santos on fox November 12th?
    Junior dos Santos- has wins over cro crop, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin.
    Cain Velasquez, the heavyweight champion who whooped on Brock lesner. Oh and not to mention he is 9-0 with 8 wins by knockout! And it's free on fox. how will this affect the pay per view sales of pacquiao vs Marquez 3?

    Answer:-Cro cop? he aint even good he was good back in japan but in UFC? no he is getting whooped in UFC

    shane carwin i think is his best win

    brock lestnar has a glass chin

    i think Cain would win against junior by KO / TKO

    and i think brock will lose against overeem
  • Question:-Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos, Cain Valasquez vs Junior dos Santos?
    Who is gonna win Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez? Also who would win Brock Lesnar vs Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos and how? I just want to see what you guys think because if Cain wins vs Brock I'm definitely gonna buy Cain vs Junior but I'm not sure if I will buy Brock vs Junior, that might be because I like Junior more but I think Brock would win, but Cain vs Junior to me could go either way. So what do you guys think?

    Answer:-I think Cain Velasquez has a good chance at beating Brock Lesnar, if he can keep it standing he can outstrike him with his speed and maybe even ko lesnar, but lesnar has a pretty tuff chin. if lesnar takes down cain it would be a long night for cain but i think cain will win this fight tko of the second round. I think Junior dos santos can beat both lesnar and cain, Junior has excellent take down defense he was able to stop roy nelsons take downs and was able to bounce right back up when gonzaga took him down. and we cant for get junior is very good at bbj we just never see he can use it to bounce back up or submit both fighters. He has good boxing and heavy hands too. i see junior beating lesnar and cain.
  • Question:-who do you guys think will win junior dos santos vs cain velasquez?
    i dont know where to lean cuz jds has such good takedown defense , and could cain stand with him? cuz i dont think he could

    Answer:-I think JDS will win by KO. This fight is going to be so big that it will cause at least a 6.0 earthquake. I agree, JDS has world class take down defense. He also has a lot of power and can unleash a flurry of punches very quickly and he prefers to keep his fights standing. Cain has world class take down defense too as we saw against Brock Lesnar, he even took Lesnar down who is heavier. Cain has a lot of power in his punches, maybe more than JDS, but he isn't as fast. Cain's chin was tested (against Congo) and he has a lot of endurance and doesn't give up. JDS has rarely ever been brushed by a strike. Watching them exchange is going to be thrilling and could go either way. But I bet a dollar on JDS. (When Shane Carwin heals I want to see him fight both of these guys, which will be at least 3 months. I think Carwin can beat both of them; he has way more power than Cain.)
  • Question:-Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos who will win?
    Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos who do you think will win this fight? Why? and how?

    Answer:-Hi well it would be close BUT Cain got a good shot on Brock then went for the kill ,I think Junior wouldn't stick his chin out like Brock even so Cain by a KO at 1min.15secs in1st round.

    Then a rematch between Brock n Cain as will be different next time if not Brock needs to retire OK ♥
  • Question:-What channel is cain velasquez vs junior dos santos going to be on?
    I know its on fox but exactly what channel? I live in los angeles and fox here is on channel 11. So is it going to be on channel 11 sombody please help I want to tune in and watch this fight

    Answer:-Wrong section dummy.
  • Question:-Why Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez fight is in fox?
    why free?

  • Question:-How epic do you think Cain Velasquez vs Junior dos Santos is going to be?
    THIS FIGHT HAS FIGHT OF YEAR WRITTEN ALL OVER IT ..both guys love to bang both guy can keep it going you know both will always put on one hell of a show..i can't wait!

    Answer:-Yes I can't wait for it! Junior is an amazing striker but i think people still underrate his striking. Cain and Junior both have great striking, and they both have good takedown defense so neither will be able to take the other down so it's going to be a striking war and with them two somebody getting knocked out!
  • Question:-What time does the Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez fight start?
    I live on the West Coast. I just wanna know when the fight starts. Thanks!

  • Question:-Who do you think is gonna win in Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos?
    Keep in mind that Cain had surgery and fighters don't come back the same after a while of not fighting. Im not against Cain I just want a fair and Intelligent opinion not a fan boy rant

    Answer:-On the feet JDS is a much more technical striker, but on the ground Velasquez is a LOT better. Though JDS has some amazing takedown defense.

    I like them both, who ever wins I'm happy either way. They're both nice guys, and deserve to be in this sport.
  • Question:-UFC MMA Cain velasquez Vs Junior Dos santos in english I am watching it in spanish ?
    What channel is it on in english ?


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