Tuesday, November 1, 2011

marco rubio

  • Question:-Is the tension between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist in Florida only the beginning of the Republicans' doom?
    The Republican vote is going to be split in 2010 between the radical conservatives (like Marco Rubio and the tea baggers) and the moderate conservatives (like Charlie Crist and independents). The Democrats might end up gaining even more seats, wow...

    Answer:-Tension in YOUR MIND. People in the know realize that Rubio will win. Charlie just tarnished his own reputation today.
  • Question:-Marco Rubio for Vice President to secure Hispanic Votes?
    Since now the Democrats are pushing for passing "The Dream Act" and "Amnesty" to pull Hispanic votes in 2012 for Obama should the Republicans be smart and put Marco Rubio as Vice President on the 2012 ticket along with whoever is nominated to run for President? Not to mention that Marco Rubio is a great candidate he has great views and ideals. What do you all think?

    Answer:-I believe he would be as good a choice as there is. He seems to be authentic and well versed in history and politics not to mention that he is a skilled orator.
  • Question:-What do U think of the similarity between Michael Dukakis' immigrant story and Marco Rubio's immigrant story?
    The Republican Florida Senator, Marco Rubio always tells the story of his immigrant parents and how America should be great, and how we should preserve that. That's exactly the same tactic Michael Duakis used in 1988. What do you think of this? Do you think it's a good tactic to use on a campaign?

    Answer:-Rubio story is more compelling. I shared his immigrant background in relation with fleeing from communist oppression. Also, Rubio was able to sell his story and Dukakis "can't."
  • Question:-Will Republicans Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal need to show Birth Certificates to the Birthers?
    After all Obama showed his. The Birthers are now protesting the Republicans, Jindal whom they say was born in India and Marco Rubio whose recent lies about his past highlight their demands to see his Birth Certificate.

    Is it only fitting that they comply?



    and left CUBA with no birth certificate or pass port from CASTRO

    they left cuba before CASTRO came to power
  • Question:-Making a campaign sign promoting Charlie Crist or Marco Rubio...any clever wordplay ideas on the names?
    They are two candidates running for Florida Senate and I can't think of any good ideas!
    i.e. Marco Rubio is Coolio.

    Answer:-Vote for Crist or go to hell. :D it's a play on Christ=Crist!

    EDIT: for the record these aren't serious :)
    "Vote for Marco at the poll-os" HUH? HUH!? :D
  • Question:-Could Marco Rubio be the new face of the Republican party?

    Smart, articulate, fluent in both Spanish and English.... and conservative.

    He has the backing of the Hispanic population, and the majority of Americans, who overwhelmingly define themselves as conservative.

    Marco Rubio for President in 2012? Or 2016?

    Answer:-If it is possible, Rubio is to the right of Sarah Palin. The democrats will remain in power if the Republicans keep picking far right-wingers as their standard bearers.
  • Question:-If Marco Rubio Ran For President Of The United States ?
    Do you think Marco Rubio would be able to win over 50% of the Hispanic vote ? Or do you think the majority of Hispanics would be turned off by him because of the fact that he is a Republican ? Since most Hispanics are also diehard Democrats just like African Americans.

    Answer:-No. Hispanics that have been in this country many years are not democrats.

    It's only the more recent immigrants that want to take advantage of the US that are democrats.

    I live in Tampa and so do many Cubans.
  • Question:-What do you think about the tea party darling Marco Rubio protesting the Arizona law?
    Even for a far left right winger the man still has love for his people http://thinkprogress.org/2010/04/27/marco-rubio-immigration/

    Answer:-The Tea Party is not left wing - they are right wing extremists. Rubio is counting on the Cuban vote in Florida. If he were to do anything to discourage that voting block he would be toast.

    So much for Tea Party strong stand on illegal immigration. Just another bunch of phonies.
  • Question:-Is Republican Marco Rubio a liar or were his Parents liars when they stated they were exiles?
    They left before Castro was in power in fact two years earlier when almost no one had heard of Castro. Rubio's major political speeches and his whole persona are about his exile status which is based on lies. Rubio calls it family folklore or something to that effect. Is his entire candidacy based on a lie?

    Answer:-Marco Rubio is a LIAR and he knows it . If you are going to use a story the least you could do is make it a real story . pathetic pandering and insulting to real refugees .
  • Question:-Was Marco Rubio an anchor baby if his parents were illegal immigrant?
    Why did they really leave Cuba? They left 4 years before Cuba became Communist.They got their green cards in the 70's after Marco's birth?

    Answer:-The came here legally. They got their green cards when they first came to the U.S. in the late 50s and became naturalized U.S. citizens in 1975. Get your facts straight.

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