Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tj houshmandzadeh

  • Question:-TJ Houshmandzadeh...?
    He's starting to act just like Chad Johnson, wanting to go to a different team if he doesn't get more money.

    Will the Bengals restructure his contract to give him more money?

    If they don't, will they put the Franchise Tag on him next year?

    Answer:-he is still productive but the nfl is leaning heavily towards bringing in younger guys----veteran leadership doesnt mean as much as it did 10 years ago so my answer is no i dont think they will restructure his contract or franchise him----he will be cut loose after this season and i predict alzheimer al will sign him for too much money
  • Question:-Why does everybody think TJ Houshmandzadeh is all of a sudden better than Chad Johnson?
    I understand that Chad Johnson is not committed to the Bengals but he will bring his A game and Chad Johnson is absolutely better.

    But thats my opinion, if you think TJ Houshmandzadeh is better please tell me why

    Answer:-Because ESPN told them so.

    Same thing happened in Indy when Reggie Wayne started getting stats. You've got to be delusion to think that Wayne is better than Marvin Harrison, and yet there are plenty of people who believe that.
  • Question:-Question! Is the Trade Jerry Porter, Michael Turner for TJ Houshmandzadeh and Kenny Watson a good trade?
    Turner for TJ Houshmandzadeh and Kenny Watson a good trade?
    I am the one doing the trade (porter and turner is on my team) and btw my recivers are...
    Terrel Ownes
    Wes Walker
    Porter or if trade Houshmandzadeh

    and my RB's are
    Turner or Watson if I do the trade
    Earnest Graham
    Julius Jones

    What do you guys think?

    Answer:-Porter just had surgery that is going to keep him out of camp and ALL 4 preseason games. Who knows when he will return. If you have him and can trade him, do it right away. TJ and Kenny would be a great pick up here
  • Question:-Should I trade Drew Brees and TJ Houshmandzadeh for Anquan Boldin and Brett Favre?
    I am in a point per reception league where receptions, passing completions, carries, etc. count. I am in second place. Do I give up TJ Houshmandzadeh and Drew Bres for Anquan Boldin and Brett Favre?

    If not then who else should I ask for in addition?

    Answer:-No Drew is on an MVP like season this year
  • Question:-How well will Matt Hasselbeck and Tj Houshmandzadeh work together in this new season?
    I think a lot of people tend to under estimate both of these players. Houshmandzadeh is a very physical receiver who has the most receptions in the last 3 years over any other receiver. Not to mention he has not had the best QB throwing to him when palmer is out. And hasselbeck when not hurt is a great QB. I honestly feel this duo will be a top 10 this year.

    Answer:-Matt Hasselbeck and Tj Houshmandzadeh is going to work well this season becuse they look great togeather in the preseason
  • Question:-Should i start Calvin Johnson or TJ Houshmandzadeh in Week 10?
    Seattle (Houshmandzadeh) is at Arizona and Detroit (Johnson) is at Minnesota. Im 8-1 in my league right now so this battle is important and im not sure if Johnson is 100% healthy nor has he been very effective. Any inputs?

    Answer:-I would start TJ Housh against Arizona, despite his so-far lackluster season. Calvin Johnson is the only weapon on Detroit's team, you know Minnesota will keep him in check.
  • Question:-Who to start Dwayne Bowe or TJ Houshmandzadeh?
    I think TJ is considered the better player, but he has done very little for me this season (he did have one good game but of course that was the only game he was on my bench). Dwayne Bowe is decent, but probably won't get big points. What do you think? Thanks!

    Answer:-id go with housh, the jaguars will do some scoring and it force the bengals to air it out just to keep up
  • Question:-Should I start TJ Houshmandzadeh, Chris Chambers or Muhsin Muhammad?
    I need to start two of them and my other receiver is Steve Smith.
    Should I hold out hope for Housh with Palmer's injured elbow?

    Answer:-I'd go with Chambers. Housh has a tough matchup, and a QB that isn't living up to expectations. Muhammad just isn't in league with these two. Chambers has the best producing QB on his side, and he has a delicious match up going back to play at Miami for the first time since he was traded. Between all of this, I don't see anything against Chambers' value.
  • Question:-Should I start Brandon Marshall or TJ Houshmandzadeh this week?
    Housh is playing against the Lions this week, but I feel Marshall will get lots of passes if Pittsburgh stuffs the run and Denver is playing from behind. Who should I start?
    I'm starting Greg Jennings and Mike Sims-Walker. I just need to decide on my WR3 spot between Marshall and Houshmandzahdeh.

    Answer:-I hope you've got a third choice. Those two will net you little.
  • Question:-Should I start TJ Houshmandzadeh or Vincent Jackson for week 2?

    Answer:-I would go with Houshmanzadeh. He will have a better catching game against the San Fransisco defense.

    Hope this helps.

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