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bcs rankings

  • Question:-BCS rankings?
    when do the BCS rankings come out. I wanna see where the idiotic people that know nothing about college football put teams now

    Answer:-not until after week 8
  • Question:-BCS Rankings?
    How do they determine the BCS Rankings???

    Answer:-Harris Interactive poll 1/3
    USA ESPN 1/3

    The final Third is comprised of 6 computer rankings average.....

    The highest and lowest rankings are discarded.......

    Anderson and Hester
    Richard Billingsley
    Colley Matrix
    Kenneth Massey
    Dr. Peter Wolfe
  • Question:-How does LSU advance in the BCS rankings after loss to Alabama?
    LSU advanced in the BCS rankings, but how? What teams were ahead of them that also lost in order for them to stay in the top 10?

    Answer:-Oregon and Iowa lost. But, to stay in the top 10 when you were 9 to start is an insult to anyone with an IQ. Teams drop 5 slots or more with a loss this late.

    The sec central office would have to have total control over rankings and outcomes of all games instead of just who wins in their conference. If that was true, so much for any respect they, the BCS, or officiating crews, might have had in anyones mind.
  • Question:-Can anyone explain how the BCS computer rankings are calculated?
    When looking at the BCS rankings on yahoo, the 25 teams get a computer average. For the top 4 It shows:
    #1 LSU 0.940
    #2 Alabama 0.940
    #3 Oklahoma State 1.000
    #4 Standford 0.800

    I know the computer part (1/3rd) of the BCS is an average of 6 different computer systems. But I don't have a clue where those numbers come from.

    Answer:-I'm not a fan of the BCS and I think the whole system is convoluted, but I have figured out the computer systems calculation math. And it is complicated.

    First of all, you can't use the Yahoo Sports BCS rankings page because it doesn't show the individual computer system rankings. The ESPN link below shows them. I'm sure there are many other sites that you could use.

    As you said, there are 6 computer systems that rank the top 25 teams. However, the highest and lowest rankings are tossed out and the remaining 4 are used in the calculation.

    For each of the 4 rankings used, points are awarded using a reverse scale.
    Rank/ Points
    1 / 25
    2 / 24
    3 / 23
    4 / 22
    5 / 21
    6 / 20
    7 / 19
    8 / 18
    down to:
    25 / 1

    So a team gets 4 sets of points based on the 4 rankings. They are added up, then divided by 100 to convert to a percentage. The conversion is done so the computer average is on the same numerical basis as the Coaches Poll and Harris Poll and can be averaged with those to come up with the overall BCS ranking.

    The Coaches and Harris polls are done using the same reverse scale for all the rankings from individual voters a team gets. For each of those, the points are totaled up and divided by the number of voters to get the percentages. You can think of the computer system 1/3 as a poll with 4 voters.

    Told you it was complicated. But some examples will clarify it better.

    For this week, Oklahoma State earned these 6 computer systems rankings...
    1 2 1 1 1 1 Toss the highest and lowest.. leaves us with 1 1 1 1.
    So when we assign the points for each ranking, we get 25 25 25 25
    added up that's 100 .. divide by 100 = 1.000

    So that's the Cowboys computer ranking expressed as a percentage to be used in the overall BCS calculation. That happens to be the highest percentage possible and it makes sense because they were ranked #1 by all 4 computer systems used.

    Let's do Standford's...
    computer rankings.. 5 4 6 8 8 5 ... toss high/low ... 5 6 8 5 ... award points ... 21 20 18 21 .. add up.. 80 .. divide by 100 = 0.800

    And Alabama's...
    computer rankings.. 2 3 3 3 2 2 ... toss high/low ... 3 3 2 2 ... award points ... 23 23 24 24 .. add up.. 94 .. divide by 100 = 0.940

    LSU was ranked differently by the computers but ended up with the same percentage as Alabama because when you drop the high and low the same number of points are awarded.
    3 1 2 2 3 3 ... 2 2 3 3 ... 24 24 23 23 ... 94 ... 0.940
  • Question:-Where can I find the Strength of Schedule for the BCS Rankings?
    I was looking through the BCS rankings and did not find the strength of schedule on it. DOes anyone know where I can find that.

