Saturday, November 5, 2011

there will be blood

  • Question:-Are there any places that will buy my blood?
    Are there really places that will blood? or for that matter are there places that will buy my other bodily fluids. i think you know what i mean. so do places like this actual exist?

    Answer:-go to transylvania. they have a shortage of blood.
  • Question:-Will blood be present in your urine during menstruation?
    If you have to take a urine test, like for a physical, and you're on your period, will blood traces be in your urine? Even if you wipe and clean up well, will there be traces and they will be able to tell you are on your period?

    Answer:-Urine and blood of your cycle come from two different openings, so no the blood will not come out in your urine. to avoid blood in urine. you can just let some drops of urine go and once u have a good stream than just pee in the cup, use a tampon. even if u do have some blood droplets it should be okay for the urine test
  • Question:-for what reasons will blood drives refuse to take an individuals blood?
    I have been thinking of giving blood, and have been talking with friends about how selective blood drives need to be. I was wondering if there is a limit to sexual activity before a person was considered a liability, also what illegal drugs would keep blood from being accepted, what health concerns?

    Answer:-Any illegal drugs and they won't take your blood. Also, if you've been in prison recently or paid for sex. Also, they ask you if you feel well, if you don't, they'll turn you down.
  • Question:-How much blood will there be?
    For a theatre production, one of the characters gets her tongue ripped/cut out. How much blood would there be if that happened?

  • Question:-Why was that movie called There Will Be Blood?

    Answer:-How was this movie the worst! He was up for an academy award ! The title is called " There Will Be Blood " , because this oil industry he has, has created such a stir that it has hurt workers, the heart of his son, and later kills his priest in the ending. It's saying if you are greeted with too much money and wealth you may go craving more for for it ( In other words NUTS ). This is where in any growing or corrupt matter the situation...There Will Be Blood.
  • Question:-Will blood work show whether you have had your period before ?
    I have to get blood work done next week, and i was just wondering if it showed if you have had your period before ? if not, what does it show? and is there a way to see if you have had your period before ?
    yess, i know whether i would start or not, i just wanna know, if they are doing blood work to see if you started your period and you have, will it show that you have ?

    Answer:-Well normally YOU would know if you've had your period and probably whomever lives with you would notice feminine products. Why is this important?

    And no, I don't think a blood test would show that. It would look for abnormalities in your blood, but it depends on what is being tested. Ask your doctor what he's looking for.
  • Question:-How many seasons of True Blood will there be?
    I'm pretty much in love with this show! I was wondering how many seasons there are left.

    Answer:-Hopefully many many more!! There's 11 books (Sookie novels) so I'm hoping we get at least that many :) I think it depends on the ratings for each season but I'm betting this one will be the best yet... Can't wait for Sookie and Eric to hook up!!! I'm sooo obsessed w/ this show...XD
  • Question:-will blood vessels from exfoliating skin too much heal?
    I exfoliated too much to where there was no skin left to peel of (my mistake) and now have these red and blue blood vessels on my jaws and nose, will they heal themselves? i stopped exfoliating.

    Answer:-yes it will heal, eventually
  • Question:-Will Blood Work Be Required To Diagnose Panic Disorder?
    I'm visiting a clinic on the 6th of January (5 days from today) regarding panic disorder, referred by my psychologist. I would like to know if blood work will need to be done. My panic attacks are not at random, there's always a cause for them, and they happen 2-4 times a week. All help is appreciated.


    Answer:-no it does not, but a lot of therapists like to have their patients get blood work done to have their thyroid tested, because some thyroid problems can cause depression.
  • Question:-my foreskin is very delicate on the inside. will there be prob while having sex?
    my foreskin is very delicate on the inside. sometimes when i masturbate hard it even breaks & blood comes out. will i face any problem while having sex for the first time. will blood come out during sex or is it normal

    Answer:-Hello Chimpu,
    If you are quite new to retracting your foreskin it will be quite sore for a while you should try gently stretching the foreskin outward (away from the body) and out to the sides whilst you are in the shower or a hot bath.

    I mean gently, DONT force it. This is an exercise to loosen the foreskin and toughen it up. I should be done over time until it feels comfortable and no longer sore.
    Then it won't affect your sex live and you wont bleed.

    Good luck, be safe and be happy,
    Healthy regards,

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