Thursday, November 10, 2011

wilson ramos kidnapped

  • Question:-Can you believe Washington Nats catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped in his home country of Venezuela?
    Reports say that Ramos was kidnapped from his home around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday evening Venezuelan time (6:15 p.m. EST) in Maracay. The Nationals' catcher has been playing for the Aragua Tigers, a team in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

    Answer:-i know! i was freaking out. the last game i went to was the mets and nats and i saw him. its crazy!
    my parents are venezuelan, and im ashamed people would do that :(
    hope hes okay
  • Question:-Poor Wilson Ramos was kidnapped...:(...?

    poor guys was kidnapped outside his home in venezuela!! thoughts and prayers are definitely with him!!!

  • Question:-So you're telling me Joe Pa getting fired is more important than Wilson Ramos' kidnapping?
    Sometimes the media pisses me off. Joe Pa was going to get fired eventually but Wilson Ramos is possibly fighting for his LIFE right now.

  • Question:-Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos is the first MLB player ever to be kidnapped. What should Bud Selig do?

  • Question:-The kidnapping of Wilson Ramos probably raises the following question among Cub fans....?
    Why couldn't they kidnap Zambrano?
    He makes a lot more money. Maybe they thought he would smash their heads in with a baseball bat like he has done to the gatorade cooler many times.
    I'm not making fun of Ramos, it is very unfortunate for him, but I'm just saying, if they wanted Venezuelan baseball players...

  • Question:-What do you think about this whole Wilson Ramos thing?
    Seems kinda weird that a rookie catcher would get kidnapped by some guys, dosn't it?
    Keep his family in your thoughts. Pray for his safety, until then he's in the good Lord's hands.

  • Question:-What do you think about Wilson Ramos?
    he was kidnapped outside his Venenzualen home by men with guns. I feel bad and my thoughts are with his family

  • Question:-Why has there not been more news on this?

    The Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped in Venezuela. Venezuelan newspaper, El Nacional, reported that four armed men took the 24-year-old Ramos near his home in Valencia. Ramos' condition is not known, and there has been no word of possible demands by his captors.

    Read the rest in the link. I know it's a new and developing story, but why is this not on Yahoo! Sports or ESPN yet?
    @Matt: I first saw it on the "bottom line" on ESPN. But it wasn't even breaking news or anything. They later had an ingame update during the Duquesne and Arizona game.
    @nas88car: I know. I've heard enough of the PSU stuff. They report the same damn sh*t all day! It's nothing new.

    Answer:-You're right. I'm extremely disappointed that this hasn't been on the Yahoo front page, let alone the Yahoo Sports front page. I'll give Yahoo the benefit of the doubt, though. I'm sure they haven't reported the story on the grounds that they want more details, in order to write a good article.

    I haven't turned on my T.V. yet today, so I'm not sure whether or not ESPN is talking about it, but if they aren't, that's disheartening.

    I knew kidnappings were prevalent in low-income nations, especially when the perpetrators know the potential victim has money. In the event that they visit such poor countries, famous people, such as Wilson Ramos, should travel with an entourage.

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