Monday, November 7, 2011

tappan zee bridge

  • Question:-Which has more traffic on a Saturday tappan zee bridge or george washington bridge?
    We are driving to Ocean city Nj from Mass on Saturday june 27th. I know there is more commuter Traffic on the GW but how much traffic is there on a Saturday? Should i still go the Tappan Zee?

    Answer:-unless there is an accident you should be able to get through both with no problems
  • Question:-Why do some non-suspension bridges have a big heavy steel structure above them ie) Tappan Zee Bridge NY?
    Why do some have these steel skelatons above road level and others do not? I understand why suspension bridges do but in this case I am talking about non-suspension bridges such as the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York or the old Jamestown Bridge in RI?

    Answer:-The roadway has to be held up by *something*.  It's too thin and flimsy to be self-supporting, so it's got to have something else.

    The choices are suspension cables or a framework.  The cables of a suspension bridge carry weight up to a catenary cable, which is carried on towers which transmit the weight forces to the ground.  Framework bridges work by carrying the weight as shear forces in the side trusses, and the top and bottom carry tension and compression respectively.

    It's hard to describe this without pictures, but here's a short description in words:
    1.) Weight wants to pull the roadway down.
    2.) The ribbon of roadway has tensile strength, but if tension forces are alone the whole thing will fall inward and hang from the towers.
    3.) If the roadway is put in compression it still can't hold itself up against the torque forces of weight; it isn't stiff enough to work as a cantilever.
    4.) You can use a vertical beam from the tower to support a diagonal beam pulling upward on the roadway some distance out from the tower, holding that part of roadway flat.  The beam pulls inward and up, the roadway pushes outward, and the net force is up (against weight).
    5.) You can repeat this, but instead of building another tower you set up another vertical beam going up from the roadway itself.  The top of this beam is tied back to the upper end of the tower through a horizontal beam, and you have another diagonal beam going down to the roadway again some distance further out.  The extra weight and forces require the section next to the tower to be stronger, but you have just increased your free span a lot.
    6.) Repeat in smaller steps until you're halfway to the next pier, where you're met by trusses coming the other way.

    The horizontal X-bracing helps resist forces from wind, vibration from vehicles, and the like.
  • Question:-Friday Evening Rush Hour from Jersey to Mass via Tappan Zee Bridge?
    I will be driving from New Jersey to Massachusetts on Friday evening after work via the Garden State Parkway to the Tappan Zee bridge, and then through Connecticut. Is it a nightmare if I leave Northern New Jersey around 6:00 or should I be ok traffic-wise?

    Answer:-avoid the bridge and take the garden state to the ny thru way up to 84 into ct and ma.
  • Question:-Can Cruise Liner Princess pass under Tappan Zee Bridge?
    What is the clearance of Tappan Zee Bridge and
    what is the height of Cruise Liner Ship Princess?

    Answer:-Well, first off Princess is a company and not a single ship. Of all their ships only their fleet of small ships might make it under. The Tappan Zee bridge is 157 feet, or 48 meters above the water.
    Princess have 4 ships 'shorter' than that, the Tahitian Princess, Pacific Princess, Royal Princess and Ocean Princess but even then the clearance is less than 2 meters, 6 feet, at high water.
  • Question:-How do I get from Boston to Virginia Beach over tappan zee bridge?
    My goal is to avoid the new york city traffic and take the shortest route traffic-wise.

    Answer:-I used to drive part of that way frequently.

    Take Rte. 90 (Mass. Turnpike) West to Rte. 84 South.
    Follow Rte. 84 West/South thru Connecticut to Rte. 684 South (located in NY)
    Follow 684 South to Rte. 287 West
    Follow Rte. 287 West until it merges into Rte. 87 (NY Thruway) West/North
    Follow Rtes. 87/287 until you go over The Tappan Zee
    Takes about 3-1/2 hours with no traffic.

    Follow Rtes. 87/287 West/North to The Garden State Parkway exit.
    Follow the Parkway South to Rte. 95 South.
    Follow Rte. 95 South to Rte. 64 East
    Follow Rte. 64 East to Virginia Beach.
  • Question:-how do i get from RI to PA using the Tappan Zee bridge as opposed to the G.Washington bridge?
    Tried to mapquest it, but they only give directions using the g.washington bridge...

    Answer:-The Tappan Zee is I-287 (and I-87). So from Rhode Island, you'd probably want to take I-95 to just across the NY border, get on I-287 West/South, cross the bridge, and stay on 287 when it splits with 87, continuing into New Jersey. Then you can take 287 to any of I-80, I-78, or I-95 (NJ Turnpike) depending what part of PA you're heading to. Alternatively, once you have crossed the Tappan Zee, you could get on the Garden State Parkway (south) to 80,78, or 95, but it's a much busier highway.

    There's all sorts of highway options once you've crossed the bridge, so you may want to check a map for the most direct way to whichever highway you're taking into PA. 287 is typically a good highway to avoid the NY traffic.
  • Question:-Anyone know if New York State is reimbursing tire damage by the current construction on the Tappan Zee Bridge?
    Please let me know who i need to write/speak to.

    Answer:-You need to call Rudy Guiliani. Tell him he's a douche bag for me!
  • Question:-How do you get from east side manhattan to 95N to get on tappan zee bridge?

    Answer:-head uptown using 1st. ave. and cross the Harlem river using the Willis Ave bridge [ first ave ends at the bridge]. take the Deegan -I-87 - North to the tappan zee . there is no need to use I-95
    before you go check and see if the Yankees playing at home.and at what time the game is. Your route will take you past the Stadium .plan accordingly
  • Question:-Tappan Zee or George Washington Bridge?
    Going on a trip. Scenario:

    This Friday night between 12:30-2 am.

    Going South.

    If you suggest Tappan Zee Bridge, at what point do you suggest getting back on 95 South again?

    Answer:-That late at night, they could be doing road construction in the Bronx which is just as bad as daytime traffic.

    If you do decide on the Tappan Zee, exit 95 at I-287 right after crossing into New York state. Follow 287 back around to 95. Or if you don't mind the tolls after crossing the bridge take the exit for the Garden State Parkway and take that back to 95, which is a little shorter.
  • Question:-Where do people who want to jump off the Tappan Zee Bridge park?

    Just wondering, b/c I see they've put up suicide dissuasion signs in both eastbound and westbound directions.

    Answer:-Wherever they want, since they don't have to worry about paying the parking ticket.

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