Sunday, November 6, 2011

real housewives of atlanta

  • Question:-Real Housewives of Atlanta Party Ideas...Please Help!!?
    I need ideas and suggestion for a Real Housewives of Atlanta party that I'm hosting this Sunday (Nov.6)...things like games, and etc.

  • Question:-Where can I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4, Episode 1 online?

  • Question:-Are you watching the real housewives of atlanta?

    Answer:-no im watching sesame street xD jk!
  • Question:-after watching the real housewives Atlanta do you think they cast a positive light on the community?
    I don't ,and it appear from the promos of the post show it gets worse

    Answer:-i think it reflects badly on the community. It makes these women look like money hungry gold diggers. Women particularly Asian Women and Black Women and Sometimes Hispanic Women have to deal with this stereotype bigtime and it is sad that these women are putting it out there.

    And Why is Kim and Sheree even on this program? They are not married and are not housewives? Kim's voice sucks and Sheree is just a HOT MESS. Fashion Designer, please.
  • Question:-the real atlanta housewives throw down in voice mails?
    i found this on TMZ today...theres a couple things that hit i didnt think Lisa had it in her...and two: THAT B!**H AINT 30...

    ANy THOUGHTS!!!!!

    Kim Zolciak from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" got just such a VM from one of her co-stars, Lisa Wu Hartwell. Lisa has been upset with Kim since she heard Zolciak was talking behind her back about her and her children. On the voicemail, Lisa can be heard saying "I am not the one -- you need to call me. I might just be coming to your house."

    Kim claims she is 30 and so scared from the VM she has consulted a lawyer and may be seeking legal action. A rep from Bravo tells us this situation is a personal matter and they don't get involved in personal matters.

    Answer:-ahahah i love lisa!! she's my favorite on the show! kim is such an idiot! did you see on the episode when she was talking to dallas and spelled CAT as K-A-T! what an idiot!!! kim deserves it if she would go and talk behind someones back, not only about them, but about their kids! also.. theres no way shes only 30!! theres a rumor going around that "big papa" is this guy named lee najar that is MARRIED!!! wowwowow hahah

    Heres the link to an article about the rumored "big papa" if your interested:
  • Question:-What is Kim's (Real Housewives of Atlanta) real life like?
    How is she so rich and living alone? Was her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend or whoever fathered her kids, a rich man? Prior to the show it doesn't seem like she has ever really "worked" but she's hella rich, and lives alone with 2 kids. Point is, she's never mentioned work, just "I've been rich and I've been poor", so how is she this rich housewife?

    Answer:-I've wondered the same thing, too. But, so far, I haven't come across any Information as to how she supported herself before Big Poppa. She has already admitted that Big Poppa supports her (in every which way) but how/who supported her before then is a mystery.

    I also wonder how Sheree supports herself. From the gossip blogs and even from her own mouth, she did not get the amount she wanted from her divorce.

    So, if she is broke, then how can you move into a big house so quickly?

    I'm also Curious to know what Big Poppa's wife thinks about all of this.
  • Question:-What time does Real Housewives of Atlanta come on?
    What time does Real Housewives of Atlanta come on? I know it comes on on thursdays but what time?

  • Question:-How can I contact Psychic Rose from the Real Housewives of Atlanta?
    The Bravo show, the real housewives of Atlanta, had an episode with a tarot card reader called "psychic rose", does anyone have her contact info?

    Answer:-I dont, but maybe you should try, type in Atlanta, GA, and do a search for her
  • Question:-On which episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta did Sheree go on her speed date?
    I seemed to have missed an episode or parts of one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Dwight and Sheree went on a speed date and I don't know which episode. Could someone tell me?

    Answer:-It was the episode entitled: Mummies, Mommies, and Baby Mama's.
  • Question:-Does anyone know who made the song on Real Housewives of Atlanta?
    On the Season 2 debut of Real Housewives of Atlanta, there's a scene in which Dwight is dancing while Nene's sitting down. The song playing sound bop-worthy, but I have no idea who made the song or where to find it...

    I believe the lyrics they played were the following: "sweet like a Georgia peach..."

    Does anyone know who made the song or the title of the song?

    Answer:-"Thang Called Love" by YuLanda Lunn

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