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aircraft carrier

  • Question:-Aircraft carrier. . . . . .?
    A modern American aircraft carrier has about 6,000 (air wing/ships crew) on it. That's like a small city. With that many people on board, how is sewage handled?

    It doesn't take a PHd in Sanitation Engineering to figure out how this was handled during WWII; however, given environmental concerns of today, I just wondered how this is done, considering the long times that a carrier is at sea.

    Answer:-Just like a septic tank. It's stored and bacteria break it down to the point where the effluent can be pumped over the side when we're outside territorial waters. In port it's pumped into the local sewage system.

    Guess what we call the Hull Technicians who maintain the system?
  • Question:-Some job in the Aircraft carrier is more safe than others?
    How is a job in the Aircraft carrier?
    Isn't it more safe than others?
    Please tell me about jobs in the aircraft carrier.

    Answer:-I would think the safest jobs were below decks. There are a certain number of jobs that have to be done on the flight deck. The deck is crowded, with airplanes taxiing around, taking off and landing, and some of those jobs are very dangerous. It's also very loud and you have to wear ear covers, so you can't exactly yell 'Hey, look out!' to someone. People sometimes get caught under planes, blown overboard by jet exhaust. They are -very- well trained and disciplined to make it as safe as possible, but it's still one of the most dangerous jobs I think.
  • Question:-The distance between an aircraft carrier and a Navy destroyer is 7620 feet. The angle of elevation from the...
    destroyer to a helicopter is 72.2 degrees, and the angle of elevation from the aircraft carrier to the helicopter is 59.0 degrees. The helicopter is in the same vertical plane as the two ships, as shown in the figure on the left. Use these data to determine the distance x from the helicopter to the aircraft carrier.

    Answer:-ah...more people wanting us to finish their homework.

    It's the math.
  • Question:-How many officers on an aircraft carrier have their own private berth?
    How many people (which means officers I realize) on an aircraft carrier have a room that they don't share with anyone else?

    Answer:-The CO, XO, Department Heads, Flag Officer, Chief of Staff.... generally anybody with the rank of Commander or higher. With the Air Wing embarked my guess would be about 20 to 25.

    Some of these guys, Lieutenant Commander and below, would double up.....

    C. Typical Carrier Departments 4-*
    1. Administrative Department 4-*
    2. Air Department 4-*
    3. Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) 4-*
    4. Chaplain Department 4-*
    5. Communications Department 4-*
    6. Deck Department 4-*
    7. Dental Department 4-*
    8. Engineering Department 4-*
    9. Maintenance Management Department 4-*
    10. Medical Department 4-*
    11. Navigation Department 4-*
    12. Operations Department 4-*
    13. Safety Department 4-*
    14. Supply Department 4-*
    15. Training Department 4-*
    16. Weapons Department 4-*

    D. Air Wing Organization 4-*
    1. Air Wing Commander (CAG) 4-*
    2. Deputy Air Wing Commander 4-*
    3. Operations Officer 4-*
    4. USW Operations Officer 4-*
    5. Air Intelligence Officer 4-*
    6. Maintenance Officer 4-*
    7. Weapons Officer 4-*
    8. Landing Signal Officers (2) 4-*
    9. Flight Surgeon 4-*
    10. Carrier Air Wing Intelligence Team 4-*
  • Question:-What types of jobs are there on the deck of an aircraft carrier?
    So I am still trying to decide which branch of the military I might want to join. One of the things I am taking into consideration is the type of jobs offered on the deck of an aircraft carrier. I say "the deck of an aircraft carrier" because I would really like to be where you smell the fresh air of the sea, not below docks.
    Again, please only answer in more than one word and if you have some military experience.

    Answer:-Fresh air......................................that's funny.
  • Question:-How long does a Navy aircraft carrier deploy for?
    My brother is in the Navy and his nuclear power aircraft carrier is scheduled to depart in August 2009. I am trying to plan my wedding according to his deployment schedule. If he departs in August 2009, when is the latest he will be back? And if he comes back after 6 months (hypothetically) can he be shipped out in the next month due to an emergency or whatever the case may be? Should I expect a guaranteed month and year of when he'll be home? HELP! I'm really concerned that my brother may miss my wedding! Thanks in advance!

    Answer:-if its a new ship they are going to do a big show boat run with it to show it of. this is mostly around the world and will be 6-9+ mo's. if its the normal schedule deployment while there to Leave in august 09 they will be doing a lot of pre cruse stuff. those are 2 weeks to 2 mos in length and they change then about the way the wind blows.but after they do get out the door and head out for where ever it will be 6-9 mo's and after he will get a chance for a few weeks of on leave.then a few mo's off then it starts all over again.

    its not just a adventure,,,, its a job. the first 4 years i was married i was home for Ever major holiday but my daughters birth. Once....
  • Question:-What are the dimensions of the Essex Class Aircraft Carrier?
    Well I need to know the dimensions of an Essex class aircraft carrier for a project.

    Width (of the deck)
    Height (from deck to the bottom of the hull (even submerged part))
    Height (of the control tower)

    Thanks for the help. I don't want to use wikipedia and some other sites have confusing wording.

  • Question:-How do arresting gears on Aircraft carrier?
    How to the arresting gears on Aircraft carrier work?

    How do they attach themselves to the warplane?

    Answer:-A tailhook on the aircraft catches a cable that is strung across the deck.
  • Question:-What was the aircraft carrier that sunk in the movie transformer?
    Actually, what was the aircraft carrier number that sunk in the movie transformer2?

    Answer:-actually, Stennis is seen later in the movie when the captain is talking on the radio with Sector 7 guy and orders the rail gun attack on the pyramid. The Roosevelt, CVN-71 is seen sinking in an earlier scene.
  • Question:-What is it like to be stationed on an aircraft carrier?
    I am going to enlist in the Navy and I would like to be stationed on an aircraft carrier. I know three people that served in the Navy and they all were on an aircraft carrier and they told me they enjoyed it.

    Do you know anything of how life is like on an aircraft carrier?

    Answer:-You work 12 hours on and 12 hours off for the most part 6 days a week. Sundays are more relaxed unless operational commitments require. The work pace can get hectic like when you are near any war zones and flight operations are taking place night and day. With not much to do besides work you can get caught up in working even longer hours to pass the time. But it is really great when you pull into some fine ports overseas. I made 7 cruises to the western Pacific area and enjoyed immensely places like Australia (any city), Japan, Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Tasmania and Subic Bay, Philippines (when we still had a base there. A carrier usually has a weight room to work out in and burn off some tension, a ship's store with some nice items to purchase (CD's, DVD's, snacks, and ships's souveniers, etc.), the food is usually fairly good and served in 4 different times as the ship never fully sleeps. Put in the long hours of hard work and you will feel the great feeling of contributing to the overall goal of the ship's missions and then enjoy visiting some nice overseas places and experiencing some things many will never see. And in your spare time at sea you can always take some college courses (yes, we have some civilian teachers along that are contracted with the Navy to teach some limited courses), play some cards or board games with your buddies, watch TV (there is closed circuit TV piped throughout the ship with some, relatively, new shows and movies), play some video games, catch up on a good book (there is a library), or many other forms of relaxation. And don't forget to write home and share your experiences with family and friends.

    Good luck, shipmate!

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