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philadelphia marathon

  • Question:-how old do you have to be to run the Philadelphia marathon?
    does anyone know? what about if you're just walking it... do they have like age restrictions?

    Answer:-Probably 18 or older and in good physical health for liability reasons. I am sure the streets are open though and you could just walk after everyone else has started. Have funn!

  • Question:-Will they really stop me from using an iPod during the Philadelphia half marathon?
    It says on the FAQ section of the website that anything with earphones is NOT allowed when running the marathon or half marathon. Has anyone ever run this race before? Will they actually stop me if I bring my ipod? I am running the half marathon in November and my music has always been a crucial aspect of my runs.

    Answer:-Lots of places say that they don't recommend you wear earphones just to make sure you are alert of your surroundings and people running around you. There's going to be too many people for them to actually stop you from bringing them. If you want, you can just hide them somewhere on your body when you enter the area.

    Hope that helps,
  • Question:-where can i get the 1986 Philadelphia marathon results?
    I'm trying to finout where I can obtain the results pamphlet for this race

    This web site has all 3203 contestants and there times.
    Here are the top five
    Pos First Name Last Name City State Age Sex Finish
    1 Ryan Grote Millington NJ 24 M 2:24:12
    2 Sergei Karasev Memphis TN 32 M 2:24:24
    3 Patrick Reed Annapolis MD 29 M 2:25:46
    4 Kevin Siek Audubon PA 27 M 2:27:22
    5 Brendan Hilliard Ardmore PA 41 M 2:27:33
  • Question:-I'm trying to find out where I can obtain the 1986 results pamphlet for the 1986 Philadelphia marathon?
    I finished this marathon and lost my results pamphlet

    Answer:-I really doubt they would keep records available that far back. I think if you contact the organizers and the dot org site they can help.
  • Question:-Is the Philadelphia Marathon in Philadelphia PA or is it in Philadelphia NY?

    Answer:-Here is a list of all of the Philadelphia's, perhaps it would be best to call each city and ask them if they have a marathon this weekend.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (19107)
    Philadelphia, Mississippi (39350)
    Philadelphia, Tennessee (37846)
    Philadelphia, New York (13673)
    Philadelphia, Missouri (63463)
    Philadelphia, South Carolina (29532)
    Philadelphia, New Mexico (87007)
    Philadelphia, North Carolina (28379)
    Philadelphia, Virginia (23434)
    Philadelphia, Arkansas (71753)
    Philadelphia, Alabama (36272)
    Philadelphia, Indiana (46140)
    Philadelphia, Illinois (62612)
    Philadelphia, Germany (Brandenburg)
    Philadelphia, South Africa (Western Cape)
    Philadelphia, Jamaica (Saint Ann)
    Philadelphia, Zimbabwe (Mashonaland East)
    Philadelphia, Namibia (Khomas)
    Philadelphia, Costa Rica (Limon)
  • Question:-Should i work out if i have just completed a marathon?
    I just did the Philadelphia marathon today, and i was wondering if i should go to the gym tomorrow? Since my lower body is sore, i was gonna work my upper body, is this safe?

    The only thing I would do with my legs is maybe a light warm-up on the elliptical treadmill.

  • Question:-Goal times for a 16 year old running first marathon?
    I'm signed up for the Philadelphia marathon in November and want to know what times I should be shooting for. Would 4:00 be a good time for someone my age? 17:17 is my best 5k time from last year during cross country season. I know it doesn't really help but I just wanted to throw something out there.

    Answer:-I'm 15 years old,I think a marathon is to far for a 16 year old to run,you should stick to the 5 or 10k,that's what you run in high school and college you have time when you get older.After cross country season you should get ready for indoor and out door track.Ask your coach if you run in other running events you could disqualify your self from your team,you need to now what events you can run outside your high school team.
  • Question:-Should I run the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon or the Philadelphia Distance Run in Virginia?
    This will be my 1st half marathon and only my 2nd race ever (Peachtree 10K). I'm new to running, since early this summer. I sincerely appreciate ANY insider info/advice.

    Answer:-no contest - do the RnR
  • Question:-Cross Country vs Marathon Training?
    I am a high school Cross Country runner and not too shabby of one at that. One day, I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon thinking that it would be fun but then I soon realized that there are specialized diets to run marathons as well as different training programs.

    Basically my question is how does marathon training differ from the cross country training program or exactly how should one train for a marathon? What foods should I eat during training and before the marathon?

    Answer:-Basically the marathon is longer than a cross country race so you train running longer (and slower) than you would for cross country. You actually just need to increase your long run to 20 miles. Increase your weekly mileage by 10% a week by adding to your long run until it gets to 20 miles. You should have a 3 week taper (a scaling down of your distance) prior to the race so that you are rested. You have 9 weeks till the race so you should currently have a long run of 8 miles and add 2 miles each week. Marathon training program are typically 16 weeks so you are rushing it. Usually you increase your long run fo 2-3 week and then back off a bit to rest. This will also impact your cross country training negatively as you will be training for a race 8 times the distance you run in cross country which will leave you tired for the speedier cross country workouts. Finally, a word of caution. Atheletes that are still growing shouldn't run marathons. Part of your growing process is that the middle of your long bones, the femur (thigh bone) for example is soft in the middle (the epifisis), so you can keep on growing. As you stop growing it hardens. The pounding from the much longer training for a marathon can deform the epifisis, leaving you shorter than you would have been or bow-legged.
    As for your diet, it doesn't require changes during training, you are only doing more than you do now on one day. Prior to the race (the night before) many runners carbo-load by having a pasta dinner. Good luck!
  • Question:-Does anyone know about a midnight marathon (running) that will take place on the drive in Philadelphia?

    Answer:-That's a very specific request. The best site for marathon searching is:

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