Tuesday, November 15, 2011


  • Question:-Annie ?
    ☼ That little orphan's gotta die
    ☼ That little orphan should go away and leave me alone
    ☼ Just stop singing "tomorrow" and I can leave this mental institution
    ☼ Kinda annoying
    ☼ No opinion
    ☼ I love her!
    ☼ I *am* Daddy Warbucks
    ☼ What are you talking about?

    Answer:-I *am* Daddy Warbucks
  • Question:-What do you think of Annie Duke not going to the Celebrity Apprentice after party?
    Is she a sore loser? She won a lot of money for her charity and brought awareness to it. Isn't that a win or is it all about Annie?

    Answer:-im sure she feels she should have won,,, it doesnt look good that she didnt go...she held it together the whole season...she should've went.
  • Question:-What song should I sing at an audition for Annie?
    I'm having an audition to perform at the west end theatre in London. I'm 16 years old (a girl) and I can sing quite well but they're looking for personality, not perfection.
    It doesn't have to be an Annie song, it can be ANY SONG but I really don't know what to sing.
    My audition is on the 28th of October.
    I'm not auditioning for a certain role.
    Just to be in the play.

    Answer:-With only a few days left. Perfect what you already know.
    A well prepared song is important.
    Annie is a strong personality. Stand up straight. Look at the audience, and be a little boisterous. You are not going for sweet.
    All the kids parts are boisterous.
  • Question:-Is Annie Leibovitz continuing her work for Disney?
    Me, like everyone else loves Annie's photohsoots for Dsieny, like Cinderella, Little Mermiad and such
    but is she continuing it
    becaause we have no news lately.

    Answer:-Annie Leibovitz added more 3 pictures to the Dream Portrait Series on 01/24/08. There are as follows;

    Roger Federer as King Arthur
    Rachel Weisz as Snow White
    Julie Adrews as The Blue Fairy with Abigail Breslin as her apprentice fairy

    Another portrait was added in April and is as follows;

    Julianne Moore and Micheal Phelps in a "Fantasea" inspired by "The Little Mermaid".

    Bellow is the link to where I found all of this information, you may want to keep checking there to see if and when more will be added.

    Hope that helps,

  • Question:-Where can I find prints of the photographs that Annie takes in the lobster scene in Annie Hall?
    The photographs are of Alvy, holding up the lobsters. There are multiple shots. You can see them hanging in the scene when Alvy is in Annie's apartment, before he tries to kill the spider.

    Answer:-I'm answering just because no one else has. It is very unlikely you will find such a thing. The photos were used in the set, and are either long gone and / or buried in some storage crate somewhere in a warehouse at United Artists. It is also not very likely that "Annie" actually took those photos. They were probably taken by another photographer and not actually taken when Annie and Alvy were together in the kitchen.

    About all I would know to do is start trying to contact United Artists studios and / or everything you can find to do with movie memorabilia.

  • Question:-What was the name of the shop Annie lives over on Community?
    The latest episode shows Annie living about what sounds like a methadone clinic. I can't understand what the name is though, sounds like Kidopolous.

    Answer:-Dildopolis -- it's an adult toy store
  • Question:-What is a good audition song for Annie the musical?
    I can sing from a low G to a high C, and I am auditioning for Annie or Pepper. I need to know what song to sing, but NOTHING from the actual musical. It has to be in the style of the musical, but I had trouble finding the right song. Any suggestions?

    Answer:-castle on a cloud from les miserables. an orphan sings it.
    happiness from you're a good man, charlie brown. it's got the same kind of hopefulness that 'tomorrow' has.
    where is love from oliver! another show about orphans.

    good luck and have fun at your audition!
  • Question:-How was Annie Jump Cannon considered a hero?
    Annie Jump Cannon is considered a hero, how though what did she do to be called a hero?

    Answer:-She was the first woman to get a Doctor of Astronomy Degree
  • Question:-How can I get to be Annie in the play Annie?
    I am going to audition for the role of Annie, and I am a newcomer so how do I "wow" the director! Please! I really need ALL kinds of tips!

  • Question:-What was the real name of the movie where Apple Annie was the storyline character?
    I know that apple annie was a homeless elderly woman that always gave the suit guy an apple, he wouldn't make a decision unless he got his apple. Apple Annie had a daughter (Ann Margaret-character portrayed by her) and she was coming over on a ship because she was marrying I think it was someone of royalty. Anyway the lead actor got all the street people and his henchman to portray very prominent people, I believe they portrayed Apple Annie as a Duchess and she was married in the script to one of the henchman simply they were trying to help Apple Annie pull off a scam to her daughter; in other words once her daughter (Ann Margaret) got back on the boat things would go back to normal. I do not recall the actor that played the main character, the one that needed the apple a day. It was definitely an old black and white movie and mostly was played around Christmas, I think.

    Answer:-Is the movie "Pocketful of Miracles" (1961) by any chance?

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