    Answer:-The BCS is a joke. For accurate Ratings I use the BGS Power Ratings, found right here on Yahoo!
  • Question:-Does the BCS update their rankings after the Championship Game? Who is ranked higher USC or Texas?
    I have a bet on the "Final BCS Rankings".

    Answer:-The BCS does not release any more rankings after the bowl games, another stupid feature that calls for a playoff! The AP does release a poll, and it can be found at this link
  • Question:-Does your local newspaper print the BCS rankings?
    The Dallas Morning News prints only the AP rankings. I honestly don't care about the AP poll and I think the newspaper is showing a bias toward its own professional organization by ignoring the BCS.

  • Question:-Is the BCS computer rankings projections different from the Preseason rankings in college football?
    For the BCS bowl rankings projection, I am just curious on the ranking difference from the BCS compared with the Preseason rankings. Would they correspond exactly by points? Or would they differ initially? My main point behind this is to wonder since after #3 Oregon lost to #4 LSU, would Oregon still have a chance to go to the BCS National Championship if they lost the home opener but win the rest of the games?

    Answer:-The BCS rankings are released starting in mid October. The calculation for the rankings has 3 parts, 2 opinion polls and a computer ranking system. The polls used are the USA Today/Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll. The computer 1/3 of the BCS is an average of 6 separate computer rankings.

    The USA Today/Coaches Poll releases a preseason ranking and then every week after the season starts. The first Harris Poll is released when the same day the first overall BCS rankings are published.

    Most teams have played 6 or 7 games by the time the BCS rankings start so they will always differ a lot from the preseason rankings. The teams at the top of the rankings may be the same, or close to the same, depending on how they've done at that point in the season.

    It's much better to be undefeated but any of the BCS conference winners with 1 loss will have a shot at getting into the BCS Championship Game. However, it's a long shot for Oregon.

    Oregon is ranked 14th in this weeks Coaches Poll. That puts them behind 3 teams from the Big 12, 2 teams from the Big 10, 2 teams from the ACC, 4 teams from the SEC, and Stanford from the PAC 12.. plus Boise State.

    Obviously, the only impact Oregon can have in the rankings of those teams would be beating Stanford.

    It's likely that 2 or more of those teams will finish the season undefeated. If that happens, it's highly doubtful that Oregon or any team with 1 loss will be ranked #1 or #2.

    And, if all the BCS conference winners have 1 loss, it's unlikely the winner of the PAC 12 will be ranked above SEC, Big 12, or Big 10 conference winners with 1 loss. That's because teams in those conferences are generally considered to have a stronger strength of schedule than Oregon.

    So all that Oregon can do is focus on games week to week, beat Stanford, stay undefeated for the remaining games, win the PAC 12 and watch to see what happens with the other conferences.

    Since teams in the other conferences play each other, I can see Oregon rising up in the rankings to #4 or #5. But it will be very difficult for the Ducks to get the #1 or #2 spot.
  • Question:-How are BCS bowls chosen? Is it based upon the BCS polls rankings and the Top 10 teams on that list?
    Is it based upon the BCS polls rankings and the Top 10 teams on that list?

    Answer:-Once the final BCS rankings are released -- which this year is 12/2 -- the national championship game will take the teams that finish ranked #1 and #2.

    Then, the other four BCS bowls -- Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar -- select the remaining teams. However, you don't have to be in the top 10 to be selected. (For instance, a conference can send a maximum of two teams to BCS games, so if they have 3 teams in the top 10, they can't all go).

    The bowls have conference tie-ins as well, so if Ohio State does not make the championship game, they will go to the Rose Bowl.

    To read more, follow the link I've included below.
  • Question:-has the BCS Rankings ever had 3 weeks in a row where a new #1 was named?
    Just wondering if anyone knows

    if Ohio State Loses saturday, they will lose the number 1 spot... will that be the 1st time ever that the BCS rankings has crowned 3 teams #1 in as many weeks?

    Answer:-more than likely nit has happened in the regular poles

    but the BCS doesn't come out until after week 8

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