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  • Question:-NASCAR . . . . . . .?
    NASCAR . . . . . . .?
    Why dosen't Shawna Robinson race NASCAR anymore? And will Erin Crocker/Someone else eventually be the first women to start a NASCAR SCS race since 2002?

    Answer:-I'd like to see Danika Patrick try it - atleast we know she isn't scared of driving fast.
  • Question:-Nascar????
    Why is NASCAR turning into one big Commercial? I Love NASCAR but it is geting harder and harder to watch.

    Answer:-Yes i totally agree I mean.. so many commercials I cant even watch .. try directvs hotpass I LOVE IT
  • Question:-nascar??!!?
    just because just because someone is a nascar fan, does that mean their redneck? im a nascar fan, im not redneck. and just because you like something someone thinks is redneck that dosent make you redneck! (some thompson democrat congressman thinks so.)
    ive never had a starred question. could someone please star mine? thanx!

    Answer:-well it doesn't make you a redneck, but according to the congressman from mississippi, it makes you diseased to the point of needing innoculations to be able to hang out with you.
  • Question:-NaScAr.....??
    What is the attraction to NASCAR races and such? I mean, they just go in a circle all day long. How does that justify calling the drivers "athletes"? I don't see what the big deal is, and what the attraction is.
    I'm not putting down on NASCAR or the fans....I just don't see the attraction. Its just silly to me.

    Answer:-The crashes, the bump and pass, the speed.
  • Question:-What exactly would Nascar have to gain out of targeting Jeremy Mayfield?
    He is playing this victim role. If anything, having the public know someone who is a meth user is participating in their sport makes the sport look bad. So why would they want to make someone look like a druggie when it hurts Nascar's image as well.

    Also his behavior to me seems like straight up addict behavior especially since addicts always feel someone is out to get them. Most think the cops, Jeremy Mayfield thinks Nascar is.

    Answer:-If Mayfield was innocent, then the only thing NASCAR could gain from targetting him, as long as they are successful in getting him out of the sport, is that they would have an example of their drug policy working and he would be the scapegoat.
    If he did in fact take drugs, which is increasingly appearing likely, then what they gain is getting a dangerous driver off of the track, and showing that their policy is helping the overall sport.
    The only thing that would make NASCAR look bad is if after all this the courts still side with Mayfield. That would show that NASCAR doesn't have its act together in enforcing drug policies and testing.
  • Question:-What Nascar game had you start in the truck series and get to better series after you win?
    I remember one of the Nascar games when you start off as nobody in the truck series and then earn a contract for nationwide and then eventually the Sprint cup series, i really like the part of the game were you progress into higher series by winning and getting better contracts.

    Answer:-As far as I know, NASCAR 2005, 2006, 07, 08, and 09 do that, but I've only played those, and Thunder 2002, which doesn't do that. Also, you don't always start in the Truck series. If you don't do the qualifiers, you start in the whelen modified series and work your way up into the trucks and then further, but the qualifiers can put you in a higher series
  • Question:-What is meant in Nascar that transmissions have to have a 1 to 1 ratio?
    Could someone please explain what is meant in Nascar when they say tramsmissions have to have a 1 to 1 ratio. Please bear in mind I am only just getting into Nascar and don't have much experience with cars. Many thanks for any answers.

    Answer:-Let me use a GM M20 manual shift transmission as an example.

    In a M20 manual transmission when you take off in first gear you have a gear ratio of "2.56 to 1" meaning the front of the transmission (the side bolted to the engine) turns 2.56 revolutions and the rear of the transmission turns only 1 revolution.

    When you shift to second the gear ratio changes to a "1.91 to 1" gear ratio which makes the car move even faster. That ratio means the front of the transmission turns 1.90 revolutions and the rear of the transmission turns 1 revolution.

    When you shift into third gear the gear ratio changes to a "1.48 to 1" gear ratio meaning the front of the transmission turns 1.48 revolutions and the rear of the transmission turns 1 revolution making the car go even faster.

    And finally when in 4th gear the M20 manual shift transmission has a "1 to 1" gear ratio meaning that both the front and rear of the transmission is turning the same amount of revolutions making the car go the fastest for a this particular transmission.

    Now cars that have transmissions with "overdrive" may have a fifth gear that may have a gear ratio more than a "1 to 1" ratio. A car with an overdrive may have a gear ratio of ".78 to 1" meaning the front of the transmission only turns .78 of a turn when the rear of the transmission turns 1 full revolution.
  • Question:-When did Nascar start mandating the drivers to have spotters?
    also do Nascar drivers use more then one spotter when on the road course tracks?

    Answer:-i don't know when spotters were mandated but yes, they have more than one for road courses.
  • Question:-How come Nascar hasn't done anything about Toyota's dominance of the Nationwide series?
    In the past Nascar would add an aero package or restrictor plate to curb manufacturer dominance. Why the hell haven't they done it to toyota yet? I remeber when Pontiac released the new Grandprix and was dominant Nascar couldn't kill their dominance fast enough, the same for Chevy, Ford & Dodge. Why the hell are they allowing Toyota to dominate? Nascar just sucks anymore especially since they started kissing Toyota's ass.

    Answer:-Yup, you just answered your own question, nascar hasn't done anything to toyota because they're busy kissing their assez and counting the money they're getting for their soul.
  • Question:-Why does NASCAR allow new drivers to the cup circuit during the chase?
    How ticked are people going to be if Keselowski takes out a chase driver due to a "rookie" error? I am all for people coming up through the ranks but during the playoffs of NASCAR I do not think it is the right time.

    Answer:-I agree. They need to allow it only during the first part of the season and once the chase starts then that's it. No more part timers.

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