Monday, November 21, 2011

jay cutler

  • Question:-How does Jay Cutler play so well behind such a terrible offensive line and with a bad offense?
    Let's face it the way he played last night was the only reason why the Bears were able to hang in there with the Lions last night. If he had a better o-line and some weapons he'd probably be even better and maybe so would the Bears. Jay Cutler has sort of earned my respect a bit because of that. *Tips my hat off to the guy*.

    Answer:-He earned respect from me as well. He's a lot better than most people give him credit for.
  • Question:-Was Jay Cutler actually a bright light in the dark forest that is the Chicago Bears?
    Lets face it, the Bears suck and they proved it last night. But I have a new found respect for Jay Cutler. He is definately not the problem in Chicago. That Offensive Line is the biggest problem. Jay Cutler and Matt Forte are the only good things going for that offense.

    Answer:-Cutler's always been great, no question, just ask Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal. The problem has always been the garbage they surrounded him with, everyone expected him to put up 4,000 yards with an over the hill Desmond Clark and a rookie Greg Olson + no pass protection.
  • Question:-Jay Cutler?
    How are they gonna diss one of their own?

    Answer:-That's seriously hilarious, I laughed so hard when I watched that last year.

    The best part is that its not really that much of an insult, and even has a hint of optimism. It doesn't surprise me that Cutler said he thought it was funny; I'm sure Jay tells himself something similar to that every day as he works out: "They don't like me yet, but I'm gonna train hard and get better and I might be good someday."
  • Question:-Should I start Jay Cutler or aaron Rodgers?
    Jay Cutler is playing Miami and Aaron Rodgers is playing Tennessee. I also have tennesse's defense so i would lose points on jay cutler's touchdowns for my defense and I would lose points for Jay Cutler if my defense gets interceptions. Who do I start?

    Answer:-rodgers ctlers starting to fall in performance.
  • Question:-Would Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher be toted as best if they won the Super Bowl?
    Do you think people would say Jay Cutler is the best QB (like people have been saying about Aaron Rodgers), and Urlacher is the best linebacker (like people have been saying about Clay Matthews)?
    Or are the Bears just not lovable like the Packers are?

    Answer:-Yes, with the exception of Eli Manning, the best quarterback every offseason is the guy who won the Super Bowl. Brady and Manning are constants, but look at what winning the big one has done for Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rodgers. It seems to give them the jump from good to elite. If the Cowboys or Rams couldnt win it though, I would like to see the Bears go all the way, Cutler deserves it after all the crap he's gotten and I've always liked Urlacher.
  • Question:-What would happen if I wore a Jay Cutler jersey to a Broncos game at Arrowhead?
    I might be going to a Chiefs game at Arrowhead and they are Playing the Broncos. I still have my Jay Cutler Bronco jersey and I want to wear it to the game because he is my favorite quarterback.
    Would I get yelled at or threatened by other fans?

    Answer:-Chiefs fans will find it funny.
    A true Broncos fan should burn his Cutler jersey.
  • Question:-Who agrees with me that Jay Cutler could outgun anybody in the league?
    I believe Jay Cutler is a tremendous talent. One bad season does not mean he is a bad quarterback. Put ANY other qb in his position and watch them struggle.

    Answer:-LMAO!!! "One bad season"???? The kid has not had a winning record since HIGH SCHOOL!!! Look that stat up.
  • Question:-How can Jay Cutler and Tim Tebow possibly be the same height and weight?
    Jay Cutler looks like a twig. I think I might be able to tackle him myself.

    Tim Tebow is built like a brick sh*thouse. He's a fullback playing QB. If I tried to tackle him, I'd be knocked unconscious.

    And yet they're listed at:

    Cutler: 6'3, 233 lbs
    Tebow: 6'3, 236 lbs


  • Question:-What do you guys think of jay cutler coming to the bears?
    I know kyle orton was a pretty good QB,but you think jay cutler will finally be a pro bowl quaterback for the bears?

    Answer:-Jay Cutler will be a pro bowl quarterback for the Bears in the near future and will rewrite the Bears record books before he is done.
    The Bears will be upgrading their team through free agency and through the draft. Signing Orlando Pace was a great start. Matt Forte & Cutler will help eachother out. The Bears receivers are nothing special right now, but hopefully Earl Bennett will step up as he has a history with Cutler. Hester is a great deep threat to compliment Cutler's strong arm. I think someone like Brian Robiski from Ohio State would help the Bears out the most, along with a vet like Tory Holt if he doesn't sign somewhere else.
  • Question:-Should i start Jay Cutler over Matt Schaub in week 1?
    Jay Cutler is playing a big game on sunday against Green Bay and should do pretty good. Matt Schaub injured his ankle but is goin to play in week 1. I think Rex Ryan defense is goin to trouble Schaub. What you guys think?

    Answer:-Schaub averaged 320 YPG passing the last 4 games of '08 and has one of the best receivers and receiving tight ends in the game at his disposal.
    Cutler is a quality QB but has no proven targets other than Forte. Schaub gets the nod until Cutler proves himself with the Bears.

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