Saturday, November 19, 2011

black friday 2011 deals

  • Question:-Black Friday Deals 2011 for the store Best Buy?
    When will the ads for best buy be out for black Friday? I never shopped on black Friday does best buy give out coupons or can I get coupons?

  • Question:-Does anybody know 2011 black friday hot deals for ps3 consoles?
    Really want a ps3 so if you know anybody who sells cheap ps3 please repliy thanks

    Answer:-PS3 is beast. Don't buy pre owned consoles. They scary!
  • Question:-2011 black friday deals?
    Does any body know what deals will be on sale for this years Blackfriday. I'm looking for like the biggest tv LCD LED 3d or any good deal out there?

    Answer:-whoaaaa. Let's get through Halloween before we even think about Thanksgiving.
  • Question:-black friday deals for 2011?
    i want to go all out for black friday ive been saving up for a while does anyone know a website for the actual adds like walmart or best looking into getting a bunch of movies,laptop, and clothes

    Answer:-try googling black friday ads 2011 and im sure a few sites will come up. im postitive a few good sites will come up but if not, i have a blog where im going to be updating my list of deals as i find them.
  • Question:-does tj maxx have black friday deals in 2011?

    Answer:-TJ Maxx will have black Friday on November 25th, 2011, the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Question:-Black Friday 2011 - Laptop Deals - Which one is better?
    Looking for a cheap laptop, that actually works pretty good (doesn't lag). Not much of a gamer. Just needing it for music (itunes), pictures and random stuff.

    Compaq Presario AMD Dual-Core 15.6" Laptop w/ 2GB, 250GB + Webcam - $198.00

    Lenovo 15.6" Laptop w/ 2GB RAM & 250GB HDD - $179.99

    Which one is better? If you know of any others that are going to be under $250, let me know :D Not looking for something with a big price tag since I don't get on much.


  • Question:-Tv Deals on black friday 2011?
    I want a tv that fits these specs
    sound can be absolute trash
    60f refresh rate (preferably 120)
    good contrast ratio

    I find this pretty standard but the most important is: $250-350; 42"; 1080p

  • Question:-Black Friday 2011 DSLRs?
    Can I expect good deals on Black Friday 2011? Preferably, Canon DSLRs?

    Answer:-Unlikely. The thailand floods put a dent in supply and the yen is rather strong
  • Question:-Any new's on Black Friday 2011?!?
    Super excited to find the deals for Black Friday 2011! I'm ready to see what will be on sale and how many good crazy deals are out there? Does anyone know when there will be a add leak? Any roomers going around of a crazy sale? I'm pumped about Black Friday! I Think i might be the only crazy one:)

    Answer:-I am so excited about black friday this year as well! It's my favorite holiday. Check out for the latest news. It's a great resource :)
  • Question:-Best DSLR camera deal this black friday? (2011)?
    I'm looking to get the Canon Rebel T3 and so far I think the best deal is $479 at walmart.. but will I find better deals if i wait? Thanks guys!


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