Wednesday, November 16, 2011

matt barnes

  • Question:-Matt Barnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    OKAY!!! I HAVE TO KNOW THIS!!!! DID Barnes leave???? oh i really hope not! I still can't believe J. Rich got traded! But I'm glad they're keepin MONTA ELLIS! Biedrins is okay, he has no arch on his free-throws... but his dunks and lay ups r GREAT!!!!!!! but i sit at theend of my couch wen i watch the games, and i gotta know if Barnes is stayin!

    Answer:-yes matt barnes is still here 4 now. the warriors will probably keep him since they freed up alot of cap room by moving richardson and he was a big piece in getting gs into the playoffs. yea richardson was the face of the warriors but baron davis is a much bigger star.
  • Question:-Is Matt Barnes going to slow down the Lakers with his elbow throwing?
    It seems like Matt Barnes has been playing dirty for a long time, without getting caught. Will this mess up the playoff repeat?

    Answer:-I think so they will get caugh sense they have a few dirty players on the team like barnes bynum theres a few more
  • Question:-Now that Matt Barnes has signed with the Lakers, how is he going to play alongside Kobe?
    Matt Barnes is a pest.
    Great. I've never seen so many positive answers to the Kobe/Matt issue. Thanks to everyone.

    Answer:-Kobe personally convinced Barnes to join the Lakers. He and Artest are going to shake up alot of softies this year. I can tell you that.
  • Question:-What did Kobe say in the news about Matt Barnes?
    To many bleeps and I turned to the interview as it was going off. I think it was on channel two last night. They were interviewing him and the Matt Barnes topic came up and Kobe just started cussing like crazy.

    Answer:-Kobe said that he knew Matt Barnes wasn't going to do shit.(not in the link) He also said it was just kinda funny to him. You can see the a video of him talking about it here in the sources.

    btw the stars block the word, the word is S....H....I....*
  • Question:-Which player should Phil Jackson start at his starting SF? between Ron Artest and Matt Barnes?
    Keep Artest in the lineup because he is a better lock down defender?
    Try Matt Barnes because he more faster has better offense and can also defend other players

    Your Opinions?

    Answer:-They should start Matt Barnes not because he's better than Artest, but because he's faster and that this move would motivate Artest to becoming the person he was once was.
  • Question:-Is it just me or does Matt Barnes look like Johny Knoxville?
    I dont know. Every time i watch basketball and Matt Barnes (Orlando Magics) is playing, it makes me think of Johny Knoxville (Jackass). I think they favor each other. To me the look alike.
    What do you think?

    Answer:-it's just you.
  • Question:-Should I start Matt Barnes, Al Thornton, or Kevin Durant this week in fantasy?
    Should I start Matt Barnes or Al Thornton in fantasy bball week 2. I was impressed with Matt Barnes game last week but don't know if he will keep up these great numbers. Thornton will probably be consistent but I don't know if his numbers will be enough. And Durant, I think is just so inconsistent with his numbers and his field goal percentage is terrible. Who do you think I should start?

    Answer:-Kevin Durant is the biggest star of the 3 and will get the most scoring opp's. Al Thornton is playing well and is a close 2. Barnes shares minutes with Hill.
  • Question:-If and When Matt Barnes comes back for the Lakers should they start him over Ron Artest?
    Matt Barnes was a very good player in the starting lineup for the Magic at the SF spot Barnes is more of a fit in the triangle then Ron Artest and maybe Ron Artest could be a key piece of the bench along side of Lamar Odom

    PG-Derek Fisher/Steve Blake
    SG-Kobe Bryant/Shannon Brown
    SF-Matt Barnes/Ron Artest
    PF-Pau Gasol/Lamar Odom
    C-Andrew Bynum

    Answer:-Yes he should, it would help a lot. Especially against the elite teams.
  • Question:-Why do girls like Matt Barnes so much?
    Whenever i am watching highlight videos on youtube the comments always say matt barnes is so hot or allen iverson is so hot. Just wondering. Why dont u like shaq lol or yao.

    Answer:-i dont find any of the ppl you named hot..especially not matt barnes..he gets on my nerves for some reason
  • Question:-what bass amp does matt barnes of you me at six use?
    I play bass and am looking for a new amp as i am in a band and are thinking of starting shows soon. I really like the sound of matt barnes' (you me at six) bass on their songs and would like to know what am he uses. thanks in advance :) much appreciated

    Answer:-I'm sorry, i wish i knew.
    butttt You me at six <3

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