Monday, November 14, 2011

matt kemp

  • Question:-Who do you think is a bigger idiot Matt Kemp of the Dodgers or Jose Reyes of the Mets?
    As a Mets fan, I can honestly say, that Reyes needs to go. Even though, he is maturing, he is still a idiot, and makes dom plays. Matt Kemp, does not play hard at all, refuses to get his uniform dirty and always strikes out with men on base.

    Answer:-Kemp is having a bad year,happens.So I guess that leaves Reyes being the idiot.
  • Question:-Who do u think will get inducted into hall of fame first Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp?
    both Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are awesome hitters and great fielders w canon arms. their numbers r close.
    Ethier is batting .366 and obp is .433 26 RBIs
    Kemp is .295 (w Manny out) and obp is .357 20 RBIs

    both earned a silver slugger.

    in time who do u think will make the Hall of Fame first?

    Answer:-Matt Kemp has the better chance at making the Hall.
  • Question:-Matt Kemp?
    is this guy for real batting 371 6 hrs 23's and 3 sb in 116 ab's?

    will this guy keep it up and be like a hunter pence i kno he wont keep that avg that high whats his projections? the only reason im asking bc idk wanna pick this guy up and have him stuggle and then i loose a week! lol bc hunters hurt on my team and i need a utill !
    if not should i go after Billy Butler instead of Kent?

    plz + thx

    Answer:-sure kemps for real. i had him for a brief period last season. I think he needs a little more time. Id opt for billy butler right now. Hes going to get alot of time with mike sweeney out of the lineup until late august! hes a run producer and scores runs. his .331 is high, but .300 is a sure shot. dont expect pence #'s from him though :)
  • Question:-Who shoudl i get in salary cap fantasy baseball? Matt Kemp or Hunter Pence?
    I know Matt Kemp is having a much better season than Hunter Pence but i play salary cap fantasy baseball so you are supposed to take the player who has been hot lately. Phillies are 11-1 since Hunter Pence arrived. So who should I get?

    Answer:-Salary cap baseball... so each player has a salary... and you put together your whole team... so you are really going to ask us which guy to take without telling us their prices and the price for the whole team? Isn't the price the #1 factor to consider?

    The Phillies are 11-1 since he arrived? You get points for how often the team wins?
  • Question:-Fantasy Baseball: Should I start Carlos Delgado, Jeremy Hermida, or Matt Kemp?
    I'm thinking of starting either Carlos Delgado, Jeremy Hermida, or Matt Kemp as my DH in my fantasy baseball league. What do you guys think? Which one should I use this week?

    Answer:-kemp or hermida.

    delgado has been playing like garbage since last year.
    kemp doesn't play everyday with the crowded outfield in LA.

    i'd put hermida in
  • Question:-Why do the Dodgers bat Matt Kemp 2nd in the lineup?
    Doesnt make very much sense, Why would you bat Matt Kemp 2nd in the lineup instead of Ethier or someone who could consistantly get on base.

    Answer:-Kemp struggled down the stretch and during his brief career has not fared well in the usual "cleanup" spots...At this point it's probably a mental thing, but when he's in the traditional "power" spots (3, 4 & 5) Kemp tends to over-swing and loses his plate discipline.

    Statistically, the #2 spot sees the most fastballs because a) it makes it more difficult for the leadoff man to steal after he gets on and b) because the pitcher doesn't want to walk the #2 guy in front of the 3 & 4 hitters. Because of this, the #2 slot is an ideal place to put a good fastball hitter who has been struggling.

    Tonight it worked perfectly. Furcal got on and with Ethier and Manny hitting behind him, Kemp expected the first pitch fastball. He got it and BOOM...2-run lead.
  • Question:-Has Matt Kemp overtaken Carlos Beltran as the best offensive & defensive CF in MLB?
    Beltran was a perennial gold glove & silver bat winner..
    This year Matt kemp will win those awards. Is he officially the best centerfielder in MLB?
    Or will Beltran get back his gold glove & silver bat next year?

    Answer:-Matt Kemp has made a name for himself as one of the best CF's in the game.

    25 HR
    35 SB
    .307 BA
    .360 OBP
    95 RBI
    13 outfield assits

    The guy is a monster....AND HES ONLY 24!!!!

    If you ask any GM in the league every one would want Matt Kemp in CF starting for their team. Hes a great player and hes still got potential. Torii Hunter is no even close to being as good as Matt Kemp. Torii is still a great defender but Kemp is faster and has a way better arm. Not to say Torii sucks but Kemp is better. Its just Torii is getting older.

    He has surpassed Carlos Beltran as the best center fielder in the league by default. But if Beltran has played healthy this year Matt Kemp would be right there with him.

    You still have to give credit where credit is due and Matt Kemp with the numbers hes putting up deserves every bit of it.
  • Question:-why is Andruw Jones starting over Matt Kemp?
    their is not a bad ball in this world Andruw Jones Doesn't like. Matt Kemp is much better right now.

    Answer:-about 36.2 million reasons over the next two years lol
  • Question:-Can you compare Matt Kemp to Carlos Beltran early in his career.?
    Matt kemp is a great runner (34 stolen bases), 25 home runs with 95 RBI, he is batting .307 and is one of the best CF in the league if not the best. Isnt that what Carlos Beltran did when he was with the with Royals. All I hope is that Kemp does not get injured.

    Answer:-At age 25, Carlos had slightly better stats except his BA was lower.

    But yes, Matt Kemp compares very well to Carlos Beltran.
  • Question:-Why do people continue to think Matt Kemp should win MVP over Ryan Braun?
    MVP = Most Valuable Player. You can't be much value if your team doesn't win and also its a lot easier to hit when you have no pressure seeing Kemp hasn't played in a meaningful game in over a month. Braun MVP!

    Answer:-Intentional Walks = Pitchers Respect

    Kemp - Intentional walks - 24 - ranked 2nd
    Braun - Intentional walks - 2 - not even ranked

    enough said

    **seriously chip ------- YAWN

    I just looked it up they the ML Pitchers rather pitch to Braun then his own teammate Fielder who has 32 Intentional Walks and leads the league.

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