Friday, November 11, 2011

james garner

  • Question:-Does James Garner Have Any Grandchildren?
    I am curious to know if James Garner has any Grandchildren?

    I know he has two daughters.

    Answer:-3 teenagers
  • Question:-What game did actor James Garner throw out the ceremonial first pitch?
    I am looking for a date of a Los Angeles Dodger game at Dodger stadium when James Garner threw out the ceremonial first pitch

    Answer:-do not know
    he was a sideline fan at many raider games.
    real celbrity ...... great actor
  • Question:-Does anyone else think that James Garner looks like Robert McNamara?
    I think Robert McNamara could be played in a movie by James Garner. Or possibly even Doug Hutchinson From Lost (played Horace)

    silly thought, but still.

    Answer:-Obama plan of the day:

    Breakfast, Whine, Blame Bush, Whine, Blame Fox
    Lie to the American people
    Lunch, Whine, Blame Media, Whine, Dinner, Whine
    Lie to the American people
    Dinner, Whine, Blame Bush, Whine, Sleep, Dream of whining!

    Proud to be everything liberals hate.

  • Question:-why didn't they ask James Garner to be in the new Rockford files?
    why didn't they ask him to reprise his role? and have a younger new "rockford" type guy, that jim could mentor? ...too cheesy or do you think James Garner just didn't want anything to do with it?

    Answer:-they want a younger hunk
    Dermont Mulroney
    is a hunk
    The Wedding Date♥
  • Question:-a couple of years ago a movie starring James Garner and Julie Andrews aired?
    It was about how the 2 met and got together on the birth of James G's granddaughter. Julie Andrews plays the role of a pediatric cardiologist. Does anyone know the name of the movie and where it can be purchased?

    Answer:-ONE SPECIAL NIGHT (1999)
    If the title It Happened One Night hadn't already been taken for Frank Capra's romantic comedy classic, it would've worked just as well for this holiday charmer. Catherine (Julie Andrews) is a widowed pediatric physician (with no children of her own) and Robert (James Garner) is a contractor with a wife suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Due to an accident of fate (a winter storm), they end up spending Thanksgiving together in an abandoned cabin, away from their family and friends. The two initially wary strangers soon find they have more in common than either could have anticipated. The subplot concerning Robert's adult daughters is fairly extraneous (and predictable) but doesn't distract from the tender relationship at the heart of this made-for-TV movie.
  • Question:-How much longer do you think the actor James Garner has left?
    Isn't he kinda frail?

    Answer:-He is frail (and age 80), but he isn't ill, so he should be around for awhile. He's in pre-production for a movie called The Magic Shoe at the moment.
    He's a lovely man and a helluv an actor, and still sexy as hell (he'll always be Jim Rockford to me!).
  • Question:-Opinion: Is the movie: 'Grand Prix' starring James Garner, the best movie about auto racing ever made?
    I don't think any other auto racing movie comes close to this classic.

    Answer:-Opinion: the storyline is simplistic rubbish, the acting is wooden, the number of factual mistakes is quite amazing. However, the saving grace is the footage of the 1966 F1 season. When I watch the film, I fast forward through the dialogue to get to the racing.

    The greatest motor racing film ever made for me is "Le Mans". The storyline still isn't oscar-winning stuff, but the mistakes are kept to a minimum and the onboard footage is stunning.
  • Question:-Movie Title starring James Garner i think?
    The only scene i can remember is a young man jumping onto a ferris wheel that a couple are sitting in to chat up the girl? any ideas?
    its an old film and i think james garner is in it.

    Answer:-It's "The Notebook"
  • Question:-what is the name of this james garner film?
    I saw it 25 yrs ago what I remember is he was being interrogated about something after being told it was years after the incident. But at the end he realized he still had the cut on his hand from yesterday.

    Answer:-That would be 36 Hours
  • Question:-1963 movie "Move Over, Darling" with Doris Day, James Garner, how does it end?
    I was watching this show then got interrupted. How does James Garner tell Bianca (2nd wife) about the first (Doris Day?) and what was her reaction? Thanks.

    Answer:-here watch it here:
    i haven't been to the theatre in 2 years!!

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