Tuesday, November 15, 2011

elisabeth hasselbeck

  • Question:-Elisabeth Hasselbeck.....?
    What do you people think about proud republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck?? She is on the show "The View"....To me it seems as if she is only one sided and doesn't try to see things from other peoples perspectives...

    Answer:-Most annoying person on TV I hate her.......................
  • Question:-Does anyone know what type of dress or design that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was inspired for her wedding dress?
    I saw a picture of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's dress on "The View," and I am totally in love with the design. However, I do not know how to search for a similar design or what era it is exactly inspired from. It seems vintage. Could anyone provide some insight?

    Answer:-I've searched on the internet for a picture of her dress and can't find one. If you could show me a picture I'd be glad to help!
  • Question:-Why did Elisabeth Hasselbeck say she was angry at Bill Maher on today's show?
    I just caught the tail wind of a discussion where Elisabeth Hasselbeck was complaining about Bill Maher. Whoopi asked her if he hurt her feelings and she said something about him not being a real man. Anyone know what Bill Maher said about her?

    Answer:-Maher was commenting on the release of a female journalist and said something about the U.S. agreeing to trade her for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It was a pretty harmless joke on Maher's part. He's known for being politically incorrect. And it wasn't particularly offensive. It was kind of funny. But Elisabeth decided to use The View as a platform to scold Maher for using her as the punchline for the joke. She kept calling him Billy Boy and it was pretty juvenile of Hasselback. She should have prepared something more substantive because she came off as someone who had their feelings hurt and very child like. Lizzie has been called far worse, and if anything she made a very insignificant incident significant and given Maher another opportunity to make fun of her. It will no doubt go viral on YouTube. Lizzie definitely didn't think this one out. Joy was more or less defending Maher, saying it's just his humor. And Whoppi, who is friends with Maher, was noticeably quiet. Even Barbara Walters seemed confused as to why Elisabeth was making an issue of this. Elizabeth came off like a spoiled second grader.
  • Question:-Name of the baby formula brand that Elisabeth Hasselbeck endorsed?
    Okay I can't remember the name of the brand of baby formula that Elisabeth Hasselbeck endorsed, does anyone know? I don't care about the fact that she endorsed it but I used it when I had my first baby and I need to supplement with my second child and I really would like to use that formula again. If you know thanks so much!!!

    Answer:-Just one more thing wrong with the women of "the View"
  • Question:-Why does Elisabeth Hasselbeck get under people's skin?
    Sometimes she says some things that can really gets people worked up. Why does Elisabeth Hasselbeck bother people?

    Answer:-Because she appears to be kind and intelligent but is obviously a person of wealth and privilege and no insight into the realities of 90 % of those who watch The View. She is also just one of those 'girls' that were pretty and popular, dated the football star...and in her case married one and has an underlying irritating quality - just like Kathy Lee Gifford. We all knew the ''fakey' girls and unless you are also one of them..usually you don't like them very much. See also those blond boobies on Fox...easy to dislike them for what they represent.
  • Question:-What do you think of Elisabeth Hasselbeck of the View?
    I totally agree that you should have an opinion and speak your thoughts, but man she can't give credit where credit is due! I've been watching and the other ladies seem to have no problem with giving Both candidates credit or a diss. Why can't Hasselbeck?

    Answer:-I think because she is automatically on the defensive. She doesn't have anyone to identify with on the show. She has said some pretty crazy things, but she is just trying to be the voice for her party.
  • Question:-Elisabeth Hasselbeck Upset with The View - Will She Quit?
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck has become more and more annoyed with her co-hosts on ABC's The View. Hasselbeck is the only republican on The View panel and has faced harsh criticism for her opinions on politics and the presidential election. Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck be the next Rosie O' Donnell and leave The View?

    Pick one.....

    1.No Hasselback can take criticism
    2.Yes, its to much pressure for Hasselback
    3.I think Hasselback will

    which one?

    Answer:-1.No Hasselback can take criticism

    I think its unfair how they set up the cast.
  • Question:-If you had to choose between Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Rosie O'Donnell to be our next president, who would it be?
    I would choose Elisabeth, because at least she loves this country.Lol how about you?

    Answer:-Rosie O'Donnell, hands down!!!

    We would not only be cared for as a country, but we would have so much fun!!!
  • Question:-I want to marry Elisabeth Hasselbeck. How do I go about this since she is already married?
    I don't wanna, you know, infringe upon her marriage to Tim or anything but we are clearly destined to be together.

    Answer:-Expose yourself to the nation. That'll ger her attention.
  • Question:-Do you think Elisabeth Hasselbeck herself will seek political office someday?
    I mean, I don't really agree with a lot of her socially-conservative viewpoints, but I could see her running for Congress or something someday. What do you think? After her stump speech for McCain/Palin I'm sure anything's possible!

    Answer:-that would be sad, i liked elizabeth on survivor, i enjoy watching there fights on the view,i don't think she's a bad person but when it comes to politics she can't make her own decisions. I mean I don't think she even cares about what john mccain's policy's are, because he's a republican she will vote for him, if he supports sarah paulin she will. if john mccain called someone a faggot, she would find a way to defend him, or she would say everyone makes mistakes. The poor girl is totally brainwashed in my opinion.

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