Monday, November 21, 2011


  • Question:-Cutler????
    Safe to start jay cutler in my fantasy league this week? Or pick up Anderson, who plays miami

    Answer:-Cutler has a bad matchup against Pittsburgh in Week 7.

    Cleveland is on a bye, so you'll have to play Cutler or scrounge on the waiver wire.
  • Question:-Why do the Denver Broncos want to get rid of Jay Cutler?
    Im sorry but i have not been paying that much attention to the NFL during this off-season. But why am i hearing that the broncos want to trade for Cutler?

    I know they didn't make the playoffs this year, but in spite of an below average season, cutler definitely showed promised. Maybe he's not kissing enough ass.

    Answer:-Cutler has been demanding a trade before this Cassel stuff. Better to have a decent QB than a potentially* greatone who is so unhappy you wonderif that is why he is not reaching his potential.

    *Even happy he has not reached that potential Mel Kiper talked of.
  • Question:-How does Jay Cutler play so well behind such a terrible offensive line and with a bad offense?
    Let's face it the way he played last night was the only reason why the Bears were able to hang in there with the Lions last night. If he had a better o-line and some weapons he'd probably be even better and maybe so would the Bears. Jay Cutler has sort of earned my respect a bit because of that. *Tips my hat off to the guy*.

    Answer:-He earned respect from me as well. He's a lot better than most people give him credit for.
  • Question:-How much are Cutler desks generally worth?
    I bought a desk from a Habitat Restore and would like to get more information about it. Inside the drawers it says Cutler Desk Co. Buffalo New York. I've tried to find information online and the only results I get are for roll top desks and it is not a roll top. I think it is what you would call an executive style desk with a leather top.

    Answer:-Try Google.
  • Question:-What would happen if I wore a Jay Cutler jersey to a Broncos game at Arrowhead?
    I might be going to a Chiefs game at Arrowhead and they are Playing the Broncos. I still have my Jay Cutler Bronco jersey and I want to wear it to the game because he is my favorite quarterback.
    Would I get yelled at or threatened by other fans?

    Answer:-Chiefs fans will find it funny.
    A true Broncos fan should burn his Cutler jersey.
  • Question:-Was Jay Cutler actually a bright light in the dark forest that is the Chicago Bears?
    Lets face it, the Bears suck and they proved it last night. But I have a new found respect for Jay Cutler. He is definately not the problem in Chicago. That Offensive Line is the biggest problem. Jay Cutler and Matt Forte are the only good things going for that offense.

    Answer:-Cutler's always been great, no question, just ask Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal. The problem has always been the garbage they surrounded him with, everyone expected him to put up 4,000 yards with an over the hill Desmond Clark and a rookie Greg Olson + no pass protection.
  • Question:-who should I start this week for fantasy football? Jay cutler vs the seahawks OR brett favre vs. the cowboys?
    Which matchup is better? Favre played well last week and if it was not for CB cromartie shadowing moss all last game and some errant throws to Harvin, favre could have had a huge week 5. Cutler is playing against one of the worst pass defenses. This is a tough one. Let me know what you all think.

    Answer:-Only six teams have allowed more fantasy points to QBs than the Seahawks. The Seahawks usually do not play well on the road. Farve had a decent 2nd half last week, but played poorly in the 1st half. You said it yourself - Farve could have had a huge game - he didn't and it wasn't due to drops, but errant passes which is a trend this season. Favre is hurt and there's a chance he won't even play this week (elbow). I would go with Cutler.
  • Question:-Who agrees with me that Jay Cutler could outgun anybody in the league?
    I believe Jay Cutler is a tremendous talent. One bad season does not mean he is a bad quarterback. Put ANY other qb in his position and watch them struggle.

    Answer:-LMAO!!! "One bad season"???? The kid has not had a winning record since HIGH SCHOOL!!! Look that stat up.
  • Question:-Is Cutler that most worst decision making qb in the nfl presently? What do you think about the game?
    Cutler is getting time in the pocket but he's making stupid decisions. He's throwing into double or triple coverage. It's a sleeper!
    his arm isn't as strong and precise as Favre so he can't really afford to make tight passes in those little openings.

    Answer:-He's so overrated it's pathetic. He has NEVER played on a winning team. And his body language is atrocious. He couldn't lead a flock of flies to a pile of dogcrap.
  • Question:-What do you think about the Cutler for Orton trade the Denver Broncos made?
    Do you think this trade will be McDaniel's undoing or make him worth praising? In my own opinion, I have hated watching Cutler ever since he took over as starting QB. I have always thought he was like one of those people who always blame someone else for the problems that they are making.

    Answer:-stupidest trade ever

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