Tuesday, November 1, 2011

scarlett johansson

  • Question:-Scarlett Johansson?
    Im going to go rent a movie tonight and Scarlett Johansson is my favorite actress. I was just wondering what is the best film with her?

    Answer:-the nanny diaries
    match point - THE BEST
    the prestige
    the island
    lost in translation
    ghost world
    perfect score
    in good company

    she has been in a LOT more, but these are the best
  • Question:-Why does Scarlett Johansson never look good in a photo?
    Scarlett Johansson is like the most beautiful woman ever, but all the photos i've seen of her never capture half of that even in those women's mags. Why is it that only in the movies that u can tell.

    Answer:-omg i have the same problem lol :) the camera just cant capture such beauty i suppose :)
  • Question:-What is that song in the Calvin Klein commercial with Scarlett Johansson?
    There is a Calvin Klein commercial for the fragrance Eternity Moment and Scarlett Johansson and Trent Ford are in it (it came out a couple years ago). I was wondering if anyone knew the song that is playing?


    Answer:-original track, composed just for the ad by the studio "Face the Music"
  • Question:-scarlett johansson as cinderella photo by Annie Leibovitz. what is the photograph called?
    im doing this photo for a thing in photography, and i need to know the real name of the photo. all i know is that its scarlett johansson as cinderella, as i said in the question title. THANK YOU
    also, what is the style?

    Answer:-Stars in Wonderland

    "Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella" - by Annie Leibovitz

    I couldn't find anything. Are you sure it has a name other than that?

    As for style, that is a good question. I think we can safely rule out realism, abstract and impressionism. To me it looks like pictorialism with a bit of expressionism thrown in. It also has elements of the fanciful such as the beam of light on the slipper and, of course, the huge castle in the background.

    It is a pretty picture but the composition is a little weak. Far too much negative space for my taste. Perhaps the star is the first and last place where your eye was intended to fall.
  • Question:-Why did Scarlett Johansson change her hair color?
    Why did Scarlett Johansson change her hair color from Blonde to brown recently? I remember earlier this week, Scarlett was on ET Canada, and the interviewer asked Scarlett why she changed her hair color, but I missed it unfortuantly.

    Answer:-It could be for a movie.
    Or she just wanted to try something different
  • Question:-Anyone have pictures of Scarlett Johansson in The Nanny Diaries?
    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had pictures of Scarlett Johansson in The Nanny Diaries with her hair down? For example in the scene where she's at the Nantucket cabin w/ the X's and Mr. X makes a move on her. I loved her hair in the scene (mostly cuz she had it up or styled the rest of the time) and I'm hoping I can get my hair cut like her's. Can anyone help?

    Answer:-check here:

    if you can't find it there,
    then look at all the pics. :]
  • Question:-Do you think that Scarlett Johansson is a good actress?
    Do you think that Scarlett Johansson is a good actress? Or does she just get over on her pretty face and gorgeous figure?

    Answer:-i think she's a good actress but keeps getting cast for the same roles.
    i think the best she's done is in the perfect score & scoop.
    actors seem to have that problem often, getting cast as the ditsy girl, or the preety girl, or the stupid blonde,... whatever.
    i think she is talented but hasnt had an oportunity to show it. yet.
    lets hope that she will soon.
  • Question:-How can I get over my obsession with scarlett johansson?
    I am 14 and weirdly obsessed with scarlett johansson. shes so beautiful. I think about her all the time. I am soooo obsessed with her to the point where I could be considered a stalker.

    Answer:-make a visual image of your mom in her place...lol or an old nun..
  • Question:-who are the main characters in the movie the island starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson?
    are those the only two main characters or are there more ?

    lincoln 6 echo ( Ewan McGregor)
    jordan 4 delta (Scarlett Johansson}

    Answer:-Actor/actress..................Role they play

    Ewan McGregor. . . . . . . .Lincoln Six Echo
    Tom Lincoln. . . . . . . . . . .Car/motorcycle/boat experimental designer
    Scarlett Johansson. . . . . .Jordan Two Delta
    Sarah Jordan. . . . . . . . . . Actress
    Djimon Hounsou. . . . . . . .Albert Laurent
    Sean Bean. . . . . . . . . . . .Dr. Merrick
    Steve Buscemi. . . . . . . . .James McCord
    Michael Clarke Duncan. . .Starkweather Two Delta
    Jamil Starkweather. . . . . .New York Giants football player
    Ethan Phillips. . . . . . . . . Jones Three Echo
    Brian Stepanek. . . . . . . .Gandu Three Echo
    Noa Tishby. . . . . . . . . . .Community Announcer
    Siobhan Flynn. . . . . . . . .Lima One Alpha
    Kim Coates. . . . . . . . . . Charles Whitman
    Tom Everett. . . . . . . . . . President of the United States
    J.P. Manoux. . . . . . . . . .Foxtrot
  • Question:-Do you think Scarlett Johansson will go back to a blonde?
    Do you think Scarlett Johansson will dye her hair blonde again?

    Answer:-i sure hope so! she's georgous what ever her hair color is tho!

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