Wednesday, November 16, 2011

protect ip act

  • Question:-When does Congress vote on the PROTECT IP Act?
    When does the first vote on this horrendous bill occur? That's the one piece of information I haven't found on it.

  • Question:-When are we supposed to know whether or not the Protect IP Act passed or not?
    Will it be shown on television? If so, what time and which station?

  • Question:-Whats going on with this censoring and protect ip act?
    I got online this morning to, that their planning to censor the internet? There more important things to worry about? I don't get why they would want to cause this chaos for something so not important. Theres a bunch of other important things going on, but they want to worry about something like this. I fear for the future of America.

  • Question:-What exactly is the Stop online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act?
    I have read about it online but it is hard to follow. Help? Thanks:)

  • Question:-What do you think about the Protect IP Act?
    I hope this doesn't pass... :(
    Tumblr </3

  • Question:-protect ip act and reaction?
    according to this site: protect ip act is going through and it's going cause havok throughout the internet, is it true? and is the site legit? can I help prevent it passing?

    Answer:-You can Oppose the bill on the open congress website!
  • Question:-If the protect ip act passes would that shut down dropbox?
    Dropbox,like other online storage and cloud sercvices can be used for good and evil. While I don't download/upload Hollywood movies, I do upload and store on dropbox,rapidshare,and megaupload all my important files and content to be sync with multiple computers at multiple locations If the MPAA has its way and passes the Protect IP act, and destroys my online network storage systems, would there be a possibility for a class action lawsuit?

    Answer:-The mpaa won't destroy anything...but dropbox might go out of business...and you can't sue because of it.
  • Question:-Would Congress be threatening our 1st amendment if they pass the "PROTECT - IP" act?
    Would this Act be interfering with our freedom of speech?

  • Question:-PROTECT IP ACT..internet censorship...? WTF?
    So supposedly yahoo and google don't like it, but I find that hard to believe... or are they finally screwing these businesses? Along with the fairness act, free speech is in trouble. Your thoughts.

    This act is a cover for NSA and DHS to spy on dissenting websites that support libertarianism, constitutionalism, and anti-government sentiment. Using no formal definitions or examples, some court can say that a website has infringed upon copyrighted material without any actual evidence supporting this claim. Then said website gets taken down. It's like China had babies with Nazi Germany. Welcome to the New World Order.
  • Question:-Protect IP Act, made it to congress will Americans allow these goons to censor our internet?

    And then we will be no better than China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and etc.

    Censoring information from the people is the final stage of a big, controlling, oppressive government. Censoring our internet will just lead to government regulating our libraries and the books we read.
    Yes I'm aware that demand progress is a leftist website, but that doesn't mean the information here is false.

    The government wants to censor our internet that's all that matters.


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