Tuesday, November 15, 2011

zuccotti park

  • Question:-How will the "Destroy Zuccotti Park" protestors deal with their eviction?
    “Hundreds of phone calls and emails” from locals complaining about "lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use, the lack of safe access to and usage of the Park, ongoing noise at all hours, unsanitary conditions and offensive odors,” NBC New York reports.

    Real classy LOL!

    Answer:-If the city throws them out there will be mass arrests. I guess 800+ isn't enough for them.
  • Question:-How would America ever survive if Zuccotti Park was destroyed by terrorists?
    just think, tens of hundreds of the USA's best and brightest liberals....taken from us in a flash

    we might never know the next installment of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

    this is a fate too terrible to ponder

    Answer:-John Lennon's song "Imagine" could be adapted to say "Imagine there are no liberals. They were blown up in the end."
  • Question:-Can the owner of Zuccotti Park make the Occupy Wall Street protesters leave?
    I hope not; but if it is privately owned, isn't it up to the owner?

    Answer:-Yes, but they don't want to anger the 95% who are so rich that they live in mansions worth from $500,000 to several million dollars.
  • Question:-How do I get a reservation to camp in Zuccotti Park in my RV with 100 of my closest?
    53 percenters who pay taxes? Did I mention that I want police protection too?

    Answer:-I don't think they are taking reservations. I am sure you would be welcome because these protesters are so on track with there message they surely would welcome you. As for police protection I would hire my own. Then when you are there be sure and wear masks, TB is real bad there. Also wash your RV real good when leaving to get the fecal matter,old food and piss of your tires.
    Good luck and represent me also!!
  • Question:-should they build permenatant settlements in Zuccotti park?
    with winter almost here and the weather getting very cold, should the OWS protesters in zuccotti park build permanent brick and malter settlements with indoor plumbing and stay there forever and be real squatters and work towards stealing the park for themselves and take it as there own as a right. all they need is your donations to make there dream home and job a reality.
    GmK - Respawned: thanks, i didn't know they were protesting against 0bama failed polices on my behalf

    Answer:-No but they are out there doing this for you and the rest of us (unless of course you or your daddy is one of those bankers who they are protesting about which I doubt) therefore we should give them the support they deserve.
    Looks like it's coming to a head in NY for the protesters. Should they disband and go or stay and hold their ground? Looks like their time may be up.

    Answer:-You bet right after they clean up their mess !!
  • Question:-How would you assess Mayor Michael Bloomberg's handling of the OWS situation in Zuccotti Park?
    Is he doing a good job?

  • Question:-Anyone besides my brother sending the homeless to Zuccotti park. Even hot rice and such sounds good to a?
    hungry person. Why do those dilettantes refuse to feed the needy, I thought they believed in SOCIALISM?

    Answer:-great idea, I have a cousin who lives near Central Park. emailed him this idea.
  • Question:-If the terrorists targeted Zuccotti Park next would that hamstring our nation / bring us to our knees?
    why or why not?

    Answer:-No it would just rid the park of the smelly unbathed unshaven scumbag liberals wanting a free ride in life
  • Question:-now that we seen zuccotti park and the other Occupy protest sites can we agree that?
    crime and liberals go hand in hand together and there is no more doubt why crime is so high in the blue states.


    The Tea Partiers are peaceful, law abiding, patriotic Americans.

    OWS protesters are bums, low lives, homeless people, anti-Americans, and criminals.
    OWS crimes, endorsements, and anti-American behavior:
    - Endorsed by Communist party
    - Endorsed by Nazi Party
    - Endorsed by socialist parties
    - Endorsed by Obama
    - Endorsed by Democratic party
    - Anti-semetism
    - Assaults
    - Causing job loss
    - Rapes
    - Attacking police
    - Defecating on police cars
    - Urinating on police cars
    - 1 death (so far)
    - Desecrating war memorials
    - Illegal drugs use in public in front of children
    - Sex in public
    - Flag desecration
    - Cause of job loses
    - Mindless chanting
    - Prostitution
    - Racism
    - Theft
    - Vandalism

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