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tony stewart

  • Question:-Tony Stewart???
    I'm a tony stewart fan. I'm always looking for new info on him, so if you can tell me a fact I don't know about him, I'll give you a bunch of points!!

    Answer:-I know when he made a funny speech at the banquet one year about having to wear the HANS device and he had it on underneath his jacket...I also know that he had a bad stomach flu once and was not expected to finish the race but he won and there was no post race interview, no thanks to my sponsor or anything, he headed straight for his trailer...I think he messed himself....
  • Question:-tony stewart?
    i got these quotes off a columb by beau estes on nascar .com which is the funniest
    tony would blame a bolt of lightning if it hit him
    tony would blame the track for jumping up and making him loose
    tony would blame the brew master for spilling his beer
    tony would blame the finish line for not crossing him first
    tony would blame the wall for not moving
    tony would blame the blimp for taking air off his spoiler
    tony would blame nascar for putting all the other cars on the track

    these are priceless which one is your favorite
    please address all negative comments to

    beau estes at nascar .com

    these arent my quotes i just thought they were funny and decided to share them

    Answer:-Your being to hard on Tony, thats what you have to do to get the checker on the last lap anything goes...........Oh wait there was 146 left

    Been an Edwards fan ever since he spun Mr. Perfect as he was coming into the pits
  • Question:-Do you think Tony Stewart did good in his first season with his new organization?
    Just think ! If Tonys performances were just average results in his first year with his new organization, and he improves in his second season, (because you just do). Do you think
    Tony Stewart could finish even higher in the points standings in 2010, than he did in 2009?
    For all the Tony Stewart fans, that's could be a pretty exciting pattern forming.

    Answer:-He proved many wrong. Good for him. And for those who think Hendrick cars made it possible, keep this in mind: Haas CNC racing was already using Hendrick cars and support long before Tony came into the picture.
  • Question:-Why do you think Tony Stewart is so good this season?
    Is Tony going to become the "09 Cup Champion? I thought he was just being cool and running up front just to make the chase. But he's our points leader, and he seems flawless. Is Jimmie Johnson going to have his competition handed to him in the chase. I think we still need to factor in Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards, but Tony Stewart is just running so incredibly strong. Scary strong. Why do you think Tony Stewart is so good this season?

    Answer:-I think Tony has the drive to put all the naysayers in the shut up room. He's shoving it in the face of all the people who said that his career was over when he switched to Toyota's. He was never comfortable in Toyota's.

    I think Tony has a great chance at being the 2009 champ.
  • Question:-How many races will Tony Stewart win in the chase this year?
    Tony Stewart is one of the best drivers in NASCAR and he doesn't back down to anyone. With as much skill as he has how many races will he win as he battles for his third championship?

    Answer:-2 at the most
  • Question:-Why did Tony Stewart move all over the track in the last few laps?
    Tony Stewart just doesn't have the teamwork with his partner as Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon have. Right at the end of the race, after running so hard up front, Tony lost his position. He was high on the track and went low to block Jimmy Johnson from passing, then when he went to the top of the track he got burried to the 7th position. It seems like Tony chokes right at the end of the race. What is he doing at the end of the race that keeps him from winning?

    Answer:-Tony should have been immediatley black flagged for aggressive driving. Im sure all you people will give me a negative response but Tony was blocking and you CANNOT move your car back and forth so violently between lanes. He could have caused a major major accident. His stupidity got in the way and cost him a chance at a win. If you know anything about NASCAR, he was doing what SR did when he got killed. Its a silly move to make and a dangerous one at that.
  • Question:-Who was it that Tony Stewart ran far down below the yellow line in a race?
    I remember Tony Stewart aggressively ran somebody down below the yellow line into the grass. Anybody remember who it was?
    Okay, maybe it wasn't Tony Stewart. None of these were the one I was looking for. Whoever it was intentionally took a sharp left turn and ran somebody into the grass. I think he also got black flagged.

    Answer:-who has'nt he run down the yellow line should be the question.
  • Question:-What do you think of a Ford lover being a Tony Stewart fan?
    My buddy is a rabid Ford lover/driver, but his favorite NASCAR driver is Tony Stewart. He says he picks drivers according to their driving style and personality, not what make of car they drive. What do you guys think about this? Weird or not so unusual?

    Answer:-You could actually be talking about me. I love Fords, have owned several Mustangs over the years, and enjoy them for their history and the ability to make them more personal nowdays with all the aftermarket parts available to them, but when it comes to my racing. I grew to prefer Tony stewart, my favorite driver becuase he represented the closest thing there is to old school drivers. He is not politically correct, easily gets ticked off, and can race anything, raced a few years in open wheels and Indy cars, and reminds me more of Foyt/Andretti.

    So there are various reasons as to why someone pics a favored driver. My love of ponycars shoul dmake me want to pul for Roush because he builds his own line of Mustangs, but I pull for Stewart all the time!
  • Question:-If Tony Stewart does better late in the season, will he win a Cup Championship?
    everybody is always saying Tony Stewart does better later in the season, and he's running scary strong now. If he actually does do better later in the season, do you think he will take a Cup Championship?

    Answer:-I think his crew chief is pretty good so yes. He was the crew chief that was helping Tony Eury Jr last year with Dale Jr when Tony and Dale first came to HMS. While he was there Dale did good. Also so when he left Dale started struggling.

    So yes Tony Stewart stands a good chance of winning a championship. He's already running better than I expected. It appears he has a good crew chief.
  • Question:-What kind of dresses does Tony Stewart wear?
    Tony Stewart is the biggest crybaby in Redneck Car hands down. Does he wear the Jaclyn Smith dress collection from K-Mart? Is he gay like Dale Earnhardt Sr.? The women around him are fronts.

    Answer:-No, Tony Stewart does not wear dresses.

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