Sunday, November 20, 2011


  • Question:-What are you supposed to wear to the amas?
    I am 14 and my mom and I are going to the amas later this month. We have very good seats and are near some of the celebrities so we need to look good. Any suggestions of what to wear?

    Answer:-One word: FORMAL.
    Whatever you have that is the most dressy, sophisticated, and elegant. It is an evening event, so you will want darker colors. Make sure your shoes are shined and your clothes are freshly washed and ironed. Hair that is freshly cut is another good idea.
  • Question:-Why were country artists even getting awards at the AMAs?
    They already had their CMAs, so I think they should stay out of the AMAs, especailly that loss Taylor Swift. That girl had no right taking artist of the year away from Michael Jackson.

    Answer:-Yeah, seriously lol that's messed up.. I didn't watch the AMA's, but I wanted Michael to win artist of the year for sure :'( how dare she?? like common people she just won Entertainer of the Year at CMA's there's no way she's THAT good.
  • Question:-How many of you voted for Taylor Swift to win over MJ at the AMAs?
    How many want Taylor Swift to win?
    How many voted?
    Who did you vote for?

    Answer:-Pshh I voted for Michael on all his nominations If Taylor swift wins an award over him im rooting for Kanye West to interrupt her acceptance speech
  • Question:-what is an amas is it a person or an animal or not a thing at all?
    My sister was taking a standardized test and there was a story about an amas and she didn't know what it was.

    Answer:-Was it important to the story to know what it was? What did the story have to say about it? Was the point of the question that you were expected to figure out what it was from the context of the story?

    Made-up words are the subjects of many stories ("The Twonky," "Snuffleupagus," "The Last Mimzy"). They don't have to have real-world meanings.
  • Question:-what is a cheaper version of the dress Demi lovato wore to the amas?
    I love the dress demi wore to the amas. i want to were one like it to my 8th grade graduation. please help!!!

    put a black satin belt around the waist
  • Question:-What did Adam Lambert do at the AMAs that was so bad?
    I missed that part, but everybody's talking about it, and something about Good morning America, can somebody clue me in?

    Answer:-He made out with one of the band members, fingered a girl, and humped a guys head. No joke. it was horrible!
  • Question:-Who else noticed that TV viewers did not see all of the AMAs due to commercials?
    I saw online today that Taylor Swift won for adult contemporary. I didn't see that. Commercials must have blocked it out. Not to mention, WHAT????? Jason Mraz is awesome and he should have owned this category. Taylor Swift is COUNTRY, not adult contemporary. Plus, she isn't that great.

    Answer:-She really isn't that great at all. But yeah I noticed that AMAs had a lot of commericials. I eventually got tired of waiting so long for the show and started to cook. I actually finished way before the show was over and I did not miss any live moments, just the commericials.
  • Question:-What do you Feel about What Adam Lambert did at the amas?
    Ok, i just want to ask.....are people upset because there was kissing during his performance or was it because it was a gay kiss. Would people feel this way if it was like lady Gaga kissing one of her male dancers?

    Answer:-its all the male / male - do you remember when britney spears kissed madonna ? not that many people were upset about it - its society's double standard ( but he should have been smarter ! )
  • Question:-Why r people making a big deal out of Rihanna's performance at the AMAs and about her album?
    i don't get what the big deal is. Shes just expressing herself she didn't do anything wrong. Why do people care? Like a month ago Taylor Swift posed w/ some guy who had a nazi shirt on and no one cared, but if someone like Britney or Rihanna did that the media would be all over them about it.

    Also do u think Taylor deserved to win all those awards?

    Answer:-Because they want more more and more money !!! the essence of life is money ! we can't live without this first element in world !
  • Question:-Does anyone know the english translation to aventuras todavia me amas song?
    Does anyone that speaks fluent spanish know the lyrics in english to the todavia me amas song by aventura....i think that song sounds so pretty,,,,i have an idea what its about but i would love to know what it says:)

    Answer:-the spanish bit in your question mean adventures still you love song to me

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