Friday, November 4, 2011

steve williams

  • Question:-What do you think is going to happen to Tiger's caddy, Steve Williams?
    I've GOT to think he must have known Tiger was cheating. There's no way Tiger could have had that many bimbos and Steve not know about at least some of it.

    Do you think Elin is going to insist that Tiger fire all the enablers and 'yes-men' that surrounded him, as part of the deal to keep the marriage together? If Stevie DID know about this stuff, I'd be furious at him if I were Elin...

    Answer:-Of course Steve knew.

    Having been around these types of people, I can tell you that most superstar athletes married or not, take advantage of their opportunities with women. Some more than others, but you have to understand these guys are constantly pursued and hit on by hot chicks 24/7. Of course everyone around them is hush hush on these matters. If they weren't, you'd here about a lot more celebrity affairs. They have steady jobs they do not want to jeopardize them through any act of disloyalty, plus a lot of these enablers partake in what is called the "left overs". They don't want to spoil their own opportunities either.

    Elin could have Tiger fire his enablers, but they replacements would simply become enablers too.
  • Question:-Should I start Roy Williams over Steve Smith tonight?
    Only because they keep saying Steve Smith is probable because of his ankle, but he had full participation in practice thursday, friday and saturday. I won't be able to change my roster after 4 today because I have to go to work. I just need 5 more points to win this week and I have DeAngelo Williams playing tonight as well. So is it safe to stay with Smith as my starter?

    Answer:-Your going to win with DeAngelo Williams alone but I would go with Roy Williams the Panthers pass D has been pretty poor thus far.
  • Question:-what does Steve Williams do while Tiger Woods is recuperating from surgery?
    Steve is Tiger's caddie.

    Answer:-Good Question, Though Id Think Hes Spending Some Of The Hard Earned Mega Millions Hes Earned. Hes Got Other Interests Like Car Racing. Its Gotta Hurt That Hes Missing Out On Whatever Tiger Would Have Won The Rest Of This Year.
  • Question:-Why doesn't Tiger call Steve Williams in for green reading as often anymore?
    They used to confer all the time before Tiger putted. Steve is an excellent green reader and could really help Tiger, and stop him from missing so much by a matter of inches.

    Answer:-they do
    you just do not see them talking
  • Question:-Im doing a survey on steve williams can i have your opinion?
    What do you think makes him the best caddy in the world (or one of the best)?

    Answer:-Ian Baker-Finch, an ex-pro and current analyst for The Golf Channel, has said that Williams made him feel "invincible" when they used to work together.

    He has the ability to know what to say, how to say, and when to say what his pro needs to hear. He actually lied to Tiger- the approach on 18 at Torrey Pines (US Open) last year- he told TW that he only had 85 yards to the green, when he actually had about 100... he just knew the way the grass was growing, how amped Tiger was, and other factors that made him believe Tiger could go over his max yardage for the LW... which is normally about 90 yards (according to Tiger). We know how that story ends.

    The cynic would say that he definitely had a good start- he caddied for Greg Norman, back when he was #1 in the world, and caddied for other upper-tier golfers (Baker-Finch, Ray Floyd, etc) before hooking up with Tiger.
  • Question:-Would a Stone Cold Steve Austin/Dr Death Steve Williams feud of worked?
    I know by the time he rolled around to the WWF, Dr. Death Steve Williams was past his prime. But I remember hearing somewhere had injuries not got to him, Williams was set to be put in a program with World champ Steve Austin at the time. If that feud DID happen, how well would it of gone over?

    BQ: What did you think of Jim Ross' brief heel turn in 1999 when he was accompanied by Dr Death everywhere he went and slapped Bart Gunn?

    Answer:-How about changing your username to RIP Misawa, he's a batter wrestler and person...

    It would have sucked seeing a little b*tch redneck like stone drunk beating up Dr death's wife, then drinking beer and doing his cousin, just like Undisputed Jericho - the C*ck Juggling thunderc*nt.
  • Question:-Is that Steve Williams from Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance in the Febreez commercial?
    Sure looks like him!

    Greatest show ever!!!!!!!!!!



    Hi Yellow Lab--

    No Where can I find and/or confirm that it is Steve Williams in the Febreze commercial.

    Take Care!! Lillsoma

    ________ ~_~.

  • Question:-What one of dr death steve williams finishers was the best?
    back drop driver,dr.bomb or running power slam?

    Answer:-Back Drop Driver, such force delivered. Also was done by Takeshi Morishima
  • Question:-How much money does Steve Williams get paid? He is Tiger's caddie.?
    I am just curious to find out how much Steve was paid. Is it by % of Tiger's tournement winning or by a fixed salary? Also, I am curious about how much $ does Woods pay Hank Haney to work with him?

    Answer:-This isn't exactly a soup question, now is it?

    With all due respect, this forum doesn't go two weeks without someone asking how much Stevie banks or how much a PGA Tour caddie makes. So, research the topic a bit in this forum and you'll find more answers.

    The short response is that no one knows an exact amount. The relationship between a touring pro and his caddie is unique. Aside from Williams' accountant, there is no reference that maintains the information. And Williams won't divulge it. Even if someone here says s/he knows what it is, s/he doesn't. Trust me.

    The same dynamic exists with Hank Haney.

    Now if you wanted to know how to become a caddie and what a typical wage might be at a local country club, well then ...
  • Question:-How much does Steve Williams get paid as Tiger's caddy?

    Answer:-Generally, a caddie makes about 10% of what a golfer makes for a tournament, meaning that Steve gets paid very well for carrying Tiger's bag. If he wins the US Open today, he will probably make over $100,000. He also probably also makes some money from Tiger's sponsership deals, because he is usually wearing a hat with a swoosh on it.

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