Monday, November 14, 2011

chelsea clinton

  • Question:-Chelsea Clinton?
    I am out of town on business today and got to meet and hear Chelsea Clinton speak....whatever you think about her parents I found her to be a very bright, and someone I would like to get to know....What do you think of Chelsea Clinton?

    Answer:-I agree with you having heard her speak as well. I think if she so chooses she would have a brilliant career in politics.
  • Question:-How old was Chelsea Clinton when her Daddy made his famous stain?
    Now that the constant attention to Sarah Palin's children and their sexual activity has made family fair game in political discussions...

    Do you think Chelsea was old enough to understand what Daddy actually did with a woman who wasn't Mommy?

    How do you think this affected Chelsea, to know what Daddy did? And I mean, by then she was actually old enough to really understand what Daddy was doing to that woman.

    Did Bill Clinton just forget that he was a parent while he was making that stain? Didn't he realize what effect that can have on his children?

    Answer:-Well there is a huge difference, one committed adultery on numerous occasions and the other was a 17 year old teenager having sex (as most do)

    I dont like to hyperfocus on politicians sex lives, but yeah if we are comparing there is a glaring difference I would say.
  • Question:-How should CNN respond to the comment by MSNBC about Chelsea Clinton?
    The media should think before speaking. Every candidate wants to win, especially when an investment like Senator Clinton's has been deposited into the race. She wants a powerful chance to be elected, and the media should stop lurking and do some real work. Chelsea could be a bridge to young women. I'm a Democrat who is withholding a preference for November's election. May the best progressive win!

    Answer:-Shame on MSNBC! They have issued multiple apologizies to the Clintons since this comment was made. But it's been there all along - they (MSNBC) are using their influence, "the old boys" network, anti-Clinton/pro-Obama from Day One.

    The job of the media is to report, not spin, not sell us candidates, and not to insult their children.

    I will no longer watch MSNBC ever again, really. I've had it with them.

    I will vote for Hillary this November because I don't Oprah, MSNBC, or anyone else in the media to make my choice for me.
  • Question:-Why is Chelsea Cliton going to get married to a Jewish person if Chelsea Clinton is a Christan?
    Wouldn't she be happier if she gets married to a Christan?
    I thought mixed Marriages (If the Husband & Wife both have different religions) don't usually work out.
    How will they raise their children? Will their children be Jewish or Christan?

    Chelsea Cliton - Former USA President Bill Clinton's daughter

    Answer:-Because she is a dumb kike lovin race traitor!
  • Question:-Is Chelsea Clinton the Dick Cheney of the family?
    Remember how Dick Cheney profitted from Halibuton, the contracter in Iraq?
    How about Chelsea Clinton buying up foreclosed homes that people are losing in the mortgage meltdown and profitting from it?
    Chelsea works at a hedge fund that specializes in buying distressed properties, then reselling them for a profit.
    Is Chelsea the Dick Cheney of the family?
    Clinton is not generally known as having profitted from Haliburtton stock, like Cheney.

    Answer:-Funny , Great slam ! No body should be compared to Cheney .
  • Question:-chelsea clinton?

    Answer:-is bill clintons daughter?
  • Question:-When Will Chelsea Clinton Be Coming To Simon Kenton High School?
    I heard from a friend of mine that Chelsea Clinton was coming to Simon Kenton. I've looked everywhere for a date, does anyone know when Chelsea or Hillary will be visiting the Northern Kentucky area next?

    Answer:-They are late because they are dodging sniper fire.
  • Question:-Is it just me or does anyone else think that Chelsea Clinton`s wedding is annoying?
    I mean it is all over the magazines and frankly Chelsea is not pretty. I understand she the daughter of bill and hillary clinton but still her wedding is overrated and she not even a real celebrity.

    Answer:-I agree all the way. I live in california and i see her wedding posted all over magazines. I dont think you are jealous, im glad you put that out there.
  • Question:-Does McCain apology for savaging 13 year old Chelsea Clinton make it OK?
    Back in the early 90's the Republicans has no problem attacking the children of Democratic officials. Does McCain's apology for telling the joke: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Her father is Janet Reno"

    Does McCAin apologizing for what he said make it OK for him to be "outraged" at question concerning his un-vetted VP pick?

    Answer:-No it doesnt make it ok. Why would a grown man say something so immature about a child? That should let people know what type f person he really is. John McCain is a pervert and a disgrace to this country. Who cares if he's a "war hero?".... So is my mentally retarded cousin, but should he be president? Heck No!
  • Question:-Chelsea Clinton spent 3 Million Dollars in her wedding. You dont even have money to pay your mortgage. Fair?
    Chelsea Clinton spent 3 Million Dollars in her wedding. You dont even have money to pay your mortgage. Is this fair? Is this moral?


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