Tuesday, November 1, 2011


  • Question:-What Songs did Wale perform at the VMAs as the house band last night?
    Last night Wale and UCB, his band, did multiple songs as the VMA house band. I liked the one he did after 3oh!3 did there song. Does anyone know what song it was and/or where I can download it, and if it is just a cover of a song, where i can get Wale's version?


    check out this link...i think it may be his version of viva la vida? thats the one i liked anyways
  • Question:-What are some of those clothing brands that rappers like Wale and Kid cudi wear?
    Im sick of wearing Rocawear and Akademiks. I really like the shirts that Wale, and Kid Cudi wear but I dont know the brands of them.

    Answer:-rappers nowadays like to wear gucci, 10 deep, crooks & castles, and some other underground hip hop brands(gucci is obviously not underground) you can find clothes similar like these or are at:

  • Question:-What was the name of the song Wale performed at the VMAs after Lady Gaga performed?
    The song was after lady gaga sang paprazzi. wale's song sampled viva la vida and i dont know if it was a freestyle or a real song.

    Answer:-I think he was just freestyling
  • Question:-What is the name of the 9th Wonder beat used in Wale's song Rather Be With You?
    What is the name of the 9th Wonder beat used in Wale's song Rather Be With You on his mixtape Back To The Feature?

    Answer:-ask 9th wonder on myspace.
  • Question:-Wale remake of a remake instrumental free download?
    Can someone please help me find the free instrumentals for remake of a remake by wale. Remember it has to be free !

    Answer:-if it's a remake of a current popular son that would be illegal

    the copyright laws protect music for 75-95 year
  • Question:-How do I put facebook and twitter buttons on my youtube channel (like Jeydon Wale)?
    I know where a site is to do it, i just don't get it. If you could post a site on here, and explain how to do it, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
    *if you dunno what his buttons look like, go to youtube and type in jeydon wale, go to his channel, and look at the pretty buttons.(:*

    Answer:-You can't unless you're a YouTube partner.

    YouTube partners are people with high-traffic channels who get money from YouTube (and the advertisers) for making videos. Jeydon is one of them.
  • Question:-what are some good, colorful plants that grow wale in texas?
    i live in central texas and am looking for a good climbing plant that is somewhat low maint. as well as some pretty cactis that has some sort of bloom and other colorful flowers that stand up well to the heat.

    Answer:-Try this link. It is to Texas A&M and lists "Superstar" plants for Texas. Browse the list and see if something catches your eye.

    http://texassuperstar.com/plants.html (the plant list)
    http://texassuperstar.com/ (the Superstar Home page)

    Good luck!
  • Question:-Anyway to see how many records Wale has sold?
    I'm trying to find out how many copy did the album Attention Deficit by Wale sale including digital downloads. Thanks.

    Answer:-about 30,000 copies sold
  • Question:-how to make sirke wale pyaaz?
    hi any one knows how to make the sirke wale pyaaz served in resturants (in india)
    thanks that was a great amla ka murabba recipe.. but i am looking to make sirke wale pyaaz (onion)..

    Answer:-simple..... just cut onions in slices and keep them dipped in vinegar (normal white vinegar ....enough amount for all the onions to remain) in an airtight jar..keep the jar closed for a few days......

    sirke wale pyaaz is simply pickled onions
  • Question:-What is the name of the Wale song that has a piano in it?
    I can think of the song, just not the title. It's pretty upbeat and fast-paced.

    Answer:-All of these are right, could be World Tour too

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