Monday, November 14, 2011

green bay packers

  • Question:-Can the 2010 Green Bay Packers make the playoffs even after their lost last night to the Patriots?
    They have the Giants and the Bears left. Giants are 9-5 while Green Bay is 8-6. If the Pack can beat the Giants and Bears then their record will be 10-6. If the Giants lose to Green Bay and win against Washington at home then they will have an identical record as the Packers. So do the Pack get in if they beat the Giants and have the same record?

    Answer:-Yes if the bears lose today the packers have a shot at the nfc north but they would still have to beat the bears on the final day and have the same record
    However for the wild card the saints will have the 5ths seed and the packers need to beat the giants and have the same record as the giants and bucs at the end of the season. Packer win out they will make the playoffs
  • Question:-Who agrees that the Green Bay Packers loss record is due to the absence of Brett Favre?
    Since the quarterback legend of the Green Bay Packers retired, don't you think that the Packers are sort of upsetting in this season? A 4-5 record is not very good for the Green Bay Packers, who had a final 13-3 record last season.

    Answer:-yea without him the packer is different
  • Question:-What is the best green bay packers super bowl game ever?
    I want to get my boyfriend a copy of the superbowl of a year when Green Bay Packers won? What is the best game played? IE: Most exciting, most memorable, etc. Any ideas? Also does anyone know where I can purchase copies of games online? In DVD form?

    Answer:-The Green Bay Packers- a complete history from NFL films. It covers all their Super Bowls from Lombardi to Holmgren,
  • Question:-Do the Green Bay Packers have the ability to go undefeated this season?
    Looking at the schedule, what is everyone's opinion on whether you think the Green Bay Packers can and will go undefeated this season.

    Answer:-They barely squeezed by the vikings. I think the Chargers will rip them apart at home in 2 weeks. Or if not, they will get destroyed in Detroit Thanksgiving.
  • Question:-Can the Green Bay Packers impose a big threat to the New England Patriots?
    The running game of the Green Bay Packers is more than alive now. Ryan Grant rushed for 201 yards on only 27 carry attempts against the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers also have a very solid defense to go along with their passing game as well.

    Answer:-Yes, the Packers are a HUGE threat. They are very young and inexperienced, but that might be a good thing. They are too raw to know that they are supposed to lose. Then of course there is Brett Favre - probably the greatest football player ever. Though well past prime, he is still capable of magic, and could have one of those games where he is just freaking unstoppable. In the Super Bowl, he could pull out all the stops and start running when needed and stuff like that. It all boils down to pass rush mainly though. If a team can get pressure on Brady with their front four, he is a very ordinary QB. If he has all day to throw like he has all season, the Pats are close to impossible to beat.
  • Question:-When was the last time that the Green Bay Packers were shut out at home?
    Yesterday, September 10th, 2006, the Chicago Bears defeated the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay by a score of 26 to 0. When was the last time prior to yesterday's game that the Packers scored 0 points at Lambeau?

    Answer:-1991 by the bears.
  • Question:-What will happen to the Green Bay Packers this postseason if they win?
    Green Bay Packers are my team, and I want to know what happens if they beat the Cardinals? Who will they play next then: Vikings or Saints?

    Answer:-Since it looks like the Cowboys will win then the Packers will play the Saints if they win.
  • Question:-Are the Green Bay Packers bad at recycling?
    I am told that this is the first year that the Green Bay Packers have recycled the tons and tons of plastic bottles from after each football game. It is about time in my opinion! But, I heard that they are now saying it is "too hard" and will not be doing it for playoff games. Any ideas for what I should do? I live in GB and to question the Packers is not allowed since they are GOD, and the media is afraid to ask them hard questions. Or is it no big deal to dump the plastic from a few games into the landfill?

    Answer:-No, but they did hand Detroit their hats.
  • Question:-Why do people make fun of the Green Bay Packers?
    I constantly hear jokes, from various tv shows, about the Green Bay Packers. I've never really understood why. Can someone please explain the origin of the Packers jokes.

    Note: I don't watch NFL; I thought of this after watching some tv shows.

    Answer:-Well they had a QB name Brett Favre a.k.a "Jesus", and he left them after playing they're for more than half of his career.
    And they wear huge cheese hats on their heads
    And they have a hard time figuring out why they're hot dogs and fries are cold 2 minutes into the game when it's -20 degrees F and snowing.
  • Question:-who do you think would win between the Green Bay Packers v Montreal Alouettes?
    Montreal Alouettes are CFL grey cup champions of 2010, while Green Bay Packers are NFL Super Bowl champions of 2011. Basically, I am asking which is better - the NFL or the CFL. I dont care about the glitz and the glamour of the NFL. All i am asking is if these 2 team played against each other with first and third quarter played using CFL rules and the second an the fourth quarter played using NFL rules, who would win.

    Answer:-Packers. The Canadian Football League can't compete with the NFL. RT

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