Monday, November 14, 2011

derek fisher

  • Question:-Derek Fisher?
    Should Derek Fisher act more like a point guard and try to get more assists instead of taking so many shots?

    Answer:-it's not his job to get a ton of assists, in the triangle anyone can get assists thats why Kobe, Odom, Pau avg around 4 assists a game. And now that Turiaf has been starting he is getting assists too thats just how the team works. Kobe and Odom are great ball handlers and work well gettin Dfish open for 3's in the corner.
  • Question:-Derek fisher?
    do you think that kobe will be happy now and will stay with the lakers now that derek is back on his team and help out?

    Answer:-Well kobe wanted j-kidd really badly so he should want derek fisher. he will be able dish the ball to kobe so he should be happy. But kobe is pretty selfish so he still wants out. But if he does not, he'll say to himself "well we did get derek back"
  • Question:-Is Derek Fisher to Kobe what Scottie Pippen was to Michael Jordan?
    I mean do you think Derek Fisher is Kobe's sidekick? Is he the reason Kobe has won 5 rings in the last 11 years? Without Derek Fisher would the Lakers still be a successful franchise?

    Answer:-A more accurate comparison for Fisher would be with John Paxson and/or Steve Kerr.
  • Question:-Who is the most valuable player on the Lakers, Andrew Bynum or Derek Fisher?
    RC Dude is right - Derek Fisher doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's one of the most underrated players in the game's history.

    Answer:-I'm a big Fisher fanatic. I think he's more valuable to the Lakers than anyone besides Bryant.

    He's the team leader. He's also the one that keeps Bryant in check as well.
  • Question:-Who is the most valuable player on the Lakers, Pau Gasol or Derek Fisher?
    RC Dude is right - Derek Fisher doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's one of the most underrated players in the game's history.

    Answer:-None. Kobe is.
  • Question:-Should Derek Fisher get all the credit for Kobe Bryant being the player he is today?
    Can I get a hell yeah!

    Derek Fisher was the only player who could put up with Kobes spoiled attitude in his younger days no one else on the Lakers liked him but Derek Fisher was willing to gain a friendship with Kobe and they won 5 rings together. Once Fisher left Kobe missed the playoffs followed by twice not being able to get out of the first round while Fisher led the Jazz to the Western Conference Finals. And suddenly Derek Fisher returns and the Lakers make the finals.

    Answer:-Game 3 NBA Finals... Kobe bryant - 10/29 FG - 29 pts

    Derrick Fisher saves the day by scoring the last 4 of 5 buckets. to seal the win. he had 16pts

    Doc rivers talking about Fisher on game 3 below

    Bryant had 25 points after three quarters, but he did not score for the first 10 minutes of the fourth. That’s when Fisher took over, hitting four out of five Lakers baskets to help them reclaim the home-court advantage they lost when the Celtics won Game 2 in L.A.

    “Derek Fisher was the difference in the game,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “He’s just a gutty, gritty player and he gutted the game out for them. I thought Kobe was struggling a little bit, and Fisher—he basically took the game over.
  • Question:-Did the Ref miss the called on the Derek Fisher jump shot?
    The ref missed the called, the Derek Fisher jump shot, right before the no called on Barry. Derek Jump shot clearly hit the rimp and the Lakers should have the clock reset but the ref missed and lead to the ref now famous no called on Barry 3 pointers. The game shoulda been over and then theirs no Barry attempting 3 pointers and no controversies. Did Derek Fisher hit the rimp?
    Thank you Chris your a smart man, that's what I'm asking not the Barry foul.

    Answer:-You guys are talking about the Brent Barry call, asker is asking about Derek fisher's shot that bounced off of Horry's knee and gave us the possession w/o a reset shotclock. No, it was not an airball and we should have had a full shotclock. You can clearly see the ball's trajectory changing from hitting the rim. If that had happened, the Brent Barry foul wouldn't have mattered.
  • Question:-How could Jazz fans be so insensitive to Derek Fisher?
    How could Jazz fans boo Derek Fisher after he helped them in that game last year when he flew from New York and played right after his daughter's surgery? His daughter was sick! Robert Horry left the Lakers and signed with the Spurs because he wanted to be closer to his family in Houston because his daughter is also very sick, but Laker fans never boo him when he plays against the Lakers, in fact they all cheer. Does anyone else think the Jazz fans are being disrespectful to someone who did his best to help his team when he played there?

    Answer:-NBA fans may not be aware of this but the Utah Jazz fans are one of the most harsh for opposing players. I think we stereotype people in Utah as all Mormons & they are very calm people. That's the total opposite when it comes to sports.
  • Question:-How many D-league pg's would be an upgrade over Derek Fisher?
    Derek Fisher has no excuse playing in the NBA; let alone playing for a proud franchise like the Lakers.

    Retire old man!
    Dimes- oh yeah, we should give D-Fish a lifetime contract for what he accomplished 3 years ago. Why not pull Robert Horry and Rick Fox out of retirement too?

    Answer:-Hey just watch some videos of fisher saving laker's sorry @ss from losing.
  • Question:-Is Derek Fisher doing anything significant for the Lakers?
    wellllll, derek fisher's a great point guard. he has a high basketball I.Q.. but it seems to me like he's kinda getting old. hes not shooting much, he's not passing a lot, and he cant seem to keep up with the faster guys.

    just want your guy's opinions on this.

    Answer:-Is Derek Fisher doing anything significant for the Lakers.???.!!!!

    ARE YOU KIDDING.???? How could you say that.???

    Derek Fisher is the 2nd leader behind Kobe and the "GLUE" of the team.!!!!!


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