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kentucky basketball

  • Question:-Kentucky Basketball?
    I am a fan of UK basketball and yes I am well aware that they are having a very poor season compared to their standards.

    Do you think Gillespie was the right choice?
    Do you think they will get better next season? I know they are losing Bradley and Crawford, but do they have a good recruiting class coming in to support Patterson?

    Answer:-They will be okay under Gillespie just give him some time. As long as Patterson comes back next year they will be much improved. He has potential to be a very good player.
  • Question:-What do you think about Kentucky College Basketball?
    I am a huge Kentucky Basketball fan. I always hear about how people think our fans are crazy. I was wondering how outsiders (not fans) feel about Kentucky Basketball and our fans?

    Answer:-Im a Duke fan and I think they are a really solid team this season despite how young they are....Im thinking they should win rather easily at the Garden tonight against Uconn
  • Question:-Im a huge University of Kentucky Basketball fan. Live out of state right now? How can i watch the games?
    I grew up in Kentucky and love Kentucky basketball just like everyone else in Kentucky. I'm currently at college in Oklahoma and desperately want to see some UK games. Is it possible for me to physically watch the games from here, or will I have to settle for getting score updates on espn?

    Answer:-Hey there fellow Cat fan! I know how you feel. I have to watch a lot of games online that aren't broadcast nationally, because the cable system I have here in North Carolina doesn't always have some of the regionally broadcast games. I also went through the same thing when I was in the Army in the early-mid nineties. Unfortunately, the only option I had then was radio and telephone, because the internet wasn't even remotely as evolved as it is now.

    Anywho...enough babble. I can offer you peace of mind. There is NEVER a reason to miss ANY KENTUCKY FOOTBALL OR BASKETBALL GAME if you have access to a broadband internet connection. Simply remember the following:

    1-A gentleman who goes by the moniker of 'BWO' (which stands for Blue World Order :P) has his own channel at justin.tv and he streams each and every UK game via the net. His channel is at http://www.justin.tv/funchester (funchester is another alias of his. Not sure what the fun stands for, but he's a cool guy from Winchester, so that's where the chester part comes in.)

    2-If, for some reason, BWO's stream isn't up (won't happen often as he hasn't missed a game in two years now), simply go to http://www.catspause.com and click on the 'Rupp's Rafters' forum. There are always threads before each and every game that discuss where to find online streams for the upcoming contest. Usually the threads always have people directing everyone to BWO's stream at justin.tv, but if his stream isn't up, they'll surely be giving out other directions.

    Follow those two pointers and you'll be able to watch every game Calipari's Cats play this season. As an aside, before I was able to begin watching all of the games, I would always listen to Tom Leach's radio call of the games via UK's free audio through Yahoo! Sports. Go to the team page there and click on "listen live" and you can catch free audio of every game, as well as the other radio shows like the weekly call-in and coaches shows. Yahoo charges for the audio service for a lot of schools games, but Kentucky's are ALWAYS FREE and I don't know about you, but if I can't watch the game, I'd at least be happy to listen live. :)

    P.S. I almost forgot, another place that usually has someone streaming UK games is channelsurfing.net. Going there and searching for "Kentucky" or "UK" at gametime, will almost always bring up a stream or two (or three). I doubt you'll need it, but just wanted to share it, because I know it's a good link. [Unlike some of the others that have been given to you in other answers here. Stay away from those espn.tk sites or whatever. They're bogus and I can't begin to imagine what they might try to do to your computer.

    Sorry for rambling. Hope all of this helps. Take care, friend!
  • Question:-How can Kentucky basketball fans be proud of their team?
    \Why isn’t any sports writer/announcer talking about how weird it is that Kentucky got so much talent? They make constant in comparisons to the fab 5, yet ignore the sanctions Michigan got. Anyways I rather am a fan of Lehigh, knowing that things were being done the right way, than cheating and winning.
    Charma is a B****. Young talent just got Kentucky a technical.

