Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  • Question:-omarion!!!!!!!!!?
    who loves omarion's song 'entourage'?
    the video is great!!!

  • Question:-What young money mix tape has bedrock on it with lloyd not with omarion?
    I already have the one with omarion, i dont like it i want the one wtih lloyd.

    Answer:-Young money fam
  • Question:-What do you think of Omarion judging ABDC?
    What do you think of him judging on this season of America's Best Dance Crew? For me it seems kind of weird without Shane and with him instead. And especially in the regionals for the south, Lil Mama and Omarion are acting really weird/awkward to each other.

    Answer:-Omarion will be alright. Not the best judge in the world. They should have chosen another choreographer to fill Shane's shoes. I miss Shane but he got in legal trouble for his past. Omarion is still getting his feet wet. He's only had 2 shows compared to 5 seasons with the other two. Be thankful that ABDC didn't get Ellen! haha
  • Question:-What Kind Of Gloves does Omarion Use in his Music Video Icebox?
    What are the gloves Omarion Uses.

    Answer:-Franklin baseball batting gloves
    i think its black and white
  • Question:-What is the 5 button sweater, Omarion is wearing in the "Speedin" music video?
    He is wearing this black 5 button sweater/jacket in the video. It first appears when he is standing next to the Lamborghini from 1:36 to 1:37.
  • Question:-where do you learn to dance like omarion and chris brown?
    like their pop locking, grinding, crunking and stuff? is there a class you can take to learn how to do those things?

    Answer:-hip hop classes & breakdancing lessons
  • Question:-Does anyone think there is any truth to the whole Bow Wow & Omarion gay couple rumor?
    Personally, I believe it. I just wish it wasn't brought to the public as something scandalous or really bad... :(
    Hopefully the world will change eventually to a tolerant place where everyone is accepted.

    Answer:-If they are gay, it's none of our business. They are not doing anyone harm. (Not directed at you) but people need to let people live their life regardless of their ethnicity, sexual preference.
  • Question:-How old do you think omarion is?
    Me and Omarion got married like 5 years ago. But he wont tell me his real age but hes so sexy you got to love him. But hes mine

    Answer:-At a guess 65 but he looks a lot younger LOL
  • Question:-where can i buy the skull t-shirt that omarion was wearing on 10 and park?
    i saw the guy that sings crank tha batman wearing it on BET. The t-shirts that i saw was in black and it has a skull on it, it's kinda like a cartoon.

    Answer:-try hot topic

  • Question:-Do anyone know the top 25 songs that Omarion liked from BET top 25 countdown?
    BET top 25 video in 2005.

    Answer:-Beyonce-Crazy in love

    and a 50 cent song thats all i can remember from it though

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