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  • Question:-What government structure does Yolo County have?
    Yolo County is a county in California; I'm curious about the specific government structure but I'm not in the mood to browse their site. Anyone want to help encourage my laziness?

    Answer:-2010/11 Actions to Support Long-Term Strategic Plan Goals

    Since the inception of the Yolo County Strategic Plan in 2007, action agendas have been developed which support the Board of Supervisors long-term goals. Attached is a list of actions likely to occur in 2010/11. Progress on these actions will include consideration of the impact on the General Fund along with long-term fiscal sustainability.

    Goal: Financially Sustainable County Government

    Initiate plan for long-term fiscal sustainability
    Create reserve policy
    Establish parks and roads development impact fees
    Educate residents on costs and value of county services
    Pursue local revenue raising options
    Pursue recovery zone bonds to bring sales, transient occupancy tax and property tax
    Identify owned warehouse facility and consolidate all county storage needs
    Protect and preserve primary sources of county revenue
    Pursue other possible sources of revenue
    Goal: Environmentally Sensitive and Quality County Infrastructure, Facilities and Technology

    Complete solar project at justice campus and shift solar project from Department of Employment & Social Services to West Sacramento and Winters libraries
    Consolidate buildings where appropriate (i.e., District Attorney, Department of Employment & Social Services Child & Adult Services)
    Pursue grant funding to construct the replacement low-water bridge and finalize memorandum of understanding with the Bureau of Land Management for maintenance of bridge and former County Road 40
    Implement COPlink – records management with other county partners
    Complete Davis library enhancements
    Pursue grant funding to identify, analyze and obtain public input on potential sites for the creation of a State-funded and operated OHV park
    Complete proposal and seek grants for Countywide Agriculture Center
    Reduce carbon footprint by further eliminating fleet vehicles and unnecessary facilities
    Upgrade telecommunications infrastructure as it relates to improving connectivity to branch libraries
    Construct park restoration and facility grant projects at county facilities
  • Question:-Does anyone know of a vaccine friendly pediatrician in the Sacramento or Yolo county Area?
    I am looking for a vaccine friendly pediatrician or family practice doctor in the Sacramento or Yolo county areas. I am looking for a doctor that will be ok with me delaying vaccines. If you know of any I would appreciate your help. Please, I am not looking for critical comments.

    Answer:-Interview different pediatricians in the area, its called a consultation appt for new patients and its usually free. Then you can let them know how you plan to handle the vaccinations and make sure they are comfortable/supportive of that decision.
  • Question:-Where is good fishing near or in Yolo ca?
    Hi, I am in Woodland Ca and wanting to know if there are any really good fishing spots near here? Up for any type of fishing let me know thanks a lot!

    Answer:-here is a link to wikipedia that should help ya out some pal:


    best of luck to ya!!!
  • Question:-How can I find out if someone is in custody at the yolo county jail without having to call?
    every time I call its just a stupid recording and the website doesnt say how to look up inmates either.

    Answer:-The county might - might - have a web page that has this info
    Some deep south counties do like Lee Country In Va.
    But that all takes time and time is money today so
    The news paper is the last fall back to see if someone was incarcerated
  • Question:-Can I go visit someone in Yolo county jail if I just got our of jail in sacramento a few days ago?
    Ok so I went to jail for 2 lightrail warrants and was released two days ago.I spent a total of about 3 days there.What I would like to know is if I just got out two days ago can I go and visit someone in the yolo county jail or is there a rule that I have to wait a certain number of days before I can visit someone in jail?

    Answer:-You are normally required to be on the inmates visiting list.

    Visitation policy can vary at each jail. I've never heard of one that will not allow you to visit because you just got out of jail. You should call them before you make the trip to see what the requirements are.
  • Question:-How to start a hot dog cart business in Yolo county california?

    Answer:-I suggest you go to CALGOLD California Business Permitting Database http://www.calgold.ca.gov/ . The business you plan to start falls under the"Sidewalk and Street Vending" category

    The site will list for you everything you need and where to go when starting this business. For example you will need

    1. Business License

    Contact: County of Yolo
    Yolo County Business License Department
    292 W. Beamer St.
    Woodland, CA 95695

    2, Fictitious Business Name Filing: Required if fictitious business name is used.

    Contact: County of Yolo
    Yolo County Recorder's Office
    Fictitious Business Names
    625 Court St., Room 105
    Woodland, CA 95695

    3. Health Permit - Food Service:

    Contact: County of Yolo
    Yolo County Environmental Health
    10 Cottonwood St.
    Woodland, CA 95695

    4. Solicitors Peddlers and misc. licenses: May be required to register with County Sheriff

    Contact: County of Yolo
    Yolo County Sheriff's Department
    41793 Gibson Road
    Woodland, CA 95695

    These are but a few of the requirements you need to start a hotdog cart business. Go to CALGOLD and check out everything you need
  • Question:-What's the cheapest place to get a dog neutered in Davis, ca? or near yolo county?
    We're not sacramento county residents and we'd rather not wait until spay day, we'd like to do it asap. Thanks

    Answer:-You can call your local shelter or vet and ask about their spay and neuter clinic.
  • Question:-how do I look up an inmate in the yolo county jail?
    everytime I go onto the yolo county jail website there is no place to look up an inmate so where do I go?

    Answer:-You won't find that info on someone who hasn't been convicted. If the person is only in custody you probably won't get any info..
  • Question:-I need information about attempting to get legal guardianship in Yolo County, California?
    I need info on how to get legal guardianship of my unborn grandchild, whose mother is in jail, and I anticipate that she will be in custody when the child is born. I do not want CPS to take my grandchild. What do I do first? Is it necessary that I obtain an attorney? If so, I would like to find someone that is either free or low cost. What Is the length of time that this will take?? The baby is due in 10 weeks!

    Answer:-yes here what has to happen the mother of the child would have to give you guardianship of child. here how you do you have to hire a attorney. what you do have the mother of child she has to sign over guard ship to the child to you. then the lawyer can write up guarder ship papers. Once that done you have guarder ship of the child you may have to go to court but it all what the best interest of the child. It be a court battle deciding what is best for the child either you get you the child or he/she might go in frostier care I just preparing you for the worse and hope for the best. I believe you may be able to get a lawyer pro bro no I don't know or low cost. One is legal aid but I don't who else you can call if you under a certain income but really if you don't have to go to court it only cost you 300.00 but we see until you daughter finished with he prison term.
  • Question:-Is Yolo County, California considered part of the San Francisco bay area?
    Residents please help :) Thanks!

    Answer:-Nope. It would be considered Northern California, and Central Valley, but not Bay Area. No part of the county even touches the bay.

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