  • Question:-Is Kentucky basketball a 1 year prep school leading to the NBA?
    Man, Kentucky has landed SOOO many recruits for next year and even the year after! They have some of the top recruits who are juniors in high school! 4 of their freshmen this year left for the NBA draft and a junior also left early. What do you think of this? What about John Calipari? What about the 1 and done rule from the NBA?

    Answer:-Yeah they do a good job of recruiting. But unfortunately they never win championships.
  • Question:-Is it impossible for Florida fans to view Kentucky Basketball accurately when competing for a coach?
    Every forum you read and even yahoo answers Florida fans comment that everything Kentucky basketball accomplished was "50 years ago." Is it really that difficult to do a little research before opening your mouth? For example, Florida has done a sensational job the last few years and repeating as national champs would be something to be proud of... but remember 1996-1998? If it wern't for the terrific guard play of Mike Bibby, ACL injury of Derek Anderson and a close overtime period in 1997, Kentucky would have had 3 consecutive NCAA championships. But yet 1998 is seen as "50 years ago." Even more recently was in 2002-2003 when Kentucky was undefeated in the SEC and held a #1 ranking, falling just short of a final four due to a Marquette team lead by Dewayne Wade. As recently as 2005 KY has fallen just short of the final four by Michigan St by 2 overtimes. No doubt Kentucky hasn't lived up to their potential the last two years, but it hasn't exactly been a "50 year" slide either.

    Answer:-While I do think Donovan should stay at Florida, I agree with what you're saying. People who say Kentucky is a crap job to take based on the past season or two is an idiot and knows absolutely jack about NCAA basketball.

    When you think of schools that embody what college basketball (the entire legacy of the game...not just the media-hype fueled past decade or so) you think of a certain few teams. UCLA, UNC, and Kentucky. Being coach at Kentucky would be taking the reigns at a legendary school in the history of the game.

    That would come with drawbacks of course, not the least of which being the crack-smoking fans UK has. But it's still Kentucky. Nuff said.
  • Question:-Rude to wait for Kentucky basketball players so that I can get an autograph?
    I am going down to Lexington to watch my Wildcats play next month and I would love nothing more than to get an autograph or maybe have my picture taken with some of the UK basketball players! Would it be rude or impolite to wait for them after the game and ask for an autograph and picture?

    Answer:-no cuz its your dream to get it so just tell them your a huge fan and it would mean alot to get a picture or an autograph
  • Question:-Why does the University of Kentucky Basketball team suck this year?
    I am a Kentucky fan since the womb but is it just me or is Gillespie about to drive nails into the coffin he just built for us?

    Answer:-I live in KY, you know as well as me......they have good players...2 All-Americans.......Crawford and Patterson....They should be winning.
    The only ones who should be blamed is the fans, they wished and wished for tubby to leave. They got there wish, now there wishing they still had him. Careful what you wish for.

    But hes no coach, how can you not start your best scorer, Crawford......Hes killing his confidence......He dont really care, hes got the best coaching job in America. And hes safe, did you know his best friend hired him as coach, and his best friend would have to fire him......he has nothing to fear....Hes a millionaire
  • Question:-What are the colors of the University of Kentucky basketball team?
    I need more than 2 colors, blue and white. Is there gray, black, and gold?

    Answer:-nothing but blue and white! there arent ANY more colors! nothing else! well the wildcats are sorta orange-ish, but otherwise there is nothing else but blue and white! but i guess MAYBE a little black or gray....go to their websites: http://www.uky.edu/ or http://www.ukathletics.com/
  • Question:-How hard is it to get Kentucky Basketball tickets as a freshman?
    I plan on attending the school next year and know little to none on how hard it is to get tickets

    Answer:-I think they have some kind of draw for tickets for the student section. If you don't get drawed get tickets through ticketmaster. Kentucky is good at basketball now so it's kind of hard to get good tickets that don't cost your first born son.

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