Monday, November 14, 2011

aaron rodgers

  • Question:-How much is an Aaron Rodgers autographed rookie card worth?
    I was at a little antique store in Wisconsin the other day, and they have a blue-ink rookie card of Aaron Rodgers in his greenbay packer uniform. The card is certified authentic and they are asking for $200.00 for it. I don't recall what card brand it was, maybe Topps but I could be wrong.

    What is today's market value on an autographed Aaron Rodgers rookie card? What would you estimate roughly the value being if he made the hall of fame one day? Thanks for the info, just trying to see if this is worth investing in.

    Answer:-Try looking on Ebay for comparables or contact a sports memorabilia shop & have them look it up for you..
  • Question:-Aaron Rodgers?
    SI magazine asked Rodgers “whether he feels pressure to connect with the fans the way Favre did."
    “I don’t feel I need to sell myself to the fans,” Rodgers responded. “They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut.” QB of the future? I hope not.
    Voice your opinion here and at

    Answer:-Thank Ted Thompson. I wonder if he will be employed after this season........

    Politics of the situation aside if Green Bay wants to be a contender this year it's going to have to be Favre at the QB controls.
  • Question:-What do you think about Aaron Rodgers demand to be traded to the Miami Dolphins?
    ESPN's First Take has just reported that Aaron Rodgers went into GM Ted Thompson's office and demanded that he be traded to the Miami Dolphins. Rodgers is apparently sick of all the drama that surrounds Brett Favre and believes he should display his talents with another team. Thompson has given him permission to orchestrate a trade with the Dolphins within a 72-hour window. Dolphins VP of Operations Bill Parcells is willing to deal QB John Beck and a 5th round draft pick for Rodgers.. Would this be a good deal for the Dolphins??

    Answer:-Where's your link? Not true, not going to happen. Rodgers is in Green Bay for the long haul - 6 year $65 million contract.

    Way to stir the pot - Go Packers!
  • Question:-How will Aaron Rodgers feel if you know who comes back and the Vikes whoop the Pack twice?
    Aaron Rodgers will never be half the QB as his predecessor.

    I think it will be pretty funny.

    Answer:-It's no problem for Rodgers, but I hope it makes evil Ted Thompson get fired!

    The guy above me (the former Palindro) is a famous Favre-hater. Take anything he says with a grain of salt.
  • Question:-should I start tim tebow or aaron rodgers week 16?
    Aaron rodgers is returning from a concussion and Tim Tebow had a good game last week.

    Answer:-what????A top 5 qb or one of the worst qb's in the league?Rodgers of course.
  • Question:-Fantasy Football Q: Should I start Aaron Rodgers or Matt Hasselbeck?
    Normally this would be an easy question, but Aaron Rodgers is playing against a tough Chicago defense, and Matt Hasselbeck is at home to the Rams. Who do you think is the better play?

    P.S. It's a Yahoo, standard scoring league.

    Answer:-Rodgers for sure. Chicago's D ain't what it used to be and i don't care who hasselback is playing he'll prob get injured.
  • Question:-Should I start Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers Week 3 fantasy?
    Aaron Rodgers plays the Bears, Cam plays the Jags. Ive been starting Rodgers every week but Cam has been more efficient.

    Answer:-I have the same decision having picked up Newton off waivers. The other comments are based on general rules about "must-start" players, and rookie mistakes, but we're talking fantasy match-ups here, not winning football games. Newton may cool off some, but he's learning a lot in a hurry and he outscored our Rodgers in each of the first two weeks with less favorable match-ups than what we've got in week 3. Look at AR's numbers against the Bears in recent games: okay but below his usual output. What logic says the Jag's secondary will do a superior job to what Green Bay and Arizona did against Newton, picks and all. If Newton runs for one touchdown, that offsets 2-3 picks in a damn hurry. Hell, one twenty yard scramble erases two picks.
  • Question:-Is it possible that Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL?
    Everyone says Manning, Brady, and Brees are better, but Aaron Rodgers seems to be on top of his game and his team beat 4 of the best teams in the NFL to win the Super Bowl last season. If Green Bay gets their running game going in 2011 I don't see anyone beating them. I am a Falcon fan and I think Matt Ryan may become the best one day, but I think it is Rodgers now.

    Answer:-Rodgers actually has the highest career passer rating of all time. He needs to continue being excellent for a while though before he can legitimately be compared to Manning or Brady. I personally don't think he'll ever be as good as Manning though because Manning doesn't just execute plays but calls his own as well and can read defenses better than anyone. That's actually why I kind of have mixed feelings about Brady too. He can execute plays very well but just doesn't have the deep understanding of the game like Manning. Rodgers actually does seem to have a really deep understanding of it but idk. Like I said - time will tell. He could definitely become the best to play the position but I'll believe it only if he keeps it up.

    BTW I am probably biased because I'm a Colts fan but I wouldn't deny solid proof if he did end up better than Manning one day.
  • Question:-Should I start Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers this week for fantasy football?
    Tom Brady vs. Tennessee
    Aaron Rodgers vs. Detroit
    I know this season Rodgers has had the slight edge over Brady but tradtionally Brady has been the better quarterback and this week Rodgers is going up against a terrible Detroit defense, there's only one defense worse at defending the pass, and that's the Titans. And guess who's playing the Titans this week, it's Brady.

    Answer:-Rodgers against a terrible DET defense. Brady is always a good start but he needs to step it up.
  • Question:-Do you think Aaron Rodgers in his prime can become as good or better than Brady?
    I would say yes because in the 3 rings Brady won he managed the game as opposed to win the Super Bowl (such as Manning did in 06 and Brees did in 2010).

    I think that the Packers could win the Super Bowl and Aaron Rodgers is clearly carrying that team. Unlike Brady or Manning Rodgers can buy time out of the pocket and make plays.

    Answer:-yes he can because he can throw and run.

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