Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ohio state basketball

  • Question:-watch ohio state basketball games for free?
    I dont get the big ten network and am tired of missing my Ohio State basketball games on tv,is there any site that streams them live?

    Answer:-I don't know.

    But right now, I'm watching on the Big Ten Network, and OSU is up by 4 points with 45 seconds remaining.
  • Question:-Why is Ohio State Basketball ranked over Wisconsin?
    Ohio State has more losses and one of them is from Wisconsin. Also Wisconsin went on a nation best winning streak. So whats the deal? I just think its a lack of respect!

    Answer:-At least part of why Ohio St. is ranked higher then the Badgers might be because of the timing of their last losses. The Badgers lost more recently then Ohio St., and when you lose your ranking generally goes down. But some people probably don't give the Badgers the respect they deserve.
    But don't worry about the rankings. The Badgers have a shot at winning the national championship, even if Ohio St. is ranked higher then them. The Badgers have depth, talent, and Alando Tucker rocks!
  • Question:-when was the last time kentucky played ohio state in basketball?
    how many time has kentucky played ohio state in basketball and who has the most win in the series

    Answer:-next time will be April 5!

    I fear OSU the most on the left side.
  • Question:-Who will be the starters for ohio state basketball next year?
    Sullinger is for sure coming back, William Buford is questionable about coming back, Aaron Craft will probably start, upcoming Sam Thompson is looking to be a great addition. So who will be the fifth guy? Sullinger, Craft, Buford?, Thompson and ?

    Answer:-Buford already said he was coming back next season. And did you forget Deshuan Thomas? He'll more than likley be a starter. Hopefully his decision making imporves a ton.
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can find pictures of the Ohio State basketball team?
    I need a picture of the whole team actually, if anyone know where I can get it, please let me know!!

    Thanks a lot!

    Answer:-ok to find a picture of any team u could go to college basketball.com or u could look up ohiostate/collegebasketball.com
  • Question:-What is the song that plays at the beginning of an Ohio State basketball game?
    Right before the tip, they jump up and down and sing oo oo a oooo oooooooo or something(that might not help), I've heard it before the fourth quarter at a Milwaukee bucks game too, heard it on TV vs. Wisconsin, (can't believe the Bucks Won) Any Help Appriceated.

    Answer:-Seven Nation Army is the song. It's the Buckeye Bounce that they do. I love when they do that.
  • Question:-Ohio state basketball next game predictions when is it also?
    Who we play? I think it's Thursday at Florida but idk I say we win it all and lose like 2 this year

  • Question:-Should that Ohio State Michigan basketball game today be an instant classic?
    It's the Big Ten Tournament

    Ohio State had the 10 point lead at half.

    Michigan was hitting 3's all 2nd half and went ahead right at the end with 2.2 seconds left.

    Then the long three by Evan Turner to win it for the Buckeyes.

    Answer:-Evan Turner=hero. My favorite college player by far.
  • Question:-Anybody have a link to a picture of the new Ohio State Basketball Jersey?
    If you don't, please do not answer with "no", or some other smart response. It's only helpful when you do have an answer.

    (watch, now overwhelmingly I will have "no" answers, gee, thanks!)

    keep it cool, fools

    Answer:-It isn't the biggest picture in the world, but this is the only one I've seen so far: http://men.style.com/news/style/030507
  • Question:-Does anyone know who won the ohio basketball state championship 2006?
    This is for a report i am doing. I really need help. Thanx!

    Answer:-I assume you mean boys?

    Division I: Canton McKinley 63, Trotwood-Madison 33
    II: Dayton Dunbar 73, Wooster Triway 46
    III: Cincinnati North College Hill 90, Cleveland Villa Angela-St. Joseph 73
    IV: South Webster 83, Columbus Grove 65

    Do you need more info for your report?

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