Tuesday, November 15, 2011

john hughes

  • Question:-How can I contact the family of John Hughes?
    I am directing a community theatre production of John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club." All of our shows proceeds are donated to charity and I want to contact his family so that 1) they know we are performing his work 2) to find a charity that John Hughes took part in.

    Any help in contacting them is appreciated. Thank you!

    Answer:-Perhaps these filmmakers can help you out. They've been doing a documentary on Hughes for the last few years.
  • Question:-What is the John Hughes movie where Keanu Reeves hold the speakers up to a girl's window?
    I was watching the new movie Easy A, and she referenced a John Hughes 80s movie in which Keanu Reeves is holding speakers to a girl's window. Anybody know what it's called?

    Answer:-"Say Anything", starring John Cusack and Ione Skye
    Romantic comedy about a less-than-average student who falls in love with a brilliant biochemistry major.
  • Question:-Academy-Awards 2010, what is your take on a John Hughes tribute?
    I just recently read that there are plans on a huge Hughes tribute. Some actors that worked with him are planning to make some sort of parody, better, acknowledge the talent that was John Hughes. Who and what would you like to happen? For instance, I'm hoping for a short "The Breakfast Club" meets "Sixteen Candles" parody with some old and new actors. I just want to see Molly Ringwald! I do.

    Answer:-I don't think he deserves it. Then again, the Oscars is all about Hollywood rewarding themselves.
  • Question:-John Hughes.........................?
    Anyone else think he's a complete twat?

    Thing is i've met him a few times & he's a really sound guy....so why does he come across as a pr**k? me's confused

    Answer:-i used to see him at the foot of the walk hanging about with his mates when he played for celtic. i think he is just a down to earth guy . nobody seemed to bother him, i think they new better. i know a guy who played for falkirk in the reserves, he was always late for training and not doing what he was told after a few warnings he came in late, yogi said to him we are doing boxercise the day and me and you are sparing first. the boy got the message loud and clear. after he got slapped about a wee bit
  • Question:-Which one of these John Hughes films should I watch first?
    Pretty in Pink or 16 Candles. I'm a fan of John Hughes and I really like his films like Home Alone, Ferris Bueller's Day-Off, The Breakfast Club and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I plan on watching both Pretty in Pink and 16 Candles but which one should I watch first?

    Answer:-Some Kind of Wonderful is even better.

    I LOVE John Hughes!

    The Breakfast Club was awesome.

    You have excellent taste!

    I'm going to tell my contacts about this!
  • Question:-What were john hughes career highlights?
    john hughes the director for The Breakfast Club and Curly Sue ....

    What were john hughes career highlights?
    what were john hughes career highlights

    who/ what was his influenced by?

    did he influence others? explain? ....

    Answer:-see this article for help in answering this

  • Question:-What other John Hughes films are there?
    I've watched a few of John Hughes films like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day-Off and they're both very good. And me and my brothers grew up watching the Home Alone series. God rest Hughes's soul. Could you name any other films by John Hughes that I would like?

    Answer:-Sixteen Candles
    Weird Science
    Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    She's Having a Baby
    Uncle Buck
    Curly Sue

    Just listed the ones that he's directed. He's written a number of others....like Home Alone, which was directed by Chris Columbus.
  • Question:-What was the song playing during the video montage for John Hughes during the critics choice awards tonight?
    It wasn't the live Death Cab for Cutie song. It was by a lady.

    Answer:-This Woman's Work by Kate Bush
    Album The Sensual World 1989
  • Question:-In Memory Poll: What movie should we start the John Hughes marathon with?
    He died today. I think we should start with the Breakfast Club

    Answer:-: (

    Agreed, definitely The Breakfast Club. I almost watched it last night but I was too tired. What a great movie.
  • Question:-Which John Hughes movie contains the famous airport scene?
    The one that many movies and TV shows have followed since where the boy or the girl stops the person they love in the airport from leaving?

    Answer:-I don't think there's a John Hughes movie like that. When movies and TV shows make fun of somebody stopping someone at the airport, it's usually a reference to Casablanca.